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“i” Fixed it

So … if you were part of the mad discussion on my most recent post you’ll notice a lot of people talking about typos and missing letters. Well, one in particular. The “i.” I was so confused, because I wasn’t checking the site – just getting email notifications, and there the comments were proper. So I kept thinking “what on earth are these ladies talking about?!”

… And then I tried to comment and me – the site admin! – had the lowercase “i” stripped from every word too! So I fixed it! 😀

Sparkle Unicorn

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Technical Difficulties

My friends, this is happening. 😐


Yes, I’ve been experiencing a lot of problems. Not just me and life (when am I not? :X) – but with the damn site. Scheduled posts don’t … post. It’s annoying as hell. I thought I found a WP plugin to fix it, but then there was a note that it includes a lot of spyware, so … pass. At least it’s not just me – a number of people have had such problems, but I haven’t been able to devote a lot of time and attention to a fix. My apologies.

I’m looking into coding to fix it, but am scared. So, my apologies, but posts will be happening at odd times and possibly days, and please just bear with me. Let’s all cross our fingers WordPress updates soon and fixes this damn glitch.

P.S. – I also hate whatever change it was that made the emoticons look funky, instead of how they used to be. Remember the cuter ones? :\