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I know this is ridiculous and things aren’t all resolved yet (maybe?) but it kinda feels momentous and a milestone and I’m not even sure if the site is working for people or not.

BUT! If it is – could you please do me a favor and drop a line/comment?

And also let me know if the site has the https for you? 😜 Cuz I fucking paid for it. So I want it to be working.

Thank you!



Help Please! Input Needed!

Hi friends!

So I’ve created a form here. I’ve been playing with the idea of having my site be hosted for quite some time now.

An issue had me posting a question at the WordPress forums, and wow, was that not fun. It also led to the potential of some TOS issues. (Which, incidentally, I and my slight knowledge of legalese don’t think I’m violating…) But anyway, it might just be the impetus for the move anyway. Please please PLEASE fill out the form, and spread the word.

Any other questions, etc, of course are more than welcome in the comments. Let’s get some discussion going on up in here! ;D