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The “I Have Nothing to Say” Giveaway

I’ve been thinking long and hard about… well, blog posts, the internet, communities, memes, and information. Oftentimes I remark on the incestuousness of the internet – and what I mean is… well let’s not quite go there. But along those lines is when is something “so old” that it’s new again? Or when does something not new go viral with a “Look what I just found!!!!!”?

Basically this is just a post with me being old and curmudgeonly. I definitely don’t begrudge people the joy of finding new things and being excited about. What riles up the bitch in me is when people think that they’ve discovered something entirely new.

I guess I’d just like people to be more thoughtful. But that would take a lot of work and effort. Time too.

And speaking of something a bit different – asking stupid questions online. Be it on twitter, forums, websites, blogs. Sometimes I wish everyone would bust out lmgtfy on everyone’s ass. But I can’t really wish or say that because I have my lazy moments and figure it honestly would (or should) be easier and faster just to ask. And sometimes we should indulge our lazy sides, right?

I’m trying to work up a good rant without being snide. Or too angry. There’s the fact that pretty much every topic has been covered ad nauseum. Recently it’s piracy. What with the “I’m a piracy fighting warrior!” stuff. Good for you. Just don’t jam it down my throat. It has the opposite effect of what you’re going for. (Obviously I’m saying you plural here, in the general “person out there” vagary.)

My point is, you’re preaching to the choir, generally. So, the people who listen and agree will be all “rah rah yeah!” Or… start getting fed up, or they’re people who never gave a damn in the first place and nothing you say matters because they don’t care. Now I’m not saying posts that are educational about piracy should be eliminated. Some people honestly don’t know. But… the book intros or dedications that say like “If you’re a pirate I hope your baby dies. … Oh but uh, if you bought this book, thanks so much!” What!? You might say? But there are things like that out there. And similar posts. Just… *sigh*

So… since the end of this month is being finished up with giveaways, and June is going to have a number of giveaways as well… because HELLO BIRTHDAY BASH! I figure I’ll start it off – and thank you for listening to me rant and bitch with a giveaway. Also because I’ve been grumpy and down. So… might as well do something nice and spread some cheer, right?

Barring unforeseen circumstances, I’ll be giving away three kindle copies of Grace Burrowes’s novel The Heir. It’s the first book from Sourcebooks Casablanca to hit the NYT list, I believe, so that’s super exciting. Note – kindle books. I do my damnedest to avoid the post office.

So – what do you think of internet dramaz? It’s irresistible, isn’t it? But what about the ranting and raving and “zomg look what I just [found]” stuff? Is it all still bright shiny and new for you? Or are you joining me in the back to grouch? [Note – I have drinks and cookies. What? I’m not above bribery.]

Oh! And Happy Memorial Day Weekend to those of you in the States. Doing anything special?