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Quick Update to say What’s Going On

I’m starting a number of new features at ALBTALBS. 😀 Some will be happening this year, and some next. Originally, when I started this blog, as far as I (and all google searches I and the lovely individuals I roped into doing the same) knew, I was the only person doing the zany author interviews, and the “Teaser Tuesday” feature (being unique to Tuesdays with that name).

I hope you’ll be excited about the new stuff that I’m pretty much going to be surprising you with. 😉

Also, my apologies in advance that you’ll likely experience a deluge of new posts today. But guess what?! ALL THE WINNERS will be announced if possible.

Which comes to this – my internet? Still being a bitch. (Yeah, considering how long it’s been, I’m swearing about it.) I don’t even know everything I’ve done. Numerous techs out, new equiptment ~four times, me buying wires on my own, another coming out today (so you know, as I wrote this the day before still no reliable connection.)

So my apologies.

And I know it was pretty weak, but … today concludes my second “blogiversary” (I can’t even call it a bash.)

Someone who comments on this post though can win a print copy of either Hot and Haunted, Virtue and Vice, or No Greater Pleasure by Megan Hart. Winner’s choice of which book.

Then also, if any of you have ideas of what you’d like to see here, or would like to be a guest, I’d love to have you! Just let me know. Seriously! 😀

Calling All Indie/Self Published Authors!

Hi everyone! So you know that I love doing new things. I mentioned it a little bit ago, but finally I’ve got the comment form and ideally a few more things with the new site figured out. Accordingly, I’m doing a new blog feature starting in 2013.

A quarterly post where I spotlight an author who has self published. Either exclusively so, or whatever. I’m not picky. (And I want to be as inclusive as possible.)

I don’t know which to go by – Indie Author, Self Published, whatever. Frankly I think it’s for the person to decide what they prefer. As a non-author/writer, I don’t see one over the other as being preferable or “lesser.”

Anyway! If you’d like to participate, please email me. I’ve got that handy dandy contact form. 😀 And… I promise. You can call me Limecello. Really. I won’t mind. (I prefer that to “hey!” etc. Sidenote: I’ve got a lot going on, so I might not get to your email immediately. I ask that you have patience.)

But I’m excited about this and I hope you are too!

For those of you who are readers – anyone in particular you’d like to see spotlighted here? Any questions you’d want to ask them?

Not to spill the beans but >.> … the first person  – the special author who will be kicking off this feature is none other than the awesome Bella Andre! Whee!!!

The ALBTALBS Debut of The Romance Man!

So… if you’ve been around for a while, you know I wanted to do a feature on Men Who Read Romance. I thought it’d be an interesting counter part to the guest readers we have each month. I then started asking around, but then Thea Harrison had the same idea about ~2 weeks later, and her response was overwhelming, so I tabled mine. (Then also people were all “well I want to hear what women have to say.” And I had to very nicely say I already do that. In fact, on Saturday we’ve got SonomaLass visiting with us. 

But the point is – as part of my original search, The Romance Man burst onto the scene in romance land and he’s kinda a big deal. He’s got quite the following, and I can’t imagine the harem he’d have if he ever went to one of the conferences. (I think his wife should tease him mercilessly about that, but I don’t know RM or Lexie that well.) Anyway, I got him to agree to guest every other month. I told him he could talk about anything he wanted to. And he can. I just suggested for the first post, he write an introduction of sorts. He has a pretty good “About” page on his site – I thought he’d just do a few sentences, then go into what he offered to write initially. (Which I guess/imagine will show up in September.)

This is what he sent.

I would like to apologize up front. I wanted to write a blog about the proper way to stimulate the clitoris because it is the only thing in the world I am good at but Limecello insisted I write an introduction and she is very bossy – (I don’t know why people say that…>.>) so I will have to save that blog for another time. That was a really long fucking sentence I think there should have been a comma somewhere.

My name is Wrath and I have a blog called The Romance Man. You can google it and it is on page 15,473. Ok I lied my real name isn’t Wrath but that’s what my wife calls me ever since she read Dark Lover. I am forty-two years old and I live in Florida. I am a small business owner and the father of three beautiful girls that are allegedly mine.

About eight months ago I read my first romance novel and I have been hooked ever since. The book was Because of You by Jessica Scott. I really liked it and I began reading more and more books. I was surprised at how good these books were because I thought, like a lot of people, that romance novels were stupid books written for stupid women. I had fallen into that whole elitist, romance novels aren’t real literature bullshit. I have come to find out that romance readers and writers are some of the smartest women I have ever met. My blog has become pretty popular and I talk to these women all the time and they are smart, educated women and they get a bad rap from the dickhead critics in the world who think they know good writing but could never write a book themselves. My readers are called the BBL’s and they are incredibly bright women who have read every romance novel ever written.  They often recommend books to me and have even taken over reviewing books for my blog.

I am still a novice and have not read many books but I know what I like. Paranormal is not really my thing. I have a hard time relating to characters that aren’t real. I have read one historical and I liked it but mostly contemporary romance is what I like. I have been very surprised at the talented writers in the romance community and their ability to continually create new ideas.

I think that men are missing a big opportunity by not reading these books – they are like a blueprint for what women like. When I started reading them I would read them in bed at night with my wife and had a very positive effect on our marriage and sex life. Most importantly it gave us something to talk about.

It pisses me off now when I hear people refer to romance as “mommy porn”. The fact is I don’t read these books for the sex – if I wanted that I would just watch porn. I read them because they are well written books with good story lines and they are entertaining. I will continue to read them and recommend them to other people – especially men. That is the goal of my blog – to get men to read these books because I think it is something that can bring them closer to their wives. Essentially I am like Oprah except I am white and have a penis.

Me again. Incidentally – I think y’all should know. After numerous emails (and tweets) back and forth with RM… this is/was his state. And confession – I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s like in general. Yes, complete with the lights and techno. Shhh don’t tell him. 😉 Actually, haha, he brought it up first. 😛