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Guest N.J. Walters: Why We Need Romance Novels More Than Ever

Hi friends! I’m very pleased to welcome N.J. Walters to ALBTALBS! She’s a first time guest here, and we always love that! I frequently put out calls for guest posts and N.J. was kind enough to respond, so everyone please welcome her! This is a fantastic and timely post. Read on!

Why We Need Romance Novels More Than Ever

Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss CoverThe romance industry brings in more than a billion dollars in revenue a year in book sales. In spite of this, many people, including those in the mainstream media, often still refer to the romance genre with a snicker, calling the books bodice rippers.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love some of those older books—Kathleen Woodiwiss, Johanna Lindsey, Rosemary Rogers—the ones with the heroine’s ripped bodice and brooding hero on the cover. Those early writers paved the way for what we have today—a vibrant and diverse industry. From the beginning, romance authors have pushed the boundaries. The heroines in the stories are often successful business women in their own right. They’re mothers and sisters and daughters and friends. They’re part of the fabric of the community in which they work and live.

There’s nothing wrong with pure escapist fantasy. Now your traditional Science Fiction, Western, and Mystery genres all offer the same thing—an escape from reality—yet are rarely criticized in the same fashion as romance. Continue reading

Review: Mark of the Bear by N.J. Walters

Liz’s Review

Mark of the Bear  by N.J. Walters
Paranormal romance released by Samhain Publishing on April 16, 2013

When the devil wants a deal, there’s no bowing out gracefully.

Hades’ Carnival, Book 2

At twenty-nine, Hollywood scream queen Kellsie Morris is acutely aware the clock is ticking on her career. Luckily, the one big role she needs to pad her retirement fund has just come through—the story of an immortal, shape-shifting warrior trapped in a carnival run by the Devil’s minions.

When Kellsie arrives on set, she can’t resist climbing aboard an amazingly realistic carousel bear—and finds herself flung into a world where the horror is real. As real as the heat radiating off the half-naked hunk in her arms.

Marko has waited an eternity for the chance to free his goddess, the Lady of the Beasts, and his fellow warriors from an ancient curse. But once he lays eyes on Kellsie, he knows to the bottom of his soul that his purpose is to protect her life.

But in this hellish game, it’s the Devil’s move. And there’s no predicting when and where the final, brutal stroke will fall—and which lover will pay the ultimate price.

Warning: This book contains a heroine who’s a screamer—in and out of bed—and a warrior who gives a whole new meaning to “method”. After reading, please use caution when standing up. Your knees may be weak.

Since I read the first book in this series, Night of the Tiger, I already knew what to expect as far as general plot. Heroine rescues trapped hero and they have to work together to stay alive for twenty-four hours or Hades gets both of their souls. But because I also am a big fan of N.J. Walters, I know that even when she does a series, each book is unique. There are no cookie-cutter storylines with her. Yes, it’s the same scenario, but the characters, the background, and the details are very different. Not once when I was reading this book did I think, “oh yawn, I’ve read this before”, and that’s the hallmark of a great series for me. If an author can redraw the same scenario in each book so that it feels different, then it’s a winner. Continue reading