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Teaser Tuesday Exclusive Excerpt: Eagle’s Honor: Banished by Sandra Schwab

Tuesday! Teaser Tuesday! Sandra Schwab! You know what’s up!

In just a few days I’m going to launch an exciting new series of steamy historical romances set during the time of the Roman Empire. Eagles’s Honor will follow the story of one family across 300 years, from Caesar’s Gallic Wars to the fall of the Germanic Limes. In Eagles’s Honor: Banished you will meet Lia and Marcus: Continue reading

SWHM Guest: Sandra Schwab on Lady Holland

We’re winding down on Smithsonian Women’s History Month! But we’re not done yet! In fact we’ve got Sandra Schwab here today to tell us about Lady Holland! When trying to plan for March I was like “my gosh what do I do?” So I put out a call on social media, contacted some people, and looked up other awesome historical women I wanted to feature. I think it’s gone okay so far, right? 😉

Sandra has everything covered really, with a really great and informative post, so I’ll just let her take it from here!

A Most Remarkable Woman: Lady Holland Continue reading