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SWHM Guest: Piper Huguley on Maria W. Stewart

My friends, today we have Piper Huguley visiting with us again! You might remember that she’s been a guest at ALBTALBS once before, with an absolutely lovely post about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Today she’s here to discuss a really important part of history with us – the female speakers who were trailblazers for right.

Maria W. Stewart, America's First Black Woman Political WriterThe right for women to vote in the United States is only 95 years old. And it might have never happened if women had not found their voices on another issue that was seen reflect the nation’s morality in the early part of the nineteenth century: Slavery. It was in the cause of freeing the slaves that many women were able to find their public voices and be heard. This development of women into abolitionists, helped other women realize they had a right to contribute to the public discourse. Continue reading

SBHM Feature: Piper Huguley

You!!! Guys!!! Well, first of all, let’s welcome new ALBTALBS friend Piper Huguley to the blog! She’s here to celebrate Black History Month with us … and I have to tell you I love this post!!! I adored Laura Ingalls Wilder as a child, and bought myself a set of her Little House books that is still boxed and wrapped in the original plastic. XD I heard about Pioneer Girl on NPR and now I’m regretting not ordering it. But anyway, Ms. Huguley says it so much better! So let’s get to it!

Pioneer GirlThe hottest book in publishing these days was written by hand on discount tablets in the 1920’s. Pioneer Girl, the unvarnished adult version of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s autobiography, is mostly unavailable for those who want it and didn’t preorder it in the fall. So many people are consumed by her story, there is no date in sight for the backordered people to know when their copy will come. That’s because her fictionalized children’s autobiographies about her Midwest childhood have etched a permanent place in the hearts of her readers, long after they have ceased to be children. Continue reading