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Wicked Familiar Chapter Four: In Which There are Skyrockets and Much Gushing

This is the ending to the spoof story that was the debut of the ALBTALBS + Cover Remix Super Fun Secret Project! Many thanks to Silver James for being such a great sport, and more, for being the first to bravely step up. I hope you’ve enjoyed this story that she came up with based solely on the cover art Jen created! (If you missed any of the previous chapters, just click on the book cover. It’ll link you to them.)

Chapter Four: In Which There are Skyrockets and Much Gushing

     He watched her from the mirror, disconcerted by being in two places at once. His heart remained in the rose but he could feel his soul reforming around his essence in the mirror. He wanted to break free, to return to his manhood so he could gather the woman into his arms, touch her, kiss her, burying his shaft into her womanly depths to the hilt. If he’d been wearing clothes, his cock would be straining any zipper that tried to confine his need. Continue reading

Wicked Familiar Chapter Three: In Which the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Consort

We’re sliding towards the home stretch now! Only one more installment to go. Silver James, writing as Miranda Blah. Remember, you can check out all the previous chapters here.

Chapter Three: In Which the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Consort Continue reading

Wicked Familiar Chapter Two: In Which Something Familiar This Way Comes

Another Thursday, another installment from the fabulous Silver James. And an additional hat tip to the incredibly talented cover artist, Jen of Cover Remix. You can see the cover in more detail here and leave her comments if you like. But without further ado… the story. If you missed chapter one last week, check it out.

Chapter Two: In Which Something Familiar This Way Comes

     Drake Rosenblum was pummeled both by the gale-force winds and the tempest of the emotions roiling in his stomach. Tossed and turned like a storm-tossed leaf, he clung to his sanity. He’d lost his humanity long ago and had no hope of breaking the spell that ensorcelled his soul. Continue reading

DEBUT: Wicked Familiar by Silver James, Writing as Miranda Blah

The debut of the newest ALBTALBS Project!!! I’m so excited! Remember my Parrot Shifters? And the lovely brave authors who took on that challenge? Well, here’s the next challenge. To kick off this new bit of fun we have Silver James – I hope you enjoy! We’ll be serializing this, so look for it every Thursday in May!

Cursed by the witches he once served, will a familiar’s wicked ways win the heart of a newly schooled witch–and his freedom? Find out in Wicked Familiar.

Chapter One

In Which Fizzy Casts Her First Spell

     Lightning flashed. Thunder crashed. The night was dark and stormy. Francesca Isabella Foxtrot—her friends called her Fizzy—had retrieved the mail just before the storm broke in all its tempestuous glory. Waiting with baited breath, as the anchovies on her luncheon pizza were now repeating on her, Fizzy stared at the package with a mixture of excitement and dread. Continue reading

Secret Revealed! Special New ALBTALBS Series

Hi everyone! Well, I’m doing this all bass ackwards, but you know, that’s how we’re rolling in ALBTALBS world these days. Just you watch, in another day I’m going to be guilted into emailing the March winners too, so … Panic time.

Anyway. This is one of the super secret projects I’ve been working on. In fact, I hope it’s one of the things that keeps ALBTALBS special. 🙂 I’m thinking I need to create a page for it.

But you all remember the infamous Parrot Shifter series of stories we had here right?

Well one day I saw @Dumblydore and others having a conversation on twitter. And it was about bad covers. Well, you all know I am all about being the judgeybear ;). Jen said she had an ongoing project. Cover Remix. It’s amazing. (And I can proudly take the credit for some of the plotting of certain covers!)

I said – you know what? Someone has to write stories from those covers! Are you ok with that? And Jen was all “yes! We must make this happen!” And so we did.

The first one is a contribution from Silver James, who is writing hers as a serial.

We’ve got a bunch more scheduled – and we tried to keep it secret until now. Each story, and author contribution I hope will be a fun and entertaining surprise. And the awesome, wonderful, very talented Jen is doing more covers as we speak. Whee!