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Guest Post: The Ash Serial Killer

I don’t normally read romantic suspense novels. Or, I wouldn’t say it’s my “go to” genre. (Although some of my favorite authors do in fact write it.) I was extremely – insanely – lucky to be able to read the Ash trilogy by Shiloh Walker really early on. Like, 2010 early. And I’ve been pimping them out since. I try not to¬†over sell things, so I might not have mentioned them as much recently. (Also you know, the rest of the world has picked up my slack in lauding these books. As they should.) ūüėČ

You need to read these books. Your life very well may not be complete until you do. I can’t decide which is my favorite. I loved the first. And the second. It might be a tie between the two. Or the second wins. But then the third is where you find out everything…

There were a lot of emails with exclamation marks, and unintelligible gibberish, and me telling Shiloh Walker she’s mean and evil. If you’ve never read her before, this might give you an idea as to why….

An Interview with a Killer…

There will be no spoilers, guys. If you want to know who he is, you have to read the book… ūüėČ
A number of people have expressed an interest in having me ask the killer from the Ash trilogy some questions. ¬†It’s an…interesting idea. ¬†I have him for a few minutes. ¬†Just a few and I’m not talking to him for long. ¬†Just the first few Qs had me a little weirded out.
Cheeky Reads offered this question:
Was there something in childhood that happened that made you this way?  Anything that motivates you to kill?

He says:
My childhood was perfectly normal. ¬†My motivation is simple. I enjoy it. ¬†Tell me, Cheeky…what color is your hair?

Sofia Harper  asks:
What was your first kill?  Your favorite? When was the first time you wanted to kill?

He replies:
Those are terribly intimate questions. I tell all about my first…if you have the desire to know. ¬†You can read all about it. ¬†But my favorite would have to be Joely. ¬†I’m curious to learn if Nia would be like Joely. Joely fought. She fought very hard.

Danielle  wants to know:
Why are you so protective of Hope?

He tells me:
That isn’t terribly easy to answer. ¬†I see this terribly weak creature, a mouse. ¬†But this mouse has teeth. ¬†I thought it might be fun to take her, and break her. ¬†But the more I watched her, the more I realized she’d already been broken. ¬†It was more fun for me to watch her grow. ¬†It was a new thing for me. I do wish she hadn’t cut her hair, though. ¬†I loved her hair…

I had some other questions, but I decided not to take them. ¬†Call me weird, but it’s odd to get inside this guy’s head, even though I made him, meaning he pretty much lives inside my head. ¬†I’ll close with this last little bit that he did want to say.

He’d like to add
People think there is always a reason people become like me. ¬†There must have been abuse, neglect, something horrible or tragic. ¬†Sometimes, maybe, that is the case. ¬†I don’t know because I never had a fascination with learning about others. ¬†I did what I did to please myself. ¬†In short, I did it because it pleased, not because any thing or any person drove me to it.
Some might even think that it’s an innate hatred of women. ¬†I don’t hate women. ¬†I love them. ¬†And I love to break them…I love to hear them scream…

Snippet… (Several asked about his first kill…)

For reasons he couldn’t understand then, he’d started choking her again.  And that time, he hadn’t stopped.  Not when her heels beat on the ground, not when she had torn at his hands with her nails, real fear beginning to flicker in her eyes.

His mind had remained cool, detached throughout all of it, even as his heart had raced at the thrill

His first kill.

Want to read more about the Ash Trilogy?  Check it out here.


Ms. Walker is actually traveling today, and will be out of town for the next few days, so she won’t be able to answer any questions immediately. However, that’s kind of perfect, because you can come and leave all your questions, and she’ll knock ’em out at once, if/when she’s able. (She’s also on deadline for another book…¬†Stolen… another great book that should be out later this year!)