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Hi friends! I am very sorry for not posting this sooner. There has been… well it’s a lot. And then the site ~broke. I’m literally communicating with tech support as I write this so … fingers crossed. I also checked spam to make sure no comments/entries were accidentally caught there.

ANYWAY! I know what you’re here for! The WINNERS!!! And here we go! (Shout out to randomizer too for picking the winners.)

We’ve Hit Double Digits! AKA ALBTALBS Turns 10! Winner(s): Ainsley! … and Shannon because she actually emailed me to tell me she’d like to enter too. So WHY NOT DO BOTH ENTRIES?!

Blogiversary Guest Jody Wallace: Cats Are As Perfect As Books Winner: M!

Blogiversary Guest Ainsley Wynter: Sliding Into 2021 and Leaving the Ghosts of 2020 Behind Winner(s): EVERYONE! Seriously! The very kind and generous Ainsley is willing to gift this book to everyone who commented so congratulations to dholcomb1, Aliquis, bn100, and Sandra! The four of you are to email [x] about claiming your prize!

Blogiversary Version Guest Author & A Giveaway: Christie Kelley Winner: flchen1

Blogiversary Version Guest Author & A Giveaway: Shannon McKenna Winner: dholcomb1 & bn100

Blogiversary Version Guest Author & A Giveaway: Nicole Flockton Winner: bn100

Blogiversary Guest Renee Dahlia on 10 Years and Reflection Winner: Sandra

Blogiversary Version Guest Author & A Giveaway: Jennifer Bernard Winner: Aliquis

Release Day Blogiversary Edition Exclusive Excerpt: The Golden Gryphon and the Bear Prince by Jeffe Kennedy Winner: Elizabeth KW

A Blogiversary Version Guest Author & A Giveaway: Amanda McCabe Winner: dholcomb1

Blogiversary Guest: Kali Anthony On the Little Things – *this giveaway of a signed book is open through February 28th so go comment to win! <3

Blockbuster Blogiversary Giveaways from Sabrina Jeffries! Winners: Prize Pack I: Ashley Mason Prize Pack II: flchen1  Bonus Audiobook: Beth

Blogiversary Guest: Janice Maynard! Winner:  Elizabeth KW

To everyone else, how do you get your delightful prize?! Well, contact me via the form on this site, or leave a comment right here on this post telling me you’d like me to email you/figure things out. Your deadline is February 28th. So you have until the end of the month – email me in March and you’re cut off. 😜

Thanks again all for celebrating ten years with us. And especially to all the very generous authors who furnished these prizes and their time. Congratulations to the winners too!

Don’t Faint! I’m Announcing Winners!

Hello Ladies! (No seriously, is there any dude who reads ALBTALBS? If yes, speak please, so I can figure out a proper/most awesome form of address.) This is a winner’s post! No lie. I’m starting with 2015… so … sorry if I missed things. If I did, feel free to let me know. I’m just not up to checking. Going back into 2014 for various reasons will make me want to kill myself. >.> … Probably. But it’s not a theory I’m willing to test. Especially since today has been … off. And to be honest I’m kinda impressed with myself that I’ve even been posting at least every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday so far this year. Let’s all keep our expectations for me low, shall we? (No really, please do that.)

So whatever. Whine whine whine, amirite? I also still need to write An Explanations to Heritage Posts … probably. >.> Right? Cuz everyone’s all WE NEED DIVERSITY AND DIVERSE BOOKS IN ROMANCE! And then … >.> Continue reading

Winners Like Never Before. Winners like NEVER Again.

I have been incredibly remiss in announcing winners. I apologize. I really am sorry. I never planned for it to happen, and never wanted it to. In August I spend most of my time at the hospital, and then I tried to catch up, then people kept dying – or being diagnosed with cancer. And then I was sick. So sick, for so long. I think I have mono. That’s not good.

So, with my sincere apologies, here are all the winners. I’m just going to list them all. You’ll have to forgive me.

I do want to let you know that I emailed everyone through February winner wise. I have said previously this is NOT ALBTALBS policy. But (shh – and don’t tell anyone!) I’m a soft touch. So I wanted to give people a chance. More details were of course provided to the winners.

This is a one off though – in the future, I do not plan to email winners. Even if I’m a month or two (or three+) late in announcing winners. I just can’t handle it. Obviously, as you can all see. Soooo this is also proof that you should enter contest with a legitimate email address. 😀

And some authors did of course take the initiative and announce their own winners/get the information from me to contact them. (I didn’t list those – makes it easier.)

Winners: Melanie, Shay, Kimberley, Timitra, Susan, Mary, Kim, Sheila, JoAnne, Larri, Tia, Patricia, Jessica, Nicola, VanillaOrchids, Annwitch, Jeanne Miro, Kelly, Marcie, Kimberly, Tess, Kathleen, Cherie, Janie, Mary, Sonya, Melody, elaing8, Maureen, Sarah, Carol, mathlady68, carreifort29, pc, Jane, gamistress66, lsureader, Lynda, Sierra, Mary,  and Cris.

For now. That’s everyone through January. >.> From August. That hadn’t already been doled out their prize/chosen.

Come back ~tomorrow for February winners. Which… I guess I’ll email too. Maybe.

You know what’s sad? I had help with this. I had an AWESOME supah sekrit killah minion help with randomizer.org and winners and it was glorious. Even so I just spent the last three hours checking things and emailing winners and I think my eyes are about to bleed and I have to be at work in like six hours.

So. How are all of you?

What did you do for St. Patrick’s Day? (I, of course, was green. ;))

So Many Winners. Too Many Winners? ;X

I promised people I’d post this Saturday. We’ll just all have to play pretend. I had every intention to, bu then time got away and then it was after midnight and I’ve been sleep deprived and was up until ~3 anyway and now I just feel a little stabby.

So you know what would make this easy? I win everything!! That’s right, Limecello wins all the things!

😛 I wish.

So, here goes. I’m going to try to do this in order. You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t. As usual, courtesy of randomizer.org…

First, from way back on July 19, Leslie Kelly visited! [So hey – it’s been less than a month. YOU’RE WELCOME. I officially withdraw all sorts of apologies and regrets. :D] Her winners are Ellie Heller, Becky Ward, and Fedora!

Carolyn Jewel shared the entire second chapter of her upcoming book Not Proper Enough which will be one of the best books I read in 2012. Her winners are… Spaz, jeannemiro, and VanillaOrchids – you all are lucky! And… if you don’t like it, I don’t think we can be friends anymore. Just saying. 😉

Julie Anne Long was here with another fun author interview. Her winner is Jud!

We then had Lauren Dane sharing an excerpt of her upcoming duology – on my birthday! Her winner is Tina B!

Now… the Birthday Bash post, which kinda makes me want to cry. I didn’t want to respond to any of the comments, because I knew it’d make drawing names more difficult. Yeah, I’m a brat. :X HOWEVER I do totally appreciate all the comments and birthday wishes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! So I guess your birthday present to me would’ve been being okay with me not responding individually. 😉

This… is going to take a while, so I hope you’re comfortable!

The winner of @mamaboo7907’s giveaway are as follows: Aliquis, you get the $10 Amazon GC! Sandi, you win a $5 Amazon GC, as does Stella_ExLibris!

jeannemiro you lucky girl, you win a copy of Kira Brady’s upcoming [debut] book! sarah christena,you win an e-copy of Erotic Escapades. Brianna (The Book Vixen) you win an e-copy of Intimate Exposure.

Mariann with Belle’s Book Bag you get your choice of Alyssa Day’s current Warriors of Poseidon series. Ellie Heller, you win Keri Ford’s book. Megan you win a copy of The Real Werewives of Vampire County. Fedora you win So I Married a Demon Slayer. Donna Ann you win A Tale of Two Demon Slayers.

Roberta J. Gordon’s winners are: Julie, Amanda Usen, Tammy, CrystalGB, and Erica Coppage.

myrandaroyann you win a prize from Lynne Raye Harris. Moira you win a prize from Kate Hewitt. Jane, you win Sweet Deal.

The additional lucky winners of Not Proper Enough are Liza and Lisa G (@wolphcall). Mary Kirkland you win Addicted to You. JSL you win Bound to You. Mary Preston you win Susan Meier’s prize. Carey Baldwin you win the book from Farrah Rochon. ClaudiaGC and Gail you each win Jennifer Wilck’s book. Cathy M you win the Emma Lang book.

The following seven people get their choice of current Samhain e-books. Liz, Diane Sallansrenpuspita, j9, Diane D, Vicki H, Anne Clark. And the following win Samhain Print books of their choice: Owen Kennedy, Linda Thum, Laurie, Kim, Chelsea B., Rebecca Harper, and Brunette LIbrarian.

Roxanne St. Claire visited with us and answered some questions. Her winner is Cathy Phillips. (And Cathy – hang in there. *big hugs* our thoughts and prayers are with your husband and all of you.) And also… Linda. Whoever emails me first gets her choice. Obviously the second to email gets the other book. That’s fair, right?

The winner from Shelli Steven’s belated 4th of July post is Lynnette.

Last but not least, Samantha Kane was a guest and her winner is Mama Kitty.

Winners, you have until the end of Sunday, July 22nd to contact me. That’s 11:59 PM EDT. If necessary, please include your address. Some of you get your choice of a book. If so, remember to add that. If an ebook, please let me know your format of choice – you might not get it/it might not be available, but if it is, it saves a step. You’ll notice with every winner I’ve linked to the original post, so it’s a very easy click and check for you. Thanks for helping me out!

Also, if it’s been a reasonable period – like a month – and you haven’t gotten your prize yet, feel free to contact me and let me know. And… I can’t believe I have to say this but … if it’s only been a few days – chill okay? Nobody appreciates constant hounding. Least of all me. It makes me angry. And kinda hate you. And isn’t that a lovely note to end this all one?

Well whatever. There were ~54 winners listed in this post. I joked on twitter that I’m never having any more contests. Ever. 😀 [Some people took me seriously. O_o] So what do you guys think? 😉 Moratorium on giveaways?

Anyway – instructions summary.

If you won – include relevant information. Title of what you won. Address if necessary. If e-book, format of choice. Thanks! [For those of you who filled out the address form… if you did it properly, I’ve passed on the info. If not… well, you know the deal.]

Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend!