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SBHM Feature: Kayla Perrin

Hi friends! Happy VDay!!! I hope you’re all having a lovely day – as usual. And if you’re a romance reader that loves Valentine’s – I hope you’re doing it up big. If you’re not into it, equal power to you. (More? >.>) I want to apologize for how tardy this post is :\ For some reason scheduling posts isn’t working in the interim, so things I thought would be going live in the early AM … nope. So this is totally my bad. 😐

NOW! To the good stuff! As you see, today we have Kayla Perrin visiting with us, and she’s a new friend to ALBTALBS, so I hope everyone pipes up! Don’t be silent – join the conversation! So without furter ado … Ms. Perrin!

If You Want MeI’ve been telling stories since before I could write, and writing them ever since I could hold a pencil. One of my aunts once told me how she recorded me on a tape recorder telling a story when I was five. Unfortunately, that tape is nowhere to be found, and likely wouldn’t work at this point. It’s too bad, because I would love to hear my voice and what I was thinking at that time. I would love to get in touch with that little girl who, despite not seeing herself represented in books, always wanted to share her stories with the world. Continue reading