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SWHM Look at Sarah Emma Edmonds: A Badass Woman Who Fought in the Union Army

Hi friends! Surprise! It’s me! And it’s a surprise to me I’m doing this! XD So, you may or may not have known that … ALBTALBS was down for a few days? Because of problems and tech support and I just can’t be bothered because my insides are rebelling so what time I’ve been able to rest I’ve been trying to do that. But here I am!

And today I want to talk about Sarah Emma Edmonds. (Who was also mentioned in Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy so I really should’ve read that book for my TBR Challenge… but I didn’t. Worse all the books I’ve read today have been just … :\ “meh” so I feel like Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance is my theme song of the day. Cuz of not me, but you know, the reading.)

Ok enough of my babbling. Clearly I need more cocktails. Sarah Emma Edmonds! Let’s chat about her! I admit I haven’t heavily researched her. (Guess I’m still on the “shitty ass whatever I’m done with school and won’t be doing any more of that.”) So this is again based on what I heard from Karen Abbott, and what appears to be reputable sources from around the web after a cursory search. Continue reading