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Guess What? Winners What!

Yeah, it’s not supposed to be a joke. ­čśŤ I DO have a favor though – if you’d please go here and “vote” on a domain name… Or suggest one! I’ve got some time because of course I’m still thinking. (Or I could rush right in. Who knows. The latter isn’t like me… but… )

Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie visited and their lucky winner is randomizer.org says TrishJ wins!

And… Zo├ź Archer visited on Tuesday. She’s in Italy right so I don’t know – that doesn’t quite seem fair. At all. In fact I feel like I should delete her post. >:( Heh. I’ll be a good girl though. Her winner? The lucky winner is… Laurie!

Winners – as usual, you are to contact me via the handy dandy form, with your pertinent information┬áas well as a “description” of what you won. (Which just means what the prize is.) You have until Saturday, May 12, at 11:59 PM EDT to contact me.

Heh. WordPress doesn’t post the timestamp… I had this window open at 3:11 AM and I was just… no. Could not do it. We’ll pretend it was Saturday though. Also, see what happens when I’m timely? So few winners! ­čśë Maybe I should just be tardy all the time.