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Spoof Story: Mugged After Midnight by Olive Endwell

My darlings we’re back! After a number of wonderful, thoughtful, and often heavy posts, you probably thought I changed and had depth, didn’t you. 😉 Well, we’re on to silliness again. Remember the series of spoof stories? Yeah. More of that. 😀

As of yet we don’t have a “story blurb/hook” – so if that comes in I’ll add it ASAP. [It was my lack of foresight.] Anyway, I hope you enjoy! If you’re new to this … the wonderful Jen W. of Cover Remix makes … well, spoof covers. Previously I’d already asked people to contribute spoof items for ALBTALBS, and I said this is perfect. So we got together and found delightful victimseager participants who wrote a story based on the cover. 🙂 As you see, this time the brave soul is *ETA ??? (the writer has asked we turn it into a game). 

Mugged After MidnightMugged After Midnight by Olive Endwell

They called her the Queen, and not just because she was named for one of the most famous of the British Royal family. Certainly her bloodlines were pure, but that was not it either. It was because people followed her. A natural leader from the time she was very small, Victoria fit her nickname well. Tonight however, she was alone – taking her turn on perimeter security rotation was good leadership as far as she was concerned. Plus, she liked it. Continue reading