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Help Please! Input Needed!

Hi friends!

So I’ve created a form here. I’ve been playing with the idea of having my site be hosted for quite some time now.

An issue had me posting a question at the WordPress forums, and wow, was that not fun. It also led to the potential of some TOS issues. (Which, incidentally, I and my slight knowledge of legalese don’t think I’m violating…) But anyway, it might just be the impetus for the move anyway. Please please PLEASE fill out the form, and spread the word.

Any other questions, etc, of course are more than welcome in the comments. Let’s get some discussion going on up in here! ;D

Kiva! Help Someone for Free!

If you haven’t signed up for Kiva yet, you should. Right now.

Here – go. Use this link. I’ll wait.

Why? You can give a free trial loan! How amazing is that? At the last time I checked (10:20 PM) there were still 28,553 free trials.

What is Kiva you ask? Well this is from their “about” page:

We are a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. Learn more about how it works.

I can’t believe Kiva was (only) started in 2005. Kiva is a 501c3 and it allows you to help someone in an extremely passive way. You can either donate, or you can loan money. And if you choose the latter, you’re [generally] likely to get your money back. It’s more of a sure thing than not.

I won’t say much more about it, other than, if you’ve never signed up before, now is a great time. Even if you don’t do anything else with it in the future, at least you can give someone $25 to help them make their life better at zero cost to yourself!

Help! I Need Somebod[ies]!

Hello friends!

First of all, a call for reviewers! That’s my first “Help!” Do you love reading? Possibly talking about books? Did you know if you’re willing to do the latter you can get more of the former, through free books? Well, free in that you don’t pay for them. Possibly not “free” in that you then have to read it and review it. (Spoken from a reviewer’s perspective here…) I never wanted this to be solely a review site. Mostly because I knew there was no chance in hell I could manage that. But I also didn’t want it to be entirely a promotional site. So I’m trying to achieve balance.

If you’d like to be a reviewer, contact me. Note, I’m mean and picky, so I want thought out reviews. None of this “slap on the book blurb and a plot summary.” What do I mean by reviews? Well, the ones posted on this site are a great indication. Or the sole one I’ve written for Heroes & Heartbreakers on Carolyn Jewel’s Not Wicked Enough. Or the ones I wrote for TGTBTU (um that also leads you to opinion pieces…) so there you go. I’d think that’s sufficient.

If you already write reviews but your current style is different from mine… don’t link me to what you have – send me a sample and we’ll discuss. I’m not saying you 100% must conform to what I do. But I will say I know what I don’t want.

Secondly… dudes. I need dudes. Specific dudes. Special dudes. What am I getting at? Men. Who read romance. Or guys. Whatever. They don’t necessarily have to be adults. (Although I don’t know if I can feature an underage kid on my blog who reads erotic romances. That’s so… *shudder* skeevy and urpy.) You see? I thought about it.

Anyway, I’ve been playing with the idea for a while. And then I saw Shiloh Walker had Myke Cole do a guest post. (Sound familiar? Mr. Cole is guesting here today and hosting a giveaway! How generous!) And I know there are a few male reviewers floating around – at least recently-ish I’ve seen links to DA and SBTB.

I’m not seeking out male reviewers – no. But I want more… reader posts from guys who read romance! It’s like… the romance reading unicorn, right? (I think I just really like saying the word unicorn. Also much more fun in theory than practice, unicorns…) Other than in this case.

I think it’d be really interesting, and a good fresh perspective. And I like doing things that are new and creative. Like when I started Teaser Tuesdays last year – I knew there was the meme going around, but mine was different, with sharing excerpts. At least, I thought I was original insofar as the google searches I ran and convinced my friends to run for me as well since my google-fu sucks.

My point is – I want guys who read romance to share their thoughts. On everything. Their reading tastes – likes and dislikes. Books or authors they enjoy. Or avoid. How they feel about the marketing and/or covers. I’d especially love to find guys who read romance like every other book. I mean – not the odd romance once every 10 years. Someone who reads romance rather regularly. (See where the unicorn part is coming into play?)

Based on my rudimentary research it seems more likely for an author who is male to also read romances, than someone who isn’t an author. Both are interesting – I just want the posts to be written with the “reader hat” on.

I’ve also lost my train of thought which is kind of a good thing because I wax on the O.D.* side of things generally.

In summary.

Trying to find:

A:  Reviewers. Join me!

B: Guys who read romance novels – Contact me (please!)

Are you a male who reads romance? Do you know any males who read romances? Please either have them contact me, or get in contact with me!

And you know how to contact me? I made it super easy. There’s a tab at the top of my blog! WHEE – I’m excited about this!

*I’m not writing it out cuz it’s gross. But if you really have a burning desire to know, ask and I’ll tell.

It’s Up to *You!*

This is a jumble of upcoming well… stuff and a question – or questions – posed to you.

First of all, my next post on Tuesday, will be the “start” of my monthly “Guest Author & A Giveaway” spots. First up is Alexandra Hawkins, and three books will be given away. However because Ms. Hawkins won’t actually be doing a guest post, I also got the wonderful Marie Force to stop by on the 15th. I erm “interviewed” her – and there will be a total of four books being given away that day. (Ms. Force’s day is unfortunately busy, but she’ll try to stop by that evening, or in the following days if you have questions.)

Second… along those lines – I’m debating on how long to keep each contest open. Draw a winner and post it Thursday, have him or her contact me by Saturday? Or post a winner by Saturday, which leaves the contest open for 4-5 days? Or… post the winner in a week? So… guest on Tuesday, name drawn the Tuesday after?

Then, how long should the winner have to respond? 24 hours seems short… 48? No more than 72… so what’s your preference? After all, y’all are the ones who are going to be winning these books/various other prizes.

Lastly… what do you look for in a blog? Random blather? A friend was nice enough to call my pondering posts “editorials” – she’s so sweet 😉

I have to tell you though, my current pet project is…. feeding Shannon Stacey, as it were. It seems she’s an incredibly picky eater. Her family possibly even more so. So much that I’m not entirely sure what it is she doesn’t eat. Pretty much everything is on the “will not touch” list, it seems. I know chicken is safe. That’s… actually about it. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts…with O_o Lipton seasoning I think?

Anyway, I’m determined to come up with a recipe for her that she and her family will like. I hope the rest of you will too. And of course it’s going to be simple since it seems Shannon loathes cooking. I hope I’m up to the challenge. Are any of you interested in recipes or stories of valor and defeat in the kitchen?

And how do you like this for filler? 😉 Although in all seriousness, I would like answers to all those questions. Oh and come February, I’ll be scheduling posts to go live at 12:03 AM EST, instead of 11:03 AM EST. Cuz. I know you early morning crowd are all eager to read this blog before work ;P

p.s. – the ironic thing is… no idea if the Stacey family eats bell peppers. Anyone wanna take bets? Personally I’m going with no. 😛

Boundaries? What?

This post isn’t going to be very creative because, well it’s 1:52 AM, but more importantly, the post I’d originally done somehow disappeared. I could cry. Well, probably because I just spent the past two hours trying to figure out how to add a new page to the site (that I know how to do) but with an “interactive calendar.” Or you know, just something I can update and you all can see.

Why? So you know what’s coming up! How does this relate to you and why should you care? I’ve got authors and giveaways lined up through most of next year. (Yup, 2012.) I decided to do a “Guest Author & A Giveaway” the first Tuesday of each month. I also plan on scheduling posts every Tuesday, and Saturday. Ideally that’ll make this blog more manageable for me, and I want this to go the distance.

The purpose of this post then, is for all of you, my lovely friends, to help me out! Not only am I going to have guest authors, I’m going to have readers do guest posts. So please – help me come up with questions!

Many people have opted for the interview. Even though I tried to scare them off by telling them I’ve been known to ask about socks, and/or cheetos. Maybe authors are sick of talking about book stuff in their interviews (heh) – or maybe they’re curious as to how zany I really am. Either way, I feel like the gauntlet has been thrown, and these interview questions have to be good.

Is there something about an author (or reader) that you’ve always wanted to know? I’m obviously willing to ask some out there questions. Or, this could be your chance to slip in that soft ball. What’s a question you’ve always wished someone would ask, but they never have? Or perhaps what’s a staple that should be added to every interview question set?

And on the flip side, is there a question that I absolutely should not ask? (Although, evil me might be tempted to do it anyway, depending. We’ll have to see.)

A quick note here, February is going to be a tiny bit different, I arranged with Alexandra Hawkins to have the Guest Author date, but she’s a bit too bogged down right now – so she’ll be doing a giveaway and I get to say whatever I want. 😉 What a great format, right? As a result, I’m having another guest author in February, on the 15th, and that day we have the very talented Marie Force visiting with us! Yay!

So, ready? Set? GO! I’m not talking about anything else because I want the focus to be on questions, questions, and yet more questions. And, who knows. Maybe to sweeten the pot I’ll throw in a prize for the best question. Or a random one. You never know. (*ETA: So if we hit my goal by Saturday, someone gets a $5 Amazon GC.)

[Oh and for the calendar… I’m tech stupid these days, so I can’t figure it out. If anyone knows how to do this and is willing to help me out I might very well be pathetically grateful for quite some time. And who knows – that might just come in handy for you some day!]