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Kindle Some Fires for Charity

Social Media for Social Good (SMSG) has been extended… because I don’t think I did a good job spreading the word. In fact, I meant to do that all of January too – but that was fail. What is SMSG? Read about it here: http://www.tartsweet.com/2013/10/26/smsg13-we-can-help-stop-human-trafficking/

Nevertheless I want to do that now. I’m going to create a rafflecopter… :X soon.

We can discuss prizes – it could be a kindle fire, a box of books, or something else, such as jewelry. I do want to note the prize will be *something that I have already. Why? I don’t want to spend money on this because I feel like if I were to spend money, it should go to a donation for charity. Does that make sense?

I hope you all understand.

How will this work? Any person who gets someone to comment on the SMSG13 post, or donate, or both, gets an entry. It’s your job to keep track. So, regardless if I do a rafflecopter or not, you can keep track in the comments of this post.

Ready? Set, GO! SMSG ends on VDay so let’s do this up big! Maybe we can raise a[nother] thousand. Or more! <3 I know I can depend on you!

*NB – the prize will be something NEW. I wouldn’t foist a white elephant type gift on any of you – especially not when it’s for something as brilliant as helping out a charitable cause!

Secondly, I’m closing comments here – because I want all your comments and questions to go to the SMSG post – because remember, each comment helps raise money for charity!

#SMSG12 Challenges and Giveaways!

What am I talking about? First of all, SMSG = Social Media for Social Good; my charity:water fundraiser. The 12 stands for ’12… because it’s 2012 of course. πŸ˜€

First of all, there are a few challenges. If 50 bloggers (or readers) donate, I’m going to increase my donation by $25, for a total of $325. I really hope we get this – and any amount counts. So if you give $1, that counts!

Next, Jax Cassidy said if 50 of her friends give, she’ll double her donation, for a grand total of $140! Awesome! (I asked her, and “her friends” is to be interpreted as “however I want.” … and I want it to be anyone who knows her, has met her, or ever heard of her. ;D

There are a few giveaways going on. (The “log in” is just your name and email – so I know who won.) Continue reading

Save the Children Drive: Prizes

So you know my 2011 Social Good drive? Well, if you comment over there, you have the chance to win one of these prizes!

(If you want to offer up a prize, please email me.)

  • Christine Bell – Two e-book bundles, where each winner can choose 5 of Christine’s books!
  • Susanna Fraser – One of her books in the format of the winner’s choice
  • Inez Kelly – Sweet as Sin, Turn It Up, Jinxed plus Lip Butters in Sweet as Sin & Chocolate Orgasm
  • Nadia Lee – A set of her books (in e-format), including an author e-copy of her upcoming December Carina release
  • Dee Tenorio – A backlist e-bundle of your choice of her series books
  • Anne Holly – A PDF copy of one of her books
  • Jill Sorenson – A print copy of Stranded With Her Ex (international)
  • Toni Anderson – 2 winners, who each get to pick one of her books in an e-format
  • Sarah Morgan – a signed print copy of any of her Harlequin Presents, including her upcoming release, if we hit 500 comments
  • Jeanette Murray – a PDF copy of her August 29th release, The Game of Love – and a video excerpt if we hit 450 comments!
  • Olivia Gates- Twenty winners will receive the backlist book of his or her choice from Olivia when we hit 525 comments
  • A lovely gift basket from some of your favorite St. Martin’s Press romance authors, stuffed with goodies if we hit 525 comments.
  • Nikki Duncan – one winner will receive both of the Sensory Ops books (in print or digital – the winner’s choice), and another winner will receive an ARC of Tangled in Tulle
  • Shiloh Walker – if we hit 500 comments, one person will receive all of Shiloh’s Grimm books in e-format, including her upcoming release. That’s Candy Houses, No Prince Charming, I Thought It Was You, Crazed Hearts, and Locked in Silence
  • Samhain Publishing is offering to one person a box of 15 signed print books from our RWA signing, which includes books by Maya Banks and Lauren Dane, as well as several print ARCs, and to five additional winners, the ebook of his or her choice if we hit 550 comments.
  • Larissa Ione is offering a set of trading cards and an Immortal Rider gift set of a tropical body spray and coconut lipbalm

I would like to note that since the purpose of all this is to raise awareness and ultimately money for the children in Africa who are suffering from the results of a famine, this contest will be a little different from the “fun” ones I usually hold. At the end of the month, I will draw names, or the authors will (it’s their choice). I’ll post winners a week after the fund raiser ends. You will have four days to claim your prizes. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited and not reassigned. Since the authors have graciously agreed to provide prizes simply to support a good cause and not for sales or promotional purposes, there will be no negotiation over formats or titles unless otherwise stated. Thanks in advance for understanding! πŸ™‚

And now, as promised… the first “prize” for everyone – a super long excerpt of Shiloh Walker’s awesome upcoming Romantic Suspense book, If You Hear Her, which she has posted on her site.

So please, head over here to comment!