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Guest Author & A Giveaway: Jess Dee!!!

You guys – Jess Dee is amazing. She has been nothing but patient and kind and you know, a fantabulous author, so I’m thrilled to have her visiting with us today! She’s the special author for November! Whee!! (Although holy hell how did it get to be so late in the year already?!)

If you missed it, you should check out the spoof story Jess Dee and Mari Carr wrote specifically for us at ALBTALBS! An original work! Yes! For you!

And for her guest post, Jess chose an author interview, ALBTALBS style. 😀 I hope you enjoy.

Office AffairYou have to be a nun, a kindergarten teacher, or a trash[woman] for a week. Which do you pick and why?
Oh, man. I have to be one of these?
Yikes. Okay, well I have no choice but to select my answer by process of elimination.
I write erotic romance, so I could never be a nun.
I don’t have the patience to handle my own kids for a day, so a kindergarten teacher isn’t gonna work.
I guess that leaves trashwoman – or as we call them here in Australia, a garbo.

Did you ever wake up laying on the sidewalk in front of a McDs in Tokyo at 5 AM after a night of drunken debauchery? If yes what were you doing? If no – tell us – what do you imagine it would take for such a thing to happen?
Oh, I did. I did. Just the once. But I was sworn to secrecy, and have thus promised never to tell anyone the how or the whys of it all.
It’s a pity, coz it’s a really, really good story. *coughs* cop out *coughs*

Photo OpportunityWhat is your spirit animal?
I wasn’t sure, so I went online and did a bit of research. Turns out my spirit animal is the deer.
That one surprised me. I always just figured it was a lion or leopard. Or maybe even an eagle.
(You too can find your spirit animal, by clicking here. It’s fun.)

Now, if you had to become an animal, which would it be?
A bottle-nosed dolphin.
In fact I always kind of figured if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I’d come back in my next life as a dolphin.

What’s the first type of alcohol you tried? Is there a story there?
To be honest, I don’t know what it was. I was young (like 5 or 6) and at a big family gathering and I spotted a glass of coke on the table. Knowing I wasn’t allowed coke (waaaaay too unhealthy), I looked all around to make sure my mom wasn’t watching, then snuck a huge sip.
Big mistake!
Only TylerYep, it was coke – but that wasn’t all. There was something else in there too. Something very bitter and very strong and possibly the worst thing I have ever tasted in my life. Took me a long time to ever taste coke again. *Haaa I have a similar story with Sprite! … Didn’t take me that long to drink Sprite though as soda [pop!] was such a treat.

Walk in pantry, walk in closet, or extra garage space?
I’m sorry, I refuse to choose between extra pantry or extra closet space. I need them both.

What do you think is the best commercial of all time?
My first choices are all old South African commercials that I can’t even find on YouTube to share with you.
This “Big Ad” is probably my favorite Aussie choice:

What super power would you most like to have?
I want to fly. I would love to fly.
And least?
I’m not sure there’s a super power I wouldn’t want. (Does that make me a power hungry cow?)

You’re a character in a fairy tale. Which story and which character do you pick?
I want to be Prince Cahrming. Not because I secretly wish I was a man, but because, damn it, the prince always has the best life. He lives in a castle, goes on amazing adventures, is a brave hero, has loads of friends (and gold), there’s always someone watching his back, he has women falling at his feet, and he unfailingly finds the one perfect person to love.
Seriously, you couldn’t get more fairy tale perfection than that.

You’ve been cursed as a Disney villain. Who would you most want to be?
Shere Khan from the Jungle Book.
Or maybe Shenzi, the hyena from the Lion King.

What three dead authors would you invite to a dinner party?
Jane Austen
William Shakespeare
Anne Frank

Visiting ParadiseWhat’s the best admonishment your mom ever gave you, or that you’ve ever given a kid? e.g. if you make that face it’ll freeze like that. or… if you walk from the kitchen to the table w/ a fork in your mouth you’ll stab yourself through the throat and die.
“Don’t eat corn before you swim. It will swell in your tummy and you’ll drown.”
Really, Ma? Really?

If you have to listen to a song 24/7 for four days, which one would you choose?
Ack! I don’t know. I wouldn’t choose a song I love, coz I’d only end up hating it, and if I chose a song I hated it would drive me to drink.
I think I’d have to go for something that I have no opinion about one way or the other. Maybe a Beethoven symphony. (Does that count?)

You can only eat three things for the rest of your life – prepared the same way – what do you pick?
Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hidden FireHow’d you come up with your author name?
I combined the first name (Jess) and the nickname (Dee) of two of three people I love most in this world.

In a death match, who would win? A Ninja or a Viking?
I’m going to have to go with Viking here, but only because the only Viking I know is Eric the Vampire from Sookie Stackhouse, and as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter what contest you put him in, he will always win!

Thanx for having me over, Lime.



More than Words
He’s just seen the one thing that was meant for her eyes only.
More Than, Book 3

Molly Harris never intended to send that letter. It was only meant to be a secret record of her true feelings for her boss, gorgeous pediatrician Sam Shepard. But in the chaos of a crazy day at work, Molly accidentally hits “send” instead of “delete”.

Mortified by her mistake, Molly acts in the only way she can. She submits her notice of resignation. A professional-etiquette line’s been crossed, and there’s no going back.

Sam’s mouth goes dry—then it waters—when he discovers his receptionist has sent him a dirty love letter. Or to be more explicit, a wicked, erotic love letter, neatly outlining her many fantasies involving him.

Now Sam has two choices. Either he can be the ultimate professional and accept Molly’s resignation, or he can acknowledge the depths of his desire and maybe, just maybe, convince her to send him another saucy email…

Warning: Could cause the uncontrollable urge to write—and receive—dirty love letters. But proceed with caution…you’re going to want to act on those letters. Immediately.

Jess has also offered one lucky commenter her choice of Jess’s books – one, or potentially a series. In the digital format of her choice. (Or his – have we ever had a male win? Anyway.)  We’ll see how this goes and how nice all of you are to me. 😉

Almost There Part IV by Mari Carr & Jess Dee

This post is special because it is the finale of the story authors Mari Carr and Jess Dee wrote based on a cover created by Jen W. at Cover Remix. If you’ve missed the other parts … don’t worry. Or if you’ve been waiting to read them all at once – you can do that now! (And maybe I’ll one day figure out how to arrange it so the links appear in order of how it’s written instead of chronologically?) I really hope you’ll read it and let us all know what you think. 🙂


Almost ThereAlmost There (Part IV)

Mari Carr
Jess Dee

Atlanta, Georgia is miles away from Jake’s Robert’s life in Sydney, Australia.
But since his mother uprooted them both to live in America with her new husband, Jake has no choice but to find his feet in his new home.

Problem is that new home, so totally foreign to him, is also strangely familiar. As is the hauntingly beautiful Southern Belle who appears to him out of thin air…determined to address him as John Masters, someone Jake doesn’t know at all.
Or does he?


Jake opened his eyes, blinking against the bright light of the sun. For several moments, he lay still, trying to get his bearings. The only things he knew for certain was he was outside and he was completely alone. Continue reading

Almost There (Part III) by Mari Carr & Jess Dee

This post is wily! It had apparently be set to Private or floating around and… please just let’s say it went up as planned. I know you remember the series of spoof stories at ALBTALBS because Part II was only a week ago… again I want to thank the wonderful Jen W. at Cover Remix. And of course our fearless (intrepid? ;-)) authors Mari Carr and Jess Dee. Seriously – they’re good sports. We should all show them some love.


Almost ThereAlmost There (Part III)

Mari Carr
Jess Dee

Atlanta, Georgia is miles away from Jake’s Robert’s life in Sydney, Australia.
But since his mother uprooted them both to live in America with her new husband, Jake has no choice but to find his feet in his new home.

Problem is that new home, so totally foreign to him, is also strangely familiar. As is the hauntingly beautiful Southern Belle who appears to him out of thin air…determined to address him as John Masters, someone Jake doesn’t know at all.
Or does he?


Lizzie’s mouth opened to his immediately, their tongues meeting in a dance so familiar and so exciting, goose flesh sprung to life all the way down his back. She moaned softly, a sound that echoed through his ears, and he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in close, deepening the kiss. Continue reading

Spoof Story: Almost There (Part II) by Mari Carr & Jess Dee

My friends! I know you remember the series of spoof stories at ALBTALBS because Part I was only a week ago… again I want to thank the wonderful Jen W. at Cover Remix. And of course our fearless (intrepid? ;-)) authors Mari Carr and Jess Dee.


Almost ThereAlmost There (Part II)

Mari Carr
Jess Dee

Atlanta, Georgia is miles away from Jake’s Robert’s life in Sydney, Australia.
But since his mother uprooted them both to live in America with her new husband, Jake has no choice but to find his feet in his new home.

Problem is that new home, so totally foreign to him, is also strangely familiar. As is the hauntingly beautiful Southern Belle who appears to him out of thin air…determined to address him as John Masters, someone Jake doesn’t know at all.
Or does he?


Elizabeth giggled, hoping the light laughter would mask her confusion and the sudden cold fear coursing through her veins. Something was wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong. Continue reading

Spoof Story: Almost There (Part I) by Mari Carr & Jess Dee

My friends! Do you remember the series of spoof stories at ALBTALBS? (If not you should check them out – they’re quite entertaining. Especially the first parrot shifter one >.>) Anyway, the wonderful Jen W. at Cover Remix (you guys remember her right?) graciously allowed me and some other authors to use her covers. So I found victimswilling participants to write the stories. This time we have Mari Carr and Jess Dee.


Almost ThereAlmost There (Part I)

Mari Carr
Jess Dee

Atlanta, Georgia is miles away from Jake’s Robert’s life in Sydney, Australia.
But since his mother uprooted them both to live in America with her new husband, Jake has no choice but to find his feet in his new home.

Problem is that new home, so totally foreign to him, is also strangely familiar. As is the hauntingly beautiful Southern Belle who appears to him out of thin air…determined to address him as John Masters, someone Jake doesn’t know at all.
Or does he?

Jake Roberts walked the length of another endless corridor, restlessly tossing his bright red cricket ball from hand to hand, cautious not to throw too hard in case he missed and the ball smashed into one of the priceless antiques lining the walls of the mansion he was now expected to call home. Continue reading

Guest(s): Jess Dee! (And Jayne Rylon + Lorelei James)

Hi Lovelies! Today we’ve got Jess Dee visiting with us! And also, Jayne Rylon, and Lorelei James should be stopping by to answer any questions you have. I expect you’ll have something to say, yes? 😉

Two To Tango

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago (okay, maybe 4 or 5 years ago), a call went out around the kingdom. Samhain had decided to publish a trilogy of books—all three of them ménage romances—and were looking for authors to write those stories.

Authors far and wide scurried to heed the call. Books were written and submitted, and the breathless wait for further announcements began. Weeks passed in nervous anticipation, until finally a statement was issued by Samhain. Three books had been selected for the anthology. Three very different books which all had a common theme: Red-hot, erotic threesome romance.

And so the Menage And More/Three’s Company anthology was born, with authors Lorelei James, Jayne Rylon and Jess Dee at the helm.


The anthology released, and the authors had a wonderful time with readers buying and reading their books. Years passed, with the authors moving on to other, different projects. But a restlessness seemed to be growing. A yearning to revisit the times of old. A longing to reopen the pages of the anthology.

And then came the day a message went out. Not around the kingdom. This time, straight to our inboxes. And this is what the message said:

Jess/Lorelei ah, my menage and more buddies.  I remember the days when I was a super newbie and I got thrown into an antho with two big names.  Luckiest day ever for me.  I think Three’s Company has been a smashing success and every time I sign one at a conference I think of you two and smile.  So, why not get the gang together for another run at it?  I know I’ve talked to both of you about the possibility at some point in the past year.

Here’s the deal… Lorelei pitched the idea to Lindsey. Her spin was doing something mainstream, straight m/f and playing off TWO instead of THREE.  She would do a non-cowboy story, I would try to remember how to write straight non-super erotic m/f and Jess… well, this seems right up your alley.  I brainstormed some titles/ideas today in a meeting (don’t judge!) and here are a few concepts I came up with:

Two to Tango
Two of a Kind
Make it Two
Two Strikes (this could be people who have broken up before and are getting back together)
Two Shakes (could be people who fall in love/lust fast)
Two Can Play
Two to Two-Step… ha ha lame.
Two Timers (again could would for a second chance kind of thing)
Two in the Bush (HAHAHAHAHAHA  This could be another menage book!!!)
Two Peas in a Pod
Two’s Company

How about it?  Are we in?


Jess laughed at the message. Luckiest day ever for Jayne? Er, hell no. Luckiest day ever for Jess. As for Lorelei, she wasted no time laughing. Quicker than the other two could blink, she’d organized for the trilogy to be published. And thus Two To Tango was born.

Which is why, on the 2nd of October, these three books, which form the Two To Tango anthology, release in e-format at Samhain Publishing.


We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them.


Lorelei, Jayne & Jess

So have you read books from Samhain before? What do you think about menage romances? Or any of these great authors? Come on – I’m curious as to what you have to say. (And I challenge you to throw out some eyebrow raising questions too!) 😉

*ETA: There are books as prizes up for grabs, in case you needed the incentive! 😀

Welcome Vivian Arend, Lexxie Couper, and Jess Dee!

Today we have three fabulous authors visiting with us! Jess Dee, Lexxie Couper, and Vivian Arend! They’ve got new releases coming up – and it’s a series of books that take place in the same location. They’re a lot of fun and the books they write are hot – as you’ll see when you read the excerpts. Shew! There’s also a fourth connected book that is available for free right now. That’s right – free. And I, being the kind soul that I am, have conveniently provided a link for you. 😉 But the point is to see what the ladies have to say, and they’ve provided excerpts for all of us to read!

Picture this:

You. On an island. A warm, tropical breeze tickles your skin as the sun kisses every inch of your exposed flesh. Waves lap gently over the snow-white beach while a gorgeous bartender serves you yet another mouth-watering daiquiri.

Luxury surrounds you.

Swim. Snorkel. Scuba.
Hike. Stroll. Sunbathe.
Relax. Read. Recline.
Dance. Drink. Laugh.
Be seduced.
Be desired.

Sound appealing? Then why not visit the brand new, five star luxury hotel, Bandicoot Cove on Bilby Island, just off the tropical coast of Queensland, Australia.

There’s something magical about the island. Perhaps it’s the sheer luxury of the resort. The escape from the daily grind of real life. Or maybe it’s all that intoxicating island air. Whatever it is, people tend to fall in love when they visit. And when they fall, it’s usually forever.

Now you can fall in love too. You see, the hotel is about to open its doors to the public, and in preparation for that big day, hotel manager, Kylie Sullivan is planning a soft opening. A trial run. A make-sure-everything-works-smoothly run.

You are invited to share in the magical moments of this special weekend. You may not be able to attend personally, but you can experience the magic of the Island through a brand new anthology by Jess Dee, Vivian Arend and Lexxie Couper called Bandicoot Cove.

Bandicoot Cove consists of three very hot novellas. (We’re talking steam-up-the- windows, wipe-me-down-with-ice hot.) Each novella is a contemporary, m-f-m ménage, and the books are being released through Samhain Publishing. Want to know the good
news? There’s a fourth book too. A short story that’s also a free read! And the short is a ménage a quattro, called Exotic Indulgence.

The four books stand alone, but the characters in all the stories know one another, so you’ll get the opportunity to meet the characters several times throughout all the books. If you’re going to read one anthology this season, make it’s one that’ll warm your heart…and your body!

We’ve included a little snippet from each novella just to whet your appetite.
Hope you enjoy them.

Lex, Viv and Jess

Paradise Found by Vivian Arend
(Releases 23 Aug at Samhain)

Fate is a wind that can change at the drop of a heart…

“Paige is cooking up a storm.”
Mason walked the length of the room with any hesitation, not stopping until he was pressed firmly against her.
“She always cooks up the most mouth-watering mischief.” He lifted her chin with his fingers and kissed her. A momentary buss on the lips, just enough for her to taste him, tease her senses. “What’s next on the menu? That’s what I want to know.”
He dipped his head again and took his time opening her lips to his caress. A series of small kisses along her jaw, a butterfly soft touch to the corner of her mouth. A tantalizing stroke of his tongue over her lower lip.
A low level of excitement and delight accompanied his teasing touch. She was totally surrounded, boxed in by two solid male torsos. Trent’s erection pressed hard into her right butt cheek, and the longer Mason kissed her, the more his interest rose as well. She tangled her fingers in his hair and held him tight. Twisted her hips slightly, rubbing both of them, slow and deliberate. She might be encircled, but she still had a say in this adventure. It looked as if there was no need to prolong the wait for one of her favorite parts.
Being totally cared for by two men. Four hands bringing her delight, stroking and guiding her pleasure in ways she’d never dreamed possible before getting involved with them. Paige pulled her lips free and Mason leaned his forehead against hers. Trent’s fingers caressed her hip slowly. They both waited, patiently. Time paused, their three bodies slowly becoming more attuned to each other as their breathing synchronized. Her anticipation rose—there was some specific mischief she had in mind.

Tropical Sin by Lexxie Couper
(Releases 6 Sep from Samhain)

It takes more than a rock star to rock your world. Sometimes you need a friend.

His hands roamed her torso, up to her throat, back down to her hips. He squeezed her arse cheeks before raking one hand down the back of her thigh and tugging her leg up. She willingly obeyed his unspoken direction, wrapping her leg around his hip to grind her pussy up and down his still-constrained cock.
“I want to make love to you, Mack.” His breath was ragged, his eyes ablaze. “Right now.” He slipped one hand under the hemline of her shirt, his fingers brushing her bare flesh beneath.
She sucked in a swift gasp, the contact somehow more electric, more arousing than any she’d ever had before.
Of course it is, McKenzie. This isn’t just anyone. This is Aidan. The guy’s had your heart in his pocket since you were kids. Even if you didn’t know it.
She whimpered, bringing her hand to his as she arched her back. She wanted him to touch her breasts. Not just touch them, but cup them, squeeze them. She wanted to feel the callused strength of his hands mold her soft flesh, hands skilled in extinguishing heat now on the verge of setting her on fire. She wanted to feel him possess her.
“Then what the hell are you waiting any longer for?” she asked, directing his hand up to her breast. Over it.
“Oh, God, McKenzie.” He moaned, his body stiffening as his fingers found her pleasure- swollen flesh.
He dragged his thumb over her rock-hard nipple, teasing it through the thin lace of her bra. It puckered harder to his touch, as if it too said, “Yes, why have you taken so long to do this?”
Her breaths grew shallow, more rapid with every stroke of his thumb pad. But it wasn’t enough. It was torture.
Like he always knew when she wanted popcorn at the movies, like he always knew when she needed chocolate, like he always always knew when she needed to hear his voice and called her from the fire station, now it seemed he knew exactly what she wanted him to do to her.
God, it was wonderful. More than wonderful. It was amazing. Sublime. It was…
Right. So goddamn right.

Island Idyll by Jess Dee
(Releases 20 Sep, from Samhain)

Adolescent fantasies can grow into very adult realities.

His long, slim fingers trailed ever so lightly against the sides of her breasts, making her nipples bead and her knees weaken.
“Have to touch you,” he said on another growl. His thumbs stroked her nipples over her dress, once, twice. And then again.
Dear God. It was too much, too exquisite. She groaned in his arms, writhing against him.
Laughter and chatter erupted in bursts mere meters away, and she tensed immediately. “Oh—”
He cut her off with a soothing, “Shhhh.”
The relative darkness might cloak them in privacy, but they still stood in the open where anyone could walk past. A thrill shot through her. “Touch me,” she whispered. “Please.”

Hot breaths of air tickled her neck and he moved his arm down until he found the hemline of her barely-there dress. His fingers slipped beneath it. Silver heat prickled her leg as his hand feathered over her skin.
She held her breath. Couldn’t exhale. Forgot how.
He brushed against her thong.
“Ah!” Her exclamation was a breathless gasp. If she’d been aroused before Josh arrived, she was a livewire now. “More,” she begged shamelessly, and widened her stance to give him easier entry. She needed his touch. Needed it more than she needed her next breath.
“Si,” he whispered, his voice rougher than she expected. But then her own voice had come out a good three tones lower than usual, the result of the carnal desire that held her transfixed. He thrust against her ass, pressing his erection into the cleft, her dress and his pants a sensual barrier she’d as soon weren’t there.


Each author is also very generously giving away a backlist ebook. So what’d you think of the excerpts. Have you ever read any of these authors before? Or taken a trip Down Under, to a place like Bandicoot Cove 😉 ? I’d love to visit that continent some day!

Got any questions for Jess, Lexxie, or Vivian? We’re going to have three winners, so three of you are going to be very lucky readers!

Teaser Tuesday: Full House by Jess Dee

Today’s teaser is from author Jess Dee, who writes great contemporary romances. She’s sharing an excerpt from Full House which is the third book in her Three of a Kind series. It’s an ebook, and I’m all about those these days (and have been for a few years now 🙂 ). So without further ado… the excerpt! Well, I put the book blurb first so you know what’s going on… and I have to say I always love Samhain’s book “warning” labels!

A full house beats a pair any day.

It’s been a long, lonely business trip for diamond dealer Max Ashberg. He’s missed his lover like crazy, and he’s come to the realization that he’s ready to take the next step: nominate himself to be Trev’s new housemate. Except when he gets to Trev’s place, there’s someone living in “his” room. A woman—with the face of an angel.

Six weeks shouldn’t make a huge difference in a man’s life, but in that time lawyer Trev Greenfield has realized two things: He wants much more than a standing Friday night “date” with Max. And he’s falling heart-over-head for his new housemate, potter Grace Miles.

Grace never meant to fall for Trev, but when a power failure turns their chemistry into live electricity, there’s no denying the spark. There’s also no denying the shock when Grace discovers a naked man in her new home.

With Grace poised to run and Max teetering between confusion and growing lust for the delicious possibilities, Trev has his hands full trying to hold the two loves of his life together…before it all slips through his fingers. Leaving them all with shattered hearts.

Warning: There’s a lot of sex in this book. I mean a lot! Hot sex. Sweaty sex. Gay sex. Straight sex. Ménage sex (M/M/F and M/F/M). Oh, and romantic sex. Lots of romantic sex. Hot romantic sex. Sweaty romantic sex. Gay romantic sex… You getting the picture?

“I’m not doing this because of anyone else.” Trev closed the distance between himself and them. “I’m doing it because I’m crazy about you. About both of you. Because the thought of not being with Max and you is driving me insane.”

Her heart hammered. Her breath left her lungs. She stared at Trev, speechless. Then looked at Max. Was it the same for him?

“I want this too,” Max said. “And not because of any poker club. Since Trev suggested it, it’s all I can think about. The two of you are all I can think about.”

Grace jumped up, suddenly unable to sit a moment longer. Her nerves were on edge, her blood pumping madly through her body. She needed to pace. To move. To do…something.

She made it maybe an inch from the couch before a hand grasped her wrist and tugged. She stumbled and fell against Trev. In a move of remarkable agility, made even more remarkable by the fact that this was Trev, he caught her in his arms, lifted her off her feet and set her down on Max’s lap. Her left shoulder rested against Max’s right, her butt was plopped firmly atop a rock-hard erection and her feet stretched over the cushion she’d just vacated.

She gasped, waiting for the claustrophobia to strike again.

“Cool move, mate,” Max said, clearly impressed. He extended his arm around her back, giving her support and pulling her closer.

“Real cool,” Max added and then said no more as he caught her lips in a tender kiss.

Dear Lord, his lips were soft. So soft and tempting she couldn’t help but kiss him back. Turn her body into his so her breast pressed against his massive chest and her hand found his cheek.

His skin was hot and hair-roughened by the growth of an afternoon shadow. Max smelled like a million dollars, like he’d found the essence of everything that made a man a man, bottled it and sprayed it generously all over.

She may have met him only last week, but each cell in her body clamored to get closer, to discover every detail about him, every secret he kept, every truth he spoke.

“Mmm.” His murmur of approval reverberated against her lips, and she wanted more, wanted to open her mouth and invite him in, taste him, slide her tongue against his.

But Max drew away slowly, as though reluctant to release her. His eyes were closed, his mouth curved into a smile. “Mmm,” he murmured again. “Nice.”

“Very nice,” a voice whispered in her ear.

She turned to the sound, and for the second time her mouth was captured in a kiss as sweet as summer wine. Only this time the lips pressed to hers were Trev’s, and though his kiss was just as tender as Max’s, his tongue was not as absent. It danced at her lips, tempting, teasing, seeking a way between them.

She provided one, opening her mouth and welcoming him in.

The sigh that escaped her was one of sheer delight. Absolute contentedness. Because kissing Trev, relishing each stroke of his tongue against hers, was heaven. Pure heaven.

As was the sensation of Max’s mouth against her neck, his tongue leaving darts of hot, moist pleasure all the way from her throat to her jaw. He pressed his lips to her cheek and pulled back. Not far, but far enough that Grace was keenly aware of his absence.

Trev groaned into her mouth, and a second later Max’s lips feathered a kiss on the edge of her eye. Two kisses. Three. And then they were gone.

Trev’s moan was lower this time.

Grace was keenly aware of Max’s proximity and even more aware of his breath. Where a second ago it had burned over her cheek, now it was absent.

She let her eyes flicker open and then closed again.

No wonder she could no longer feel the warmth of his breath. Max was kissing Trev’s cheek, which explained the moan that echoed from his mouth into hers.

“Kiss me,” Max whispered, and instinctively Grace knew he spoke to Trev.

She pulled away. Not far, just giving herself enough space to watch as the men fused their lips together, to capture glimpses of pink as their tongues danced. She couldn’t look away, couldn’t close her eyes. All she could do was stare, entranced.

Isn’t that an awesome excerpt? Whew. And, Jess is generous enough to host a giveaway as well! One lucky commenter will win an ebook from her back list. So, what’d you think? Have you read Jess Dee’s books before? Do you read ebooks? Are you willing to give them a try? Seriously. I’m getting jealous of you guys. I wish I could win some of these contests! And there are a number of backlist books by Jess that I’d love to have. 😀 (Pst. I really enjoyed Only Tyler and Ask Adam.) Of course, you’re always welcome to ask Jess questions. In fact, I hope you do! <3