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Yesterday I “met” a plagiarist

She doesn’t like me. I wanted to joke in the subject and say I made a new friend but … that would be a lie. I’m sure the internet will be all abuzz with things. And I’ve already seen two posts at least. It started at 6:46 PM on Friday.
[Sorry, for all the twitter screencaps, you have to read from the bottom of the image; that’s how twitter time lines work. Confusing, I know.]

To which I of course, being me, and stupid and silly, threw this out there after some conversation with Lorelei.

And boy, were people ever. You can check the other blogs and posts for that. I’m not even going to get into the onslaught tweets and such – however there are a few stand out incidents. And WTFery.

First of all, when she got back online, she immediately changed her profile. It had been this.

It has since been deleted, and her new [as of me writing this post] twitter handle is @BelTeltweets but she’s made this account protected. [You can obviously tell they’re the same though.]
While I was writing this post, she deleted that profile too! But you can see how it looked.

My issues, however, were that she was getting props – and possibly money for her plagiarism. You can clearly tell here that this is a copy of Lorelei’s All Jacked Up – with just (some) of the names changed. (Er, so photobucket shrank it; I’m sure someone will have it.) Anyway, this was her site: ihadthestrangestdream.weebly.com/ but it’s been taken down. You can run cache searches if you like. I decided not to add that screencap.

And here is weebly congratulating her on all the hits. And the link for advertising in the image.

So, that peeved me. But then what made me mad, was how Alison was acting on twitter. I couldn’t get everything because she blocked me. ūüėÄ (And I wasn’t even being mean to her! No – seriously.)

And of course there was more. (And even more that isn’t shown here.)

Submitted without comment, this is, I believe the “cutting” tweet she was talking about. (She never did confirm though, before she deleted everything. There were a few other comments but more about cuts/papercuts because of her twitter bio.)

But the thing is … Alison didn’t just plagiarize Lorelei. She’d also plagiarized Renea Taylor. All credit goes to Sunita D and her super sleuth skills for finding this and pointing it out.

This is the story, and she’s changed Renea Taylor’s Beyond Right or Wrong from first person to third, and deleted some words. (Based on my quick comparison of the two – I got a kindle sample.) Apologies for the screencap; I have no idea what photobucket will do.

But more than that, apparently Alison has (had) a review site. (Where she plagiarized reviews too) Which she has since discovery also cleared. Here is just one example; and yes there were more. Her site was found by Shari Slade who did a lot of looking around the ‘net, when Alison decided to try and pretend nothing happened and she did no wrong. Awwww in the past ~half hour of my checking her site [since her removing all posts] she managed to add a wah wah cyber bullying post.

(I also have all the images full size, of course, but this post I’m sure is already miserable unwieldy as it stands.)

BUT WAIT. Yes, my friends, there is yet more. And this just makes me sick. Like, on top of how I was already feeling about everything else. (And considering I like to think I was one of the first to lead the twitter charge…)

W. W. Norton is very possibly paying for her MA. Or at least they may be helping/have helped her with that. No. Just. No.

And that’s all from me for now. (Maybe ever.) But… I’m sure there will be much more floating around the net soon. With lots of screencaps. But I just had to touch base with the WTFery. And… does anyone have ties with W. W. Norton? Is this the kind of person they’re hiring? Cuz… look I need a job, and I can at least not do this shit!

Ahem. Sorry – you know me. Can’t leave it on a heavy note.

But seriously. There’s so much what. the. absolute. fuck. going on here it’s mind blowing. And I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure.

Why post this? First, it’s not ok. Next, because of how she’s handling this. If she would have just said “yes, I’m sorry – it was stupid, and wrong.” Then end of story. But all of this? Well, that just gets my back up. The deception and playing the victim and pretending it isn’t her? If you google – you can easily see how her blog, and twitter, and I’m sure other various sites were all linked. (Which yes, I and multiple others have sceencaps of, but I felt that unnecessary to add here. And you know – a google search will show you too.)


And beyond that? Based on how she’s acting now? She’ll do it again. And I want each and every one of us to be aware.

[p.s. – again with the “not heavy” – I hate how the subject looks. I love random capitalization in post titles. And I feel like I shouldn’t do it here. But God I want to.]

THIS IS NOT OKAY!!! [No Internet for Lime]

My internet is just… dead. It comes and goes and is mostly going.

Even my phone’s 3G has failed me. I’m hoping the few seconds(?) it takes for me to type this it stays.

So, sorry if posts aren’t going up in a timely manner. We’ve switched the equipment twice, had technicians out, and everything.

Along with everything else going on right now? This just is too much.


SEND HELP PLEASE! [And anything else you think is reasonable and/or necessary]

She Whose Name Must Not Be Written (Contest!)

I currently feel like scooping my eyeballs out with a spoon. Which means it’s¬†the perfect¬†time for me to write a potentially angry and controversial post, right? (You see why I cultivate this “I’m so stupid” persona? Perhaps it’s not a persona, in fact. What if it’s true? Well that’d be crushing and I don’t want to think about it.) Side note: if you ever want to read one of my posts that isn’t crazy rambling all over the place, go find me at Heroes and Heartbreakers. There, I’m edited. Here, I’ve just got me. And I won’t tell you how¬†very much¬†that’s¬†not¬†going to happen.

There has been a¬†lot¬†of grumpiness on the internet lately, and well, socially. In various areas. In romance world, most notably the Susan G Komen gaffe, and then the former MTM contest. No need to discuss that here as elsewhere they’ve been covered [possibly ad nauseum] ¬†– but I do think it’s quite healthy to “vent one’s spleen.” So I’m giving us a venue here, and in all good fun.

Remember when I whined about people not “using my name” in correspondence? Well, first of all – I’m not going to change my name. I actually thought long and hard about when I chose Limecello, and I’ve been using it for ~six years. It’s staying, come hell or high water, and people can just fucking deal. (Or not deal with me. That’s perfectly fine too.)

I’m not saying everyone has to be “formal” all the time or use polite address and all. I think it’s an issue when one is trying to be (or attempting, regardless of success, to be) professional. I mean there are multiple options. “To Whom It May Concern.” “Dear owner of Limecello/A Little Bit Tart, A Little Bit Sweet.” You know. “Dear Limecello – incidentally, what¬†is¬†your name?”¬†And that’s only based on the initiation. I mean, people don’t always sign or start emails with “an address” – that’s fine. You know how sometimes you can just¬†tell¬†a person has a problem with you/doesn’t like you/thinks they’re superior? Yeah.¬†That.

Megan Hart said I could just ask these persons if they have a problem with my name. I could. That’d be reasonable.

But I don’t feel like being reasonable. I feel like being young/acting my age [possibly younger!], a brat, and whatever. I think part of it is that these people are approaching¬†me. In person, at conferences, and so on when it’s more “random” – I do give options. I actually introduce myself as Limecello, but based on a person’s reaction I give them options. I can’t see someone’s initial reactions via email. I can, however, based on continued correspondence, see if someone is a twat. (And I’m applying this to both females¬†and¬†males.)

So I’m going to make fun of them. And you know, myself in a way. (That makes it more fair, right?)

I want to hear reasons why someone has a problem with the name “Limecello” or addressing a person [me, obviously in this case] as Limecello. Do you think there was a mafioso named Limecello who came in destroyed this person’s family? An alien visitation wherein the extraterrestrial identified him/herself/itself as Limecello?

A horrible case of food or alcohol poisoning that somehow was traced to a batch of Limecello?

What? Entertain me! What’s the most convincing¬†yet entertaining¬†reason someone might refuse to address me as Limecello?

This is a continuation of the previous contest – so I’ve already got entries from¬†Jen B., Cheryl aka inneedofvodka, Paula, Pam, Liz, June M., kiwi1124, Jane, myrandaroyann, Cathy P, Mary Kirkland, and Raonaid Luckwell. The best/most entertaining comments wins!

p.s. – If I was really clever/had the time and inclination I’d photoshop (and assuming I had that program/capability) a photo of Voldemort but make him a lime ūüėÄ