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Happy Birthday Laura Hunsaker! + A Story from the Birthday Girl!

Hello my friends! As you know, I love celebrating birthdays! It’s totally my thing. 😀 [Maybe I’m hoping karma or the universe will take note and one year I’ll have a good one XD] But enough about me, today is all about the lovely and wonderful Laura Hunsaker! She is a long time ALBTALBS friend. In fact you can check out her hilarious bridesmaid dress post if you missed it originally. (Oh hell, and her parrot shifter story she wrote specifically for ALBTALBS – hilarious.)

This is what Laura sent me.

My birthday post. My most embarrassing bday moment evah!

So today I celebrate my birthday, my 33rd birthday, in case you’re curious. And I thought in honor of that occasion, I’d share with you one of my most embarrassing bday moments ever.

So once upon a time, I married a man in the Air Force. We lived in a small town surrounded by corn and lots of men in the military. One day, I stopped off to get gas and a soda, and as I slid out of my car, I felt my back button catch on the car.

Automatically, I looked at my rear, but miracle of miracles, my button was still there! (this is awesome because I hate sewing). So as I try to work the pump, and I haven’t yet realized that I don’t have to pay first to get gas (this was a small town. Where I’m from, you pay first), some super nice Airman helps me figure this out. He’s especially helpful and keeps asking if I’d like him to pump my gas. Or wash my windows. I’m flattered a bit at the flirting, but I’m newly married so I thank him, but turn him down.

Then I see his buddies all just gaping at us. O-okay. Well whatever. He goes back to his friends, I decide to wash my windshield after all. I make sure to lean across the hood of the car, I make sure my awesome and still-toned-twenty-two-year-old-butt is sticking out, and I definitely pretend to ignore them as I do this. Welp, can’t stall any longer, so I wave as a I roll down the windows and crank my Britney Spears cd.

Then I get home.

And when I slide out of the car, I feel a breeze. Yeah. A breeze. I look at my rear again, and sure enough, that button stayed right where it should have… but I’d torn my capris straight down about 9 inches or so, and my whole butt cheek was showing. The whole time. Oh my goodness my face burns to even think about how bad I flirted! How I made sure to stick my butt out…

Happy birthday to me, right? ::Headdesk::

*giggles* Hopefully nothing like that happens to Laura this time. 😉 [Not just because she’s super pregnant right now :X] Just feels worse for an embarrassing moment to happen to a pregnant woman, right? Back on topic -I just have to good naturedly tease Laura a little bit. I asked her what images she wanted me to use in her post. And she said she didn’t have any pictures of her naked bum hanging out …that she’d be willing to share at least! *Cue gasps and pearl clutching!!!* This girl is scandalous! 😉

So, everyone, have any stories to share to commiserate with our birthday girl? 😀 Anyway, you all should wish her a very very happy birthday! <3