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Happy [Belated] Birthday Holly!!! <3

I’m posting this from my phone at the hotel on 3G so forgive me. If there are issues I hope to fix them later! Xoxo

This month at Book Binge we’re hosting our second annual Digital-First Read-a-Thon. The idea is to read as many digital-first published books as possible throughout the month. To help people discover new digital reads, we share excerpts and offer giveaways. It’s a pretty fun time. Usually.

This month? I’m having a really hard time getting into the spirit of things. Why? Because I’m in the mother of all reading slumps. So far I’ve managed to read 3 books. Yes, 3. Normally by the middle of the month I’d have read triple that many.

I have no idea why I’m struggling to read. I want to read, but nothing sounds good. Historical? Meh. I burned out on those ages ago. Paranormal? Maybe..but what haven’t I already read? I’m kind of picky about paranormal when I’m not in a slump. Now that I am? Forget about it. I’m almost always in the mood for a good contemporary romance, but lately even those aren’t doing it for me.

For a few weeks I was really into NA (New Adult). I plowed through about 10 books and loved every single one of them. Even the ones I didn’t love, I still couldn’t get enough of (which I know makes no sense, but there it is). Sadly, I seem to have burned out on those, too. I’ve started four or five in the last week and nothing worked.

I’m a huge fan of re-reading. I re-read old favorites more than I read new books. Even that isn’t working for me this time. I’ve skimmed a couple of my old favorites, but I’m bored within minutes.

So what am I supposed to do now? I’m not really a t.v. watcher and I’ve tried other genres. I just can’t seem to get out of this funk.

What are your slump-busters? Do you have a go-to book or author? Or do you have some other method of getting yourself out of a funk?


And guess what?!? Holly is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card!!

So answer her question and give her ALL the (belated) birthday wishes! <3