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Teaser Tuesday Exclusive Excerpt Raw & Unedited: Drove All Night by Marquita Valentine

Tuesday! April! Eek! As you see we welcome Marquita Valentine back with us again! So much fun! She’s very patient and get a gold star for being very gracious about some behind the scenes “oops.” I also want to point out, the cover I’m sharing is not attached to the excerpt she’s sharing – that isn’t available yet! So I posted the first two in this series. 😀

Thanks for hosting me again Lime! Today I’m sharing an exclusive excerpt  (raw and unedited) of the next full-length novel in my Going the Distance Series, Drove All Night.

The hero,  Jake Henley, and the heroine, Allie-May Rogers, have known each other since they were kids, but they are far from being friends. In fact all they do is one up each other with practical jokes and digs.

But now a huge Power Company wants to put up enormous power lines on Allie-May and Jake’s farms (they adjoin one another) and she needs his help to fight them.

In this scene, Jake has decided to call her bluff and tell Allie-May the he’ll help her, but everything goes wrong. <G>

Cornering her beside the jukebox, Jake smiled. “We need to talk.”

Despite repeating those very words to him at least twice a day for the past week, Allie-May gulped. This couldn’t be good. No good ever came of that smile. “I’m busy.” She tried to skirt around him, but he simply blocked her path.

“You ain’t busy.” He leaned against the way, one hand beside her head. “Besides, I figure you owe me for that stunt you pulled last year.”

“What do you mean I owe you?” She internally winced at his scowl. Maybe she shouldn’t have said that, not when she actually needed his help.

“C’mon, Allie-cat. We’ve been doing this for years: He said some shit. She said some shit.” He took a pull of his beer. “It’s time to break the cycle. You want something from and I want something from you.”

Her lips twisted, almost involuntarily. “God, you’re such a guy, Jake.”

He leaned in, smelling of beer, leather and that cologne of his. A lethal combination for any woman between the ages of sixteen and dead. Or maybe just for her. “Not sex, baby. I’d have to be drunk, blind and desperate.”

If she hated him so much and didn’t give a rat’s tail what he thought of her, why did his usual insults hurt? “At least we agree on something.”

“Oh, yeah?”

Taking a step closer, she rose on the balls of her feet, putting herself inches from his handsome face. “Completely.”

“Jesus, I can’t stand your ass,” he said, his breath fanning over her mouth.

“That’s because you’re a horse’s ass.”

He dipped his head again, their lips brushed and her knees got all weak while her eyes went wide. Desire shot through her, warming everything inside of her that had been cold for so long. She wanted him to kiss her again. She wanted this warmth he offered, with only the fleeting touch of his mouth on hers.

Ohmygod,ohmygod,ohmygod, her mind frantically chanted.

Those dangerous lips of his pressed against hers once more, his hand that had been on the wall finding the curve her neck. Slowly but surely he coaxed her mouth open and her eyes closed. She slid her arm around his back, then let it coast down to grab a butt cheek. His oh so very fine butt.

She heard him murmur her name, his tongue glided across her bottom lip and two fingers traced the skin under the straps of her camisole.  The man knew how to touch, she’d give him that. He nipped at her chin, kissing his way to her ear and bit down.

“Like that, honey?” he asked, his voice like gravel.

She answered him with a shaky nod and moan.

Jake stood paralyzed by that moan, by what he’d just done and the fact that her hand was on his ass. Her hand. And his…his wasn’t that far away from her breasts. Breasts that he shouldn’t even know she had, not in the her-tits-were-crushed-against-chest type of way. But there they were, firm…maybe a handful. Definitely perfect.

And he was definitely out of his mind. He shoved away from her, watching as her big blue eyes opened. All dazed and sexy as hell as she blinked up at him. Her mouth was red and swollen, tempting him to kiss her again.

“Was that my punishment?” she croaked, wiping off her mouth with the back her of hand. Damn, but if he didn’t expect her to spit on the floor.

Ego and anger flashing, he said, “Nah, that was mine. Guess I only have to be drunk to kiss you. Desperate can’t be far off though.” He wanted to kick himself at the kicked-puppy look she gave him.

“What’s wrong with you?” she cried, thankfully her face stayed tear-free. “I knew you were a dumb jock, but I never dreamed you could be so mean.” When her efforts to shove past him again failed, she crossed her arms and tipped her cute nose in the air.

“Prepare yourself, baby doll, because I’m about to get downright cruel.” Taking a deep breath to clear his mind of visions that involved him, her and his bed, he said, “You want my help going up against CoPat, then for the next three weeks you have to be nice to me.”

“In public. And sing my praises,” he added.

She gasped and made then made a face. “Oooh, I swear—”

“A month.”

She punched him in the shoulder. “Who do you think I am-Mother Teresa? No one could be nice to you that long.”

“Fine. Six weeks and you have to sit in church with me, go as my date to XXX’s wedding and the Watermelon Festival. It’s my final offer. Take it or leave it. I couldn’t care less where those power lines go.” He took another pull of his beer, emptying it this time and set it on top of the jukebox while waiting for her answer. It was very possible that she would tell him where he could shove his offer.


He blinked. Son of a bitch. He never expected her to go for it.  “Deal.” Pivoting on his heel, he strode to the dance floor and found Lila. Grabbing her wrist, he headed for the entrance

“Allie-May doing her ice queen routine?” Lila asked as they walked outside.

The moon and stars shone bright in the night sky. But he didn’t give a shit. He was horny as hell, all because of that damn mule-headed redhead he’d left by the jukebox.

“I’m not looking to talk, Lila.” He opened the door, lifted her by the waist and set her on the seat.

She giggled, something that usually got him going, but tonight it left him cold as the ice queen she’d accused Allie-May of being. Shit. He had to stop thinking about her.

“Get over here and kiss me, Jake,” she said.

He obliged her, slamming his mouth against hers, his hands cupping her big tits and… felt nothing but lust. Not like with—“Motherfucker!”—he jerked away from Lila and punched the door, wincing as pain exploded in his knuckles. Yeah, he really was a dumb jock.

“What in the world is wrong with you?” Lila’s nose scrunched.

“Sorry, sugar. I’ve had too much to drink,” he lied.

“Oh.” Rimming her lips with her pinky finger, Lila shrugged and sauntered back inside. “Have a good night. Don’t forget to take your pill.”

Pulling a face, he managed a weak laugh. “Very funny.” Another strike against Allie-May. He slid in his truck, slammed the door shut and cranked the engine. “Just you wait, Allie-Cat,” he muttered. “Being nice to me is going to be the death of you.”

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 Nationally Bestselling author, Marquita Valentine, writes small town romances that are anything but small. Lisa Kleypas, Carly Phillips and Rachel Gibson are among her favorite contemporary authors. Marquita met her husband aka Hot Builder at Sonic when they were in high school. She suggests this location to all of her single friends in search of a good man — and if that doesn’t work, they can console themselves with cheesy tater tots. She lives in North Carolina in a very, very small town with Hot Builder and their two children.

You can find Marquita all over the internet, staring at her webpage.

What fun, yes?! A raw and unedited excerpt! Right here for you all! What did you think? Have you read any of these series? Did this little taste tempt you to? ;D

Teaser Tuesday: Third Time’s a Charm by Marquita Valentine

Today we’ve got as you see Marquita Valentine sharing an exclusive excerpt with us. She’s also very generously offering a giveaway today, so be sure to tell us what you think!

Not even Holland Springs’ Most Notorious Resident can stop this Love Spell.

Customers come to Rose Holland’s apothecary shop for three things: to hear her uncanny matchmaking advice, to buy the “magical” hair and skin products she sells, and to accuse her of trying to steal their men. For years Rose has been entirely innocent and almost content with that status quo. But that was before sexy, smooth-talking Sasha Romanov came to town and made her want to use her love potions on him… until he broke her heart. Now corrupt town officials want to seize her land and sell it to an industrial giant, and her only hope for help looks like the one man she can’t trust—or stop herself from falling under his spell.

Alexander “Sasha” Romanov seems like every woman’s dream: charming, handsome and fabulously rich. But while the people of Holland Springs think he’s in town to generously invest in their economy (and possibly one of their daughters), Sasha struggles to save his sick mother from his vicious uncle’s plans by doing everything the greedy businessman wants. And Vlad Romanov wants Rose Holland’s land—at any cost.

Despite Sasha’s vow to get the job done and keep his hands (and everything else!) off Rose, the blue-eyed witch enchants him. But his mother’s life remains in the balance. Sasha must find a way to protect his mother, sabotage his uncle’s plans, and win the woman who’s captured his heart without destroying everything she loves.

Thank you Limecello for hosting me today and letting me give your readers an exclusive excerpt of the second novel in my Holland Springs Series, Third Time’s a Charm.

Exclusive Excerpt:

Silently they walked to the kitchen. He followed her to the back porch. On the way out, she grabbed Ivy’s baby monitor and clipped it to her pocket. After scooping up the basket she always kept by the back door, she walked to the chicken coop to gather eggs.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

Turning to look at him, she swung the basket from side to side. “Getting eggs for the last time.”

He nodded at the chickens pecking at the ground. “Tonight’s dinner?”

She opened the chicken coop and began to gather the eggs. “No, I sold them.”

“Do you usually sell your chickens?”

No, she loved all the animals that lived at Strawberry Grove. Even the stinking chickens. She could see his very nice, very expensive boots as he paced. Her own Wal-Mart specials were faded and scuffed.“The Johnsons made it worthwhile,” she said, sidestepping his question.

“They have a farm?” he asked, unwilling it seemed to just let it go.

“Yes. It was their field I found you in that time.” The euphoria from having a well-deserved nap was wearing away. The reality that she was selling everything she owned just in case she couldn’t keep her home and land replacing it faster than she liked.

“One more question.”

Couldn’t he leave her the hell alone? “What?” she snapped, then immediately regretted it. She needed to be cool Rose. Reasonable Rose.

Silence greeted her and she stood up, searching for him. Maybe he’d left.  Her shoe brushed against something soft and one of the chickens began to squawk. “Sorry, Colonel Sanders,” she said.

“Behind you.”

She spun around and found him leaning with one hip against the door.

“I need to go into town. Can I borrow your Jeep since Ivy’s asleep?”

Taking the Jeep would leave her stranded. The only other vehicle on the property was an old Chevy truck parked in the barn. It had quit working ten years ago when Skye had poured grease in the gas tank in an attempt to make it environmentally friendly.

“I’m not sure…”

“I promise to return it.”

Something in his tone made her reconsider saying no. “Just replace the gas you use.”

He regarded her thoughtfully. The wind brushed at his hair, lifting the burnished gold strands.

“Please,” she added, slipping past him and making her way back to the house.

A hand on her arm almost made her drop the basket, but then his hand moved to cover hers and kept the basket from falling.

“Is there any way I can help you, Rosebud?”

She couldn’t take her eyes off of his mouth. Or the small freckle at one corner that she wanted to lick. He also had some on his nose, light in color, but if one was close enough…If a woman was able to get past his very kissable mouth, she could find them. Count them. Tease him about them, before kissing each one.

Heat pooled in places she’d prayed were dormant when it came to him. Her body vibrated, throbbed. The woman that she’d buried deep inside of her wanted a man’s touch, a man’s kiss and demanded to be let out. No, not a man’s touch. Sasha’s. And that woman could think of a dozen ways he could help her. Although none of them were sane and some of them probably weren’t legal in North Carolina.

She licked her dry lips. “Paying me rent in advance is enough.” But it wasn’t. And she couldn’t ask him to loan her a hundred thousand dollars, could she?

“Have it your way, but if you need something, all you have to do is ask. I won’t think less of you.”

He sounded so sincere that she couldn’t stop herself from blurting, “Cheesecake.”

His brows drew together and his chin dropped. “Cheesecake?”

She almost told him to forget it, but the woman who wanted him also wanted a decadent dessert that she hadn’t been able to eat in what seemed like forever. “I would like some cheesecake.”  She dug the keys out of her pocket and placed them in his free hand.

“Then cheesecake you shall have.”

They stood there, hand in hand, not moving, and yet Rose could feel gravity slipping away.

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Marquita Valentine writes small town romances that are anything but small. Lisa Kleypas, Carly Phillips and Rachel Gibson are among her favorite contemporary authors. Marquita met her husband aka Hot Builder at Sonic when they were in high school. She suggests this location to all of her single friends in search of a good man — and if that doesn’t work, they can console themselves with cheesy tatertots. She lives in North Carolina in a very, very small town with Hot Builder and their two children.
You can find Marquita all over the internet: Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Website, Blog