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Paula Roe Debuts a New Guest Author & A Giveaway Type

Hi friends, we’ve got Paula Roe here today! I “met” her when the Diamonds Down Under series (and blog) first started, and wow, I can’t believe that was ~six years ago? Sadly we’ve never had the chance to meet, because Paula lives down under, and I’ve never been there. Speaking of, Paula was at RWA Australia, so some of our communication was lost in the ether. Which led to Paula offering to ask herself questions. I jumped on it, because hello – new thing and more, I was so tickled by the idea. Hilarity potential = high! Win win win! So here we go!

And an author interview from Ms. Roe herself! Interviewing herself! 😀 [Since I use the colors green and purple as me … I gave Paula a lovely blue as “interviewer her.”] Enjoy!

Name one thing about you that surprises people
I’m actually six foot two. I just hide it really well.

Favorite place to holiday?
Twitter. I love it there so much, I’ve bought a house.

Name one thing that irritates you
Just one?  Okay, genre bashers, narrow minds, gluten, religious intolerance, Facebook terms and conditions, hypocrisy and carrot cake without proper cream cheese icing.

What superpower do you wish you had?
Definitely the flying thing.  I’d never walk again.

What’s a common misconception about where you live?
That we have killer bugs, vicious snakes and  evil dropbears…  Yes, I’ve seen a few redbacks but not much else in the way of deadly creepy crawlies.  I live in suburbia and have yet to be bitten… Touch wood.  And the dropbears?  Fiction. Yeah. Someone’s having a go… That’s Aussie humor for you.

Name three things you’d take with you to a desert island
Rechargable iPod, wifi and Henry Cavill.

What advice would you give a tourist coming to Australia?
Swim happy and stay between the flags because our oceans love to drown people (wow, I never knew how much Australia HATES everyone…)  And sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.  My town has reached scorcher days of 46C (115F) and during summer (anywhere from October until April… Yeah, it stays hot for that long) the air conditioner is your best friend.

If someone was to start up a conversation with you, what subjects should they avoid?
Politics or sport. Either send me into a deep sleee….. *snoooooores*

Okay, so what should they talk about?
How much they love coffee or food. The last brilliant holiday they took.  How awesome my books are. The fact they know Henry Cavill personally and he’s just dying to meet me.

Any childhood aspirations you never fulfilled?
Well, I wanted to be a steel town girl on a Saturday night, looking for the time of her life… Yes – I wanted to Flashdance. One day I shall achieve that dream because I’m gonna live forever… I’m gonna learn how to fly.

You have a Tardis and can go anywhere.  Where do you go?
1662, The English Restoration – parties, clothes and debauchery.  Yay!

Finish these sentences:

My favorite candy is… Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Seriously I would kill for those.

If I had a million dollars I would… Travel the world and bestow monetary gifts on the people I love.

I have yet to… Grow up.

Most people don’t know this but… I fangirl with abandon

The one skill I wish I had is… Mind control. Then I could rule the world mwahahahaha! No, not really. Well…. Maybe just a little.

The one thing that scares me is… My Visa card bill

If I had more time I would… Probably still spend it watching DVDs, writing or hanging out on Twitter

My idea of hell would be… No internet

My life would be complete if I could… marry Henry Cavill. *grabby hands*

Hehe I hope you enjoyed that! I had fun reading it through. I will make one comment though – Ms. Roe is mistaken. Henry Cavill is mine. I claimed him over a decade ago, so you know – end of story. 😉 I also noted that Harlequin seems to love giving her covers with women in red dresses. 😛

Now though, it’s your turn! What questions do you have for Paula? Of course, the zanier and more off the wall the better… But we also encourage questions about the author’s books, because what author doesn’t love to talk about her (or his!) books?

And here’s another new spin! Paula is offering up a great prize – a copy of Moonlit Encounters – an anthology she’s part of. But get this – Australian readers can win a hardcover copy, or anyone not in Australia has the chance to win a digital copy. Yup, US-ians, this time we’re “the other” 😉 and I kinda like it.