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[Smithsonian Heritage] Pride Month Guest: Jason T. Gaffney (Plus Ed Gaffney & Suzanne Brockmann) AND a Giveaway!

Y’all!!! I know, that post title is aĀ mouthful is it not?! But how fun and exciting, right? šŸ˜€ Seriously I hope you’ve checked out the other Pride Month posts here at ALBTALBS (all tagged), but I’m really excited about this new post, and how it’s delightful and different from what we’ve been seeing. (Diversity in all things! <3)Ā šŸ˜€ I hope you’ll give a warm welcome to Jason T. Gaffney, Ed Gaffney, and Suzanne Brockmann who yes, areĀ all first time guests! Thank you all for joining us!Ā 

Classic Category Romance Tropes

Fixing FrankSuz Brockmann interviews Jason T. Gaffney and Ed Gaffney, authors of Fixing Frank, California Comedy series book #3, from Suzanne Brockmann Presents

Suz: So far, in your California Comedy series, youā€™ve used the ā€œmarriage of convenienceā€ trope in Fixing Frank, where frenemies pretend to be engaged while contestants in a reality web series; the ā€œfriends to loversā€ trope in A Match for Mike, where childhood friends meet again after a long-ago estrangementā€”and sparks fly; and the ā€œCinderella make-overā€ trope in Creating Clark, where a nerdy coffeeshop owner asks a hot actor friend to help him catch the eye of a another man. What do you think is the appeal of these tried and true romance tropes? Continue reading