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Sandi Talks New to You Authors

I can’t believe February is almost over. And that I have the plague. I need a pause button on life! But – time marches on, so as usual, the last Saturday of the month at ALBTALBS belongs to Sandi! Whee!

This year a member of my local book club has decided to challenge herself to read at least 2 new authors a month. When I heard this my first thought was wow! Good for her! I don’t have time to do this. Then I decided well, maybe I do. My book club does pick some authors who I’ve not read, and who I think I might like, so if I could make an attempt to read these I would get at least one new author a month as I do belong to several different chapters of my book club. No way would I have time to read all the selections from the four different chapters, but I could at least get one read!

This is only February and already I’ve failed miserably at this new goal! The new author I read for January was Julie Ann Walker. She was a call in author to our book club, and I didn’t get the book finished before the meeting, but I did get it finished! February’s new author is Diane Kelley, who actually came to our meeting and was such a delight that I know I’m going to love her Tara Halloway series, but again did I finish the book in time? NO!!!!

Don’t be mad, but I’ve not ever read Shelley Laurenston, and she’s the book club choice for a different chapter in a few months, so I will finally cave and read Pack Challenge and see what I think. I don’t think there’s a member who doesn’t like her, but not being a huge paranormal fan, that just might end up being me!

My friend created a hashtag (on twitter) for our new reading venture, and I invite you to join us. The hashtag is #newauthorforme2013. It’s never to late to discover someone new, and to coerce all your friends into reading your latest greatest new discovery. So as I’m game to expanding my comfort zone this year and venturing into new territory who do you suggest I try? Who have you just read for the first time and wondered why didn’t I read this person sooner? Curious minds need to know!