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Stand in Hiatus Post for Travel

Hi friends! So you may (or may not have noticed) that things have been pretty quiet here lately – I’m out and about with intermittent internet, and time, so hopefully I get a chance to fill in posts and such – just … not quite right now.

While I have you though – I’m curious. What’s your favorite place to visit in NY[C]? Or if you’ve never been to the city, where would you most want to go?

Partial Hiatus

Hi friends,

So… a lot of things going on. More unfortunate than fortunate, sadly. I wanted to let you know the timing and updates to the blog and posts will just be… off. I’ll try to do the best I can, but, for example, this is the first time I’ve touched my computer in three days. Literally. (You know how sometimes people say that but they snuck in time or are exaggerating? Not so here.)

The people who have scheduled posts – those will appear, just don’t set your watch by it. However, reviews? I think those will have to go by the wayside for now. My apologies.


Thanks for your patience, understanding, and support everyone! <3