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Heather Lire and Alejandro the Parrot Shifter

Week three of our parrot shifters! This time we’ve got Heather Lire. I hope you’re all having as much fun as I am with these. 😀 Entertaining and it gives you an idea as to the author, and her sense of humor (and writing style)!

If you’re new to this and wondering WTF is going on… a while back I was on twitter asking for book recommendations. But I said one thing I did not want was an erotic romance that was “OMGWTFBBQ (eg m/m/m/f/m/f/cow/m/parrotshifter/m/f/m).” And then all these people were “that’s hilarious – I’d read that!” So then I thought “I must make this happen!!!” And I did – with the help of these awesome authors.


Alejandro’s Vacation

Alejandro cracked open one eye at the raucous laughter in front of him. Spying the three idiots double over, holding onto each other he swore, “Holy fucking crrrrackers.” All he wanted was a little piece and quiet away from the flock he was now in charge of. A flock full of idiot bird brains.

Okay maybe the bird brain thing was a little harsh, after all they were parrot shifters. And no one took them seriously. Especially after some idiot a hundred years ago decided to act in front of others and the whole “Polly want a cracker” came about. Continue reading