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Happy Birthday to My Buddy Sandi S. (And a Post from the Birthday Girl Herself!)

Y’all it’s ALBTALBS regular Sandi’s birthday today!!! So everyone read her post, answer her question, and wish her a lovely birthday!

It’s the time of year when my thoughts stray from all those calories I shouldn’t eat to how many pieces of birthday cake will I get before my family eats it. Yes, it’s my birthday!

In the past I’ve gifted myself with various electronic devices, but even I have to admit I have more devices than any one person should. Also, as unbelievable as it sounds I use almost all of them! Sadly, I rarely use my NOOK as I just don’t have the time to read at Barnes and Noble like I used to, and because I owned my Kindle first most of my books are on that device.

So, what could I possibly want this year? A long time ago in a galaxy far away, and in a past life….ok…so really in my pre child years, and living in Iowa I learned the art of counted cross stitch. I created some very lovely Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post covers which hung in my home for years. During our recent renovation the pictures came down, and promptly got misplaced. When they were recently recovered the frames were damaged. AHHH….perfect birthday gift to myself, new frames for my handiwork.

Ok…the pictures are reframed and awaiting hanging. Why that should seriously be my gift it’s truly something the whole family and our friends will get to share because after all they will be hanging in a prime viewing spot to get the appropriate oohs and aahs…I didn’t work on them for a LONG LONG time for them to not be where great numbers of people can see them.

Wait! It’s my birthday and the occasion only comes once a year. It really does deserve something I don’t have to share. I know! I need a book or two, or maybe even three! What good things have you been reading? Share and I just might be heading over to Amazon and hitting buy and thinking of you why I read the book or books I treated myself to for this momentous occasion.