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I F*cked Up

You’ll have to forgive me. You’ll notice that Leslie Dicken has an awesome excerpt up at the blog today. You’ll also remember that Jackie Barbosa had just shared her exclusive excerpt last week. If you’re a regular, you might know that Teaser Tuesday happens every second, and fourth Tuesday of the month. It’s only the third Tuesday. We were actually supposed to have Nikki Duncan visit today. Ms. Duncan was very kind, and understanding, and was perfectly happy to have her post moved to next week. (I’m pretty sure she secretly thinks I’m an idiot of the highest order. But um, at least I’m something of the highest order? :X)

So… yeah. I messed up, and scheduled the wrong thing. Sorry. Had to own up to it.

But hey – we’ve got winners! That’s good, right?

From last week… the winner of a book by Jackie Barbosa is lucky #1 from randomizer.org – myrandaroyann please let me know via email which book and format you’d like and your requisite information by this Saturday, November 19th to claim your prize!

I also had my whiny post, and Jane, please email me to claim your LoveSwept ebook from Random House! (Again by the 19th, please.)

So have I redeemed myself? 😛 And remember to check out Leslie’s excerpt – it’s a good one and she’s giving away a book! On Thursday, we should have a post from HelenKay Dimon talking about SEAL of my Dreams, and on Saturday, Cathie is doing a reader guest post! Whee!