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Megan Hart and Olivia Gates? Winner(s)? Giveaways?

Well, anyway, yes, both Megan Hart and Olivia Gates have and are doing giveaways at my blog. And um, they both write for Harlequin?

So remember Megan’s guest post and silly interview from Tuesday? Her winner is June M.! June, please email me by Thursday October 13 (using the contact form above) with your address so we can get you your prize!

Now? A massive giveaway from the fabulous Olivia Gates! I have thirteen of her books to give away! Originally it was the winner’s choice of her back list. That might still be the case, but I don’t want to presume. Olivia will clarify – she’s totally swamped right now – her computer died and she lost everything on it, poor thing. There are thirteen books up to grab, because thirteen of these people didn’t claim their prizes. Olivia being the amazingly kind and generous person she is said she still wants to give them away, so all of you have the chance to benefit!

So – thirteen winners is a big deal, yeah? Consequently I have to ask something good. How about… in all seriousness – do you read category romances? Why or why not? And if yes, which line(s) do you like most and who are your favorite authors? If no… what romance tropes are your favorites?

Heh. I was tempted to make you all tell me how smart and pretty I am. 😛 But you know… liars go to hell and all, so … :X can’t have that on my conscience.

Anyway, ready, set, GO! (Oh, and if anything changes – or if I have anything to clarify with Olivia’s giveaway I’ll write it in the comments.)

*ETA: It’ll depend on responses etc, number, content, all that good stuff. I can give away 13 of Olivia Gates’s books now… or hold on to them. Or make this contest go on longer. We’ll see. That’s the lovely thing about having my own blog. I can’t win anything… but I do at least get to set the rules. 🙂