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Sandi’s Post: It’s Cool To Be Me

The last few weeks it’s been totally cool to be me.  I don’t necessarily always feel that way, but lately it’s been pretty awesome!

Last weekend I got to meet Meg Cabot.  Yes, that Meg Cabot who wrote the Princess Diaries.  What a sweetheart she is!  She had some really entertaining stories, and everyone who attended got a copy of her book Overbite as part of the admission price.

This is where I have to admit I won’t read Overbite, so I offered it up to a friend who is really excited to get a signed copy.  I instead bought a book recommended by the lovely Barnes and Noble Associate who was selling books that day.  It’s still in the bag, so I don’t recall the title.   After having listened to Ms. Cabot speak and having her sign my books I had to go back to the lovely bookseller and buy some more books for myself and for a friend!  Those wonderful signed books are also still languishing in the bags!

This weekend I’m going to another event where I will have the chance to meet Catherine Ashe, Caroline Linden, and Maya Rodale.  I am basically a contemporary reader, but I have been known to pick up a historical now and again.  I wonder if after having met these ladies I will end up bringing home more print books to add to my collection that I’m really trying to dejunk, but will never be 100% successful at doing as I know print books will always hold a place in my heart!

How will you be spending the weekend?  If you could meet any current author who would it be?  Would you be calm cool and collected when you met the author, or would you have to be all agog and tongue tied?  Should you ever have the chance to meet me I will tell you about the time I finally got to meet Robyn Carr.

In the meantime enjoy what you’re reading, and don’t forget to spread the word about the great book you read!