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My New Most Favorite Thing In The World: Mozart in the Jungle

I remember when Mozart in the Jungle was part of Amazon’s pilot [week?] where you could vote on what shows you’d like Amazon to pick up. I watched the pilot, and liked it most out of the shows I watched. I did think some of the pilot had a hint of “trying too hard edgy cable gratuitous sex” – but that hasn’t been the case in any of the other episodes.

In fact, I never watched it again until March. Then I blew through both seasons in a week. A week! The pilot is longer – the other episodes are about 30 minutes. I love it. I’m re-watching it now. I’m bereft that season 3 isn’t out yet and Amazon hasn’t ordered more seasons yet. I think this is one of the most under-appreciated and under-buzzed shows out there. Continue reading