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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

I’ve thought about this post (off and on) for at least the past six+ years. I never really know how to go about addressing it, or what to say. Plus the timing is never right. And then more there were a slew of such posts and they were much more eloquently written any time I thought about sharing … but I’m dipping my toe into the water. And slaughtering more euphemisms while I’m at it. [I decided last year that the third Saturday of January would be when I post this … so … it’s now or never.]

In ~2012 had been planning on titling this “My Normal Isn’t Normal” – which, it isn’t, but in this case, I don’t like that. Because … depression is normal. Or, normal enough for far too many people out there. And it’s not a fault thing, or food and exercise. I have … so many differing views and opinions. For example, I think there’s a major difference between depression, and being depressed. Anyone can be depressed – be it for a day, a week, maybe a month. Whatever. But suffering from depression isn’t the exact same thing. [It’s like squares and rectangles I suppose.] Continue reading