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Ask Me Anything! AKA Fun For Lime!

Hopefully fun for you too. I’ve been wanting to do this because it seems like a cop out post.. but it really isn’t! You know all those kooky author interviews I’ve had posted? Well I love those questions.

Also I feel like we have no idea who each of us is. So… today, you get to ask me any question you want. The kicker is though, that you have to answer it as well! Come on – what strange and silly things can you think of? I’m happy to give my opinion on say, sauerkraut to biscotti. Whatever. (I can’t think right now.)

Ready? Set? Go! [Oh and you see that tag? Yeah. Someone’s going to win something.]

Getting to Know Y̶o̶u̶ M̶e̶ Us?

Of course what came to mind first (and inspired the title) was:

Granted there have got to be so many things wrong with that but… let’s not get into them here.

I would like to get to know all of you. Some I know in passing, some I recognize by name, and some I’ve had the luck to meet in person. 🙂 However, my original intent for this post was… about me. That sounds so selfish and aggrandizing, doesn’t it :X so I didn’t really like that. But I also realized, I have no idea how some people found this blog, and my assumption that most if not everyone clicks through from twitter shouldn’t be. Additionally, my “About” page is rather pathetic.

So here goes. Is there anything you’d like to know about me? What do you think should go on my “about” page?

And just for kicks… I’ll list five “quirky” things about me.

1. I hate butterflies. All insects, really. But yes, butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies… hate. Sadly butterflies love me.

2. I melted many a night light (or other similar item) while hiding under my comforter reading instead of sleeping as a child.

3. Up through high school I made sure my closet doors were shut each night before I went to sleep.

4. I took piano lessons for a number of years but it never really worked out because I can’t quite reach an octave >.<

5. My family (well, dad) has banned me from the use of blow torches.

Now it’s your turn! Got questions? Or any fun quirk or personality trait you’d like to share? Please do! As I said – I want to get to know you too, so please think of something 🙂

Boundaries? What?

This post isn’t going to be very creative because, well it’s 1:52 AM, but more importantly, the post I’d originally done somehow disappeared. I could cry. Well, probably because I just spent the past two hours trying to figure out how to add a new page to the site (that I know how to do) but with an “interactive calendar.” Or you know, just something I can update and you all can see.

Why? So you know what’s coming up! How does this relate to you and why should you care? I’ve got authors and giveaways lined up through most of next year. (Yup, 2012.) I decided to do a “Guest Author & A Giveaway” the first Tuesday of each month. I also plan on scheduling posts every Tuesday, and Saturday. Ideally that’ll make this blog more manageable for me, and I want this to go the distance.

The purpose of this post then, is for all of you, my lovely friends, to help me out! Not only am I going to have guest authors, I’m going to have readers do guest posts. So please – help me come up with questions!

Many people have opted for the interview. Even though I tried to scare them off by telling them I’ve been known to ask about socks, and/or cheetos. Maybe authors are sick of talking about book stuff in their interviews (heh) – or maybe they’re curious as to how zany I really am. Either way, I feel like the gauntlet has been thrown, and these interview questions have to be good.

Is there something about an author (or reader) that you’ve always wanted to know? I’m obviously willing to ask some out there questions. Or, this could be your chance to slip in that soft ball. What’s a question you’ve always wished someone would ask, but they never have? Or perhaps what’s a staple that should be added to every interview question set?

And on the flip side, is there a question that I absolutely should not ask? (Although, evil me might be tempted to do it anyway, depending. We’ll have to see.)

A quick note here, February is going to be a tiny bit different, I arranged with Alexandra Hawkins to have the Guest Author date, but she’s a bit too bogged down right now – so she’ll be doing a giveaway and I get to say whatever I want. 😉 What a great format, right? As a result, I’m having another guest author in February, on the 15th, and that day we have the very talented Marie Force visiting with us! Yay!

So, ready? Set? GO! I’m not talking about anything else because I want the focus to be on questions, questions, and yet more questions. And, who knows. Maybe to sweeten the pot I’ll throw in a prize for the best question. Or a random one. You never know. (*ETA: So if we hit my goal by Saturday, someone gets a $5 Amazon GC.)

[Oh and for the calendar… I’m tech stupid these days, so I can’t figure it out. If anyone knows how to do this and is willing to help me out I might very well be pathetically grateful for quite some time. And who knows – that might just come in handy for you some day!]