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Guest: Mandy M Roth Shares One of her “Looks” ;D

Hi friends! It’s October, and we’ve got Mandy M Roth here playing with us today! She’s a lot of fun and good people. And recently she’s been experimenting with a lot of different make up looks. She’s sharing one with us today. [Maybe we can convince her to come back for more Halloween costume ideas, eh? ;)] Enjoy!

Mandy’s Mad Hatter Inspired Tea Party Hat

What you will need:

  • Pre done bow from craft store (unless you’re a bow expert… because I’m not and I just tie knots I buy my bow already done)
  • Top hat from craft store (found near the doll section in mine)
  • Black ribbon to go around the top hat and to also be used to secure it to your head
  • Whatever you want on your hat. I picked a blue bird, beads and white feathers.
  • Glue gun (low temp one)
  • Flower tape and flower wire.

  1. Put the black ribbon all the way around the circumference of the top hat. Leave yourself some wiggle room to tie and then cut the ribbon. This will be what you secure everything to when you start.
  2. I put my feathers and the beads together and used the flower tape to secure them. I then wired the bow. Wire the bird to the bow as well. Then, I wired all of it to the black ribbon that was cut to fit the hat.
  3. Tie black ribbon around hat and secure with glue gun.
  4. Go around and use the glue gun to secure anything else that looks like it needs some extra hold.
  5. With a small craft knife make an X hole on both sides of the hat. Poke new black ribbon through and tie to secure it. Make sure ribbon is long enough for your head (to be tied under your chin).
  6. Repeat step on other side.
  7. Place on head and tie under chin.
  8. Use bobby pins on the ribbon if you feel it needs to be even more secure.
  9. You are done. Enjoy your tea party.

Author Mandy M Roth believes growing up is overrated and takes every chance she can get to play and have fun. To read more about her and her books visit her website www.mandyroth.com. Also be sure to check out her Youtube Channel to see her video skits.

What do you think? Do you have a look you’ve wanted to try? What questions do you have about Mandy with crafting or make up?

*ETA: Ms. Mandy has also very generously offered a giveaway! One lucky commenter will “win Winner’s Choice E-book” – whee!