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SWHM Guest: Janet Eckford

Hi friends! Shew. So we know … gosh like everything is fraught with danger and tension online these days, right? And yesterday was no different. In fact it was actually so much more than even those with drama fatigue were sucked in. The “crazy” thing though is most likely nobody will remember next week. Or perhaps I won’t even remember this weekend when I look back at this post what I was talking about. Such is the ephemeral nature of the internet. What isn’t, however, is kickass women. 😀 We might not know about them, or hear much about them, but the amazing things they’ve done are lasting. Today we have a post from Janet Eckford to help us celebrate [Smithsonian] Women’s History Month! Whee!

Finding UsWhen invited to contribute to Limecello’s Women’s History Month blog extravaganza (my description because anything celebrating the accomplishments of women should be an extravaganza) I was immediately pumped. I can pontificate about women and women’s issues forever. I’m sure there is some personal investment from this, because, as a human that identifies as a woman, I’ve got some major stock in ensuring issues that impact me get highlighted. Back in the day (5,840 days give or take a few hundred to be exact) when I was a baby feminist, heading off to college, I wanted to make sure that desire to engage in social change was something I never compromised on. Continue reading