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Guest: Lauren Dane

Today, we have super star author Lauren Dane guesting with us! Whee! She’s got one book out today (Once and Again) and another book out next week! (Never Enough) Both are connected to different series she’s written. I don’t know if I’m allowed to admit it, because while I like both, I’m going to pick favorites and go with the Seattle Series as I call it. They’re all so good! Anyway, she’s got some fun facts about both books/series to share with us.

I’ve done a lot of blog entries about both books lately so I figure people might want something a little different. SO –

Some facts and general assorted stuff about Never Enough and Once and Again:

1. I consider my Chase Brothers books to be heroine focused but I think Once and Again leans more toward being couple centric.

2. Miles, Adrian and Gillian’s son is very much modeled on my oldest son

3. And Rennie is a combination of my daughter and my middle son

4. I love writing children into my books because I happen to think they’re pretty awesome (when they’re not standing at my office door saying, Mom, mom, mom? Momma? Momma? MOM!)

5. Petal is a combo of the very small town my mother grew up in (and I spent the earliest years of my life in) and some of the small towns all across the south where my family hails from

6. Polly Chase is modeled on my mother in law, Eileen.

7. There are four books planned in the Petal Georgia series.

8. The next book will be about Beth Murphy

9. While the Brown Siblings books are now done, you’ll still see Gillian and Adrian and the rest in the new series I’m starting.

10. The new series is a contemporary erotic romance series set on Bainbridge Island where Gillian and Miles live.

11. Yes, you’ll see what I would have put into an epilogue in the story threads in the first two books of that series.

12. Once and Again is sensual romance at the same level as the other Chase Brothers books.

13. Never Enough is erotic romance.

14. Adrian Brown is a dirty talker

15. Gillian is also a dirty talker

16. Yes, I did love that Nathan is a schoolteacher because hello, hot for teacher?

17. You will see plenty of the Chases in the new Petal, Georgia series

18. Yes, as a matter of fact southern people do play cards. My family is crazy for cards, including canasta (which we call Pennies From Heaven)

Any other questions? Go ahead on and ask em and I’ll be by as I can to give you answers! How about two winners for this one? A signed galley of Never Enough to one winner and a digital copy of Once and Again to another – you can specify which you’d prefer in your comments.

Go ahead! Think of something crazy. I have high expectations of all of you, and want some great, probing, off the wall questions please! See what secrets we can get Lauren to spill. 😉 A confession of my own – not that you asked… while I like the Seattle stories more… I have to say I’m totally blown away by the cover of Once and Again. Love it! I also totally want that dress. <3