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Dearest Romanceland, A Humble Request – Can We Please Not?!

CGI Individual standing in front of a stop sign with arms crossed Why Lime[cello], you might ask – what on earth do you mean?

Clickbait. That’s what I mean. For nearly a month now I’ve been seeing posts, anywhere from joking, to snarky, half serious to entirely serious social media posts about “how to write an article about romance [novels].” Or possibly more accurately how not to do so.

But you know what? (And I hope I’m wrong … but I doubt I am) – It’ll happen. Some [likely idiot] will write some shit about “bodice rippers” and Romanceland will lose its collective mind. Because also sadly, on those days, it sometimes seems as if we do only have one mind between all of us. Which… is saying something because amongst the citizens of Romanceland we’ve got some really fucking brilliant individuals!

Now, I love Romanceland. I really truly do. Even on its bad days. Even when it’s like a sibling thing wherein I can say shit about it but boy howdy nobody else that isn’t family better say a word. Hell, some days I half want to push [Romanceland] down a flight of stairs. Still. Overall we’re still a wonderful, delightful, caring, amazing group of people.

All that being said – could we maybe, perchance, possibly just not read or share that clickbait article? Resist! Just. DON’T. Do. It. Be the anti-Nike in just this one thing. Don’t do it. Don’t click it, don’t read it, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD please don’t share it! Just let it die in ignominy. Please.

I imagine most news sites – or wherever the clickbait lives – gets advertising dollars that are driven by clicks. Even if you’re going “just to rip on it” – you’re playing directly into their hands. For a while romanceland tried donotlink etc but … it never really took off. We failed there. (Plus it doesn’t stop them from getting ad dollars anyway … just less search engine status…)  Not only am I not a fan of giving the site/person a huge influx of [rage] traffic … creating furor while “exciting” – and admit it – we all enjoy some piling on – I’d say creates more harm than good. I also admit to clicking and sharing and doing all that shit in the past. But at least in recent years (especially? the last few years) – I’ve tried to just avoid it. Help those of us out. Dare I say … help yourself out?

Even if it’s someone who is an “ally” or thinks they are to romance – if they write a shitbird article … don’t share it. Don’t post the link. Screenshot if you absolutely must but … honestly, I’d ask we just all avoid that unnecessary drama. Also, it’s pointless to just echo chamber rage. Might I suggest writing a letter to the editor. Contacting the paper. Something like that. Not … ironically making a lot of money for the paper for something that makes your brain explode in rage. Which only encourages them.

TL;DR – avoid the clickbait. Or if reading the romance denigrating article is your kink … keep it to yourself. Don’t send hundreds (if not more) people racing to a site that’ll just bring them outrage dollars, enticing them to do more of the same next year if not sooner. Kill it dead. Don’t give it attention, and let it die. And while I’m calling out romance trashing articles specifically … I wouldn’t mind if we do this across the board.

Let the clickbait articles die.