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Teaser Tuesday Exclusive Excerpt: Dry Heat by Louisa Bacio from the Summer of Seduction Multi-Author Anthology

Hi friends! As you see, Louisa Bacio is back with us! Welcome! So here’s a summer antho, and originally I think Louisa said the plan was to have excerpt from all (most?) the other authors. But, you may not know this but *stage whisper* dealing with authors is too often like herding [feral] cats.

But don’t let them know that, okay? 😉

Anyway, we do have an excerpt, and I’m excited to share from Louisa’s novella contribution to A Summer of Seduction, Dry Heat! Because she is good. 😀 Enjoy!

Avoid the burn, but savor the heat of the season! Kick back in the shade with your copy of “A Summer of Seduction”.

Nine Hot Authors – Nine Tales of Summer Sizzle!

Featuring an exotic array of genres to tempt even the pickiest of palates! Come, join the erotic adventure of “A Summer of Seduction.

A Summer of Seduction

Dry Heat by Louisa Bacio

In Palm Springs for a conference, James expects little more than long meetings, hot days and lonely nights. He’s prepared to get through the boredom one day at a time—right up until the moment he runs into Sofia, a former flame he’s never been able to forget.

Hot to rekindle the physical side of their relationship and enthusiastically okay with some no-strings-attached sex, Sofia joins James during his off time—in his hotel room, between meetings, for sexy dinners and even on the sky tram.

With every illicit whisper and each delicious encounter hotter than the last, James finds himself wishing this business trip would never end.

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SWHM Guest: Louisa Bacio

Women’s History Month! Yeah! Today we have Louisa Bacio visiting and sharing a post with us. As always I tell guests to write about whatever they like, and I find the variety and breadth of topics so fascinating. Louisa is a first time guest to ALBTALBS, so we can meet her together! 😉

Cracking the Books
Louisa Bacio

The Big OneWhy go to college if you’re only going to get married and have kids?”

I’m the first woman in my family to graduate from college (tsk-tsk). I didn’t get married until I was 29 (old maid!). I did, however, live with someone for five years previously (for shame!). That didn’t work out (told you so). Continue reading