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*ETA: SMSG13 We Can Help Stop Human Trafficking & Give Typhoon Relief Aid

SMSG13 is Social Media for Social Good 2013. This is our fourth year, and the target is to stop human trafficking. A lot of these facts are alarming. And I have to let you know if you research statistics – even your state, it might trigger trauma. But I think that’s why this is so important. Some of the things I read made me a bit queasy.

Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. Victims of human trafficking are subjected to force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of commercial sex, debt bondage, or forced labor. They are young children, teenagers, men and women. Trafficking in persons occurs throughout the world, including in the United States.

  • There is a total estimate of 29.8 million people in modern slavery.
  • Globally, the average cost of a slave is $90.
  • 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year. More than 70% are female and half are children. U.S. State Department
  • 1.2 million children are trafficked each year   UNICEF
  • An estimated 26% of all forced labor victims are children. This means there are 5.5 million child victims at any given point in time. It is also estimated that children make up 21% of forced sexually exploited labor in the private economy.  The International Labour Organisation
  • People are reported to be trafficked from 127 countries to be exploited in 137 countries, affecting every continent and every type of economy
  • Estimated global annual profits made from the exploitation of all trafficked forced labour are $31.6 billion USD
  • In 2006 for every 800 people trafficked, only one person was convicted.
  • Only 0.4% of victims are identified.
  • Human trafficking not only involves sex and labor, but people are also trafficked for organ harvesting.
  • An estimated 30,000 victims of sex trafficking die each year from abuse, disease, torture, and neglect. Eighty percent of those sold into sexual slavery are under 24, and some are as young as six years old.
  • According to a 2009 Washington Times article, the Taliban buys children as young as seven years old to act as suicide bombers. The price for child suicide bombers is between $7,000-$14,000
  • Human trafficking occurs in all fifty states in the U.S. (You can check your state “grade” which might be alarming.) The FBI estimates that over 100,000 children and young women are trafficked in America today. They range in age from nine to 19, with the average being age 11. Many victims are not just runaways or abandoned, but are from “good” families who are coerced by clever traffickers.
  • After drug dealing, trafficking of humans is tied with arms dealing as the second-largest criminal industry in the world.
  • In the European Union alone, about 880,000 people are in forced labour, according to ILO estimates. That’s 1.8 in every 1,000 persons.
  • Human trafficking is a $9.8 billion domestic industry, with at least 100,000 children being used as prostitutes in America each year.
  • Two children are sold every minute.

And a testimonial of sorts:

They forced me to sleep with as many as 50 customers a day.  I had to give [the pimp] all my money. If I did not [earn a set amount] they punished me by removing my clothes and beating me with a stick until I fainted, electrocuting me, cutting me.

Kolab, sex trafficking survivor from Cambodia

The charity I settled on is Love 146. I’m still debating on how – let me know if you have an opinion re: paypal or me setting up a Crowdrise campaign. (It may also depend on the handling fees of either.) I really like that Love 146 acts to prevent, but also provides aftercare.

Love 146

I’m pledging $1 per comment for the first day, maybe the first week. (I have to max out at $600. I’m hoping we hit 600 comments before the first week is over. Either way, it doesn’t matter. I’m all in.) I definitely don’t expect everyone to make large donations. Any amount is helpful. $10, $5, $1. 50¢. Whatever you can give. Or if not, hit up your rich friends to donate. Parents, relatives. Have them comment because here’s the kicker with SMSG – even a comment on this blog post helps raise money. Amazing!

Initial pledgers are:

Shiloh Walker will donate $50, and if we hit 100 comments on the charity drive post, another $50, for a total of $100.
SpazP will donate $50
has pledged $100 once we reach 500 comments
Amara Royce

Remember – every comment helps. As part of this being a fundraiser it’s also a comment drive. We want to raise awareness and spread the word. Together we can make a difference. <3

*ETA: The fundraising page is now live:

**Second ETA: I know we’ve all heard about the tragedy and devastation left by Typhoon Haiyan. It’s horrifying, so what I’ve decided to do is do a 25/75 split with the funds raised.  (25% will go to Save the Children to their specific Typhoon Relief Fund.) This is because yes, aid is greatly needed in the Philippines … and I know we all want to help. But the world is watching. I asked people who had donated, and they felt it was important to also bring attention to human trafficking. And … that’s true. I personally have met three suspected victims of human trafficking the past two weeks, and learned about new recruiting places. It’s terrifying, so I really hope you’ll join me. Just the cost of a cup of coffee or lunch out would really help. Even 100 people giving $1 would make a huge different. Please consider contributing.

Thank you!!!!

*$8,484.50 Is Not The Loneliest Number

I can’t imagine you don’t know what this is about… but that’s the grand total of my Social Media for Social Good 2011 campaign. Remember this post? A Humanitarian Crisis: What We Can Do To Help – that’s our total! In one month, we raised eight thousand, three four hundred eighty-four dollars and fifty cents. Don’t knock the fifty cents – that’s a meal for a child. (And ok, I didn’t figure all the conversion rates exactly because, well, those change daily and would make my head explode.)

We met, and/or exceeded every single challenge. I want to thank each and every single one of you who donated, commented, and shared the links on your blogs, facebook pages, and twitter profiles. I’d also like to extend thank you’s to a few extra special people. First, Ali F, c², Christine Bell, Portia da Costa, Melissa Cutler, Dana/vitch36, Courtney Milan, rissatoo, Shelli Stevens, SonomaLass, and Shiloh Walker for being the first people to make pledges, to kick off the campaign. They jumped in before I even had the post go live, and a number of them participated in my 2010 Social Media for Social Good drive as well. <3 Thank you.

Next, thank yous to the big spenders, Tamara Allen, Maya Banks, and Melissa Schroeder. Each of these authors pledged $500 or more. (This was also one of the challenges. Tamara offered $1 per comment up to 500. Maya threw down $500 and asked if anyone would match. Melissa said she’d donate $600 for 700 comments, as her final donation – went almost dollar for comment and gave $700 – she really helped the comment drive along with different amounts, and seriously pimped out the charity drive when it was straggling at the end.)

I now want to thank Farrah Rochon, who also got not only her mother but her family to donate as well. When Farrah contacted me to tell me her mom was making a pledge, I was floored. Then she told me that her family had decided that instead of presents, they were going to ask their friends and family for donations to charity for her nephew’s birthday party. Color me amazed. Next, a shout out to Dee Tenorio, who helped out the comment drive, and got her husband, sister, and other family members to comment as well.

Then, for spreading the word, I noticed a number of people flooded in after Sarah, of Smart Bitches posted about the drive on her blog (and elsewhere), as well as Larissa Ione. Many people referenced these two as the reason they learned about it, and I also saw a flood of comments after both posted about it. Thank you.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list – I know there are so many of you who did so much, and I cannot thank you enough. A small press author challenge was issued by Avery Flynn – she wanted 50 small press authors to donate – any amount, and she’d double her donation. (Admittedly this one took us a little bit longer, and I pushed it even after the official end of the drive to meet our goal, but you know, the main thing is that we met it!) I was motivated to issue a reader challenge… and since I posted that two days before the charity drive ended, I said I wanted 25 readers to donate. We met it within the two days, and exceeded that amount. How much do readers rock? A helluva lot, let me tell you.

Up until Sunday, amounts were still trickling in, which is why I hadn’t updated sooner. If you did donate and aren’t on the list please please please let me know so that I can add you to it, and update our final amount. And remember the prizes? I’ll draw winners soon. Sorry for the delay – my computer adapter up and died on me, and I think you can all imagine how difficult it is to do anything with a laptop that is dying, and won’t charge. I’m finally feeling like death warmed over, instead of just death, so that’s also great too.

For those of you who donated, I’m going to send out a mass email soon – if you’ve already donated, my apologies – it’s just easier as I’m not sure who has or hasn’t. And for the rest of you – consider putting a few pennies away for next year. Don’t you worry. I plan on doing a Social Media for Social Good drive in 2012 as well. And 2013, 2014, 2015… (assuming the world doesn’t end. ;))

All in all, everything is just great. I’m repeating myself, and sounding inane I’m sure, but thank you. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for your caring, your generosity, support, and efforts to raise money.

I wanted to have some sort of fitting tribute/song but… I’m blanking. Suggestions? Comments? Let me hear them! 😀

[You might notice the number changed. I spoke with Melissa, and she was like “oh yeah, I threw in another $100. Isn’t that incredible?! <3]

OMG! I almost forgot. *shameface* And last but definitely not least, Jess Dee! She was instrumental in getting the small press author challenge met! Thank you Jess!!! <3

Charity! Challenges! The End! Panic!

I was so tempted to write that as “panix” but I suppose I have some sort of … something to maintain. Level of professionalism? Intelligence? Ability to at least have people maintain a positive feeling towards donating to a good cause that I asked them to?

If you can imagine, I’m freaking out here. Tomorrow marks the end of my Social Media for Social Good 2011 drive. It’s been a month, and well… frankly incredible. I’ll try to do a recap/total post in a reasonable amount of time.

What am I talking about? Well… if you’re reading this post I can’t imagine you’ve missed it. And frankly you’re probably sick of hearing about it. But I’m referring to this: A Humanitarian Crisis: What We Can Do To Help. I have to say my personal goal was 500 comments. We’ve exceeded that, and I’m happy to say we’ve also doubled the number of comments from my 2010 Social Media for Social Good Drive. That one was only 12 hours though.

There are some challenges that have been issued, and none of them have been met yet, exactly.

First, one I haven’t asked anyone to do, because it’s huge. Maya Banks is donating $500.00, and asked if anyone would like to match. (Although, Tamara Allen technically did prior, so maybe that has been accomplished?)

Next, Avery Flynn said that if 50 small press authors donate, she’d increase her donation by $50. At the moment, I believe we have something like 28 small~29 press authors donating. If you’re a small press author, or have any friends who are small press authors, would you please encourage them to donate? A $1.00 donation counts, and it’s tax deductible. We need 22 21 more authors, please!

Lastly, I decided yesterday to see if we could get 25 readers/bloggers to donate. At the moment I believe we have 21, so we only need 4 more people! Readers – would you consider a donation, of even $1.00? Obviously if you want to, you’re welcome to give more. But I know it’s tough for everyone.

Thanks so much for sticking with me through this! We’ve done an amazing thing, in a grass roots type campaign. You’re all awesome.

And you can see that in the comments. If you haven’t looked through them, might I suggest you do so? There are a few that are incredibly touching, and show just how good people can be, and are. <3

*ETA: We only need one more reader to donate now… and 20 more small press authors!
Also, if we hit 700 comments by the end (tomorrow), the awesome Melissa Schroeder will increase her donation to a whopping $600 total!!!

Double edit: Reader challenge MET!!! And now we only need 17 more small press authors. Three hours to go… :X Hope we can make it!

Triple edit! We only need 14 more small press authors to donate to meet our goal. If it is met, both Avery Flynn and Taryn Kincaid will add $50 to their donations. Both!!!

Why A Comment Drive?

I’ve had a few things swirling around my head that I want to talk about… so of course I did none of them. Not really. I’ve been wondering if I should say anything about this, and if there’s any way to really say it without someone taking issue to it. Ah well, that’s life, yes?

There have been challenges and goals issued as part of the 2011 Social Media for Social Good campaign. (See? Not all campaigns are bad!) I love that – I think it makes people step up, and participate. It’s that extra little push that makes people motivated, or willing to take part. An example being Avery Flynn’s small press challenge. She wants 50 small press authors to donate, at which point she’ll double her donation to $100. Many small press authors have already donated, which is beyond great. If none had yet, if 50 small press donated, even $1, that’d be $50 total from various people. Added to Avery’s additional donation? A $1 contribution becomes… $100 all told!

And did you know you can feed a child with only $1 a day? The nutritional packets they’re giving malnourished children for a meal cost around 50 cents. (Less, actually.)

But the point of all this… is the comments. Why comment? There’s no reason to feel bad, or inadequate for not donating. Believe me, I know it’s tough out there. I’m unemployed, and … there’s actually a term experts are using for “people like me” Class 10 something I think… anyway, no reason to go into more detail. Leaving comments is a way to participate, and show that you care. Letting others know, that’s huge too.

There are some people who are donating amounts per comment. For example, $5, or $10 per 100 comments. Thus, why limit the number of comments? There’s no cap. Excess rules here!

I’m not going to explain why donation amounts or challenges has been issued. I know oftentimes people (celebrities?) on twitter say “I’ll donate10 cents or $1 for each time this tweet is RT’d” – and generally there’s a limit. Some people say “if they have the money, what’s the point of the RTs?” I argue that this situation is different. I’m not going to talk about sacrifices or limits, I have no idea what anyone else’s financial situation is. But… it’s nice to know people care.

It’s not about “look at me” – this is a community – and others, coming together. Romance readers, writers, editors, publishers, anyone, showing that we realize there is a very human crisis occurring in the world, and that we care. It’s encouraging just to see the positive reaction and empathy people have.

And of course, there’s that whole you know, Social Media for Social Good aspect.

So far we’ve raised $5,217.00 (I’m assuming we can get the 10 more comments to push us to 400. If we get more comments, that number will go up.) I’m hoping we can up the donation, but if we don’t, that’s still an incredible number. If I did the math right… this amounts feeds fourteen children for a year. That’s pretty incredible. Or, if you want to say putting a malnourished child on the nutrition packet for ~3 days brings them back from the brink of death? We’re saving the lives of one thousand seven hundred thirty-nine children. That’s amazing.

Each comment counts – the fact that you cared enough to take the time to leave a little message. Not everyone is willing to do that.

So thank you. Thank you to everyone who has left a comment, donated, and is spreading the word. It’s always nice to see and realize something is bigger than the individual. Let’s keep this thing going! <3

Save the Children Drive: Logistics

Here we go, everyone! First of all, I want to say thank you so much for your support and generosity. Wow!

In case you missed it… I’m doing a “Social Media for Social Good” charity drive.

Next, I’ve had a few questions about donating. Awesome. I’m not collecting any of the money. I figure that would be way too complicated and potentially questionable. If you’d like to donate, please do it directly at the Save the Children website. But wait – they have a Matching Gift Appeal, where your gift can potentially be quadrupled. So if you’re going to donate… please make sure you click to that page.

This is the Matching Gift Appeal page – please click here to start your donation.

(If you’re international, let me know. I’m more than happy to do my best to hunt down that page for you – Save the Children is in something like 21 countries, I believe.)

I also want to remind you that the fundraiser is going on for a month, so if you are considering a donation but need to check your budget, there’s no hurry. Take your time and consider carefully. I know finances are tight for everyone.

Along those lines, if you’re donating, won’t you please let me know? Any amount is fantastic, and I’d like to know for a month end grand total to see how much we raised. If you don’t want to put it in the comments, feel free to email me, and I’ll ask if you want your name and amount listed. Everyone is more than welcome to opt out of that part.

Next, I want to highlight some of the challenges that have been thrown out within the Romance Community. First of all, there’s this:

Avery Flynn issued this challenge –  that if 50 small press authors donate money, she’ll increase her donation by $50.

Next, not quite a challenge, but Maya Banks is wondering if anyone is willing to match her donation. (Any group?)

Also exciting, the people participating in “Romance Biggest Winner” are joining together to make a donation as well. I’ll update the post to reflect that when I get all the information.

Won’t you consider asking any group you’re part of to do the same? If your yahoo group for example, has 50 people, and even half donate $1 each, that’s $25! Just something to consider.

Last things. If you have any questions, please contact me. People are still offering prizes, contributing donations, and so on. It’s wonderful. I’ll definitely respond. If I don’t, it means I didn’t get it, so please try again. This is important. Also… in case you were wondering “what does Limecello get out of all of this?” – nothing but the pleasure of seeing a group of awesome men and women be incredibly caring and generous. And the satisfaction of knowing we can make a different.  We haven’t met all the goals yet, so keep spreading the word please!

I’m closing comments to this post as well, so there won’t be any confusion as to where to comment. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Save the Children Drive: Prizes

So you know my 2011 Social Good drive? Well, if you comment over there, you have the chance to win one of these prizes!

(If you want to offer up a prize, please email me.)

  • Christine Bell – Two e-book bundles, where each winner can choose 5 of Christine’s books!
  • Susanna Fraser – One of her books in the format of the winner’s choice
  • Inez Kelly – Sweet as Sin, Turn It Up, Jinxed plus Lip Butters in Sweet as Sin & Chocolate Orgasm
  • Nadia Lee – A set of her books (in e-format), including an author e-copy of her upcoming December Carina release
  • Dee Tenorio – A backlist e-bundle of your choice of her series books
  • Anne Holly – A PDF copy of one of her books
  • Jill Sorenson – A print copy of Stranded With Her Ex (international)
  • Toni Anderson – 2 winners, who each get to pick one of her books in an e-format
  • Sarah Morgan – a signed print copy of any of her Harlequin Presents, including her upcoming release, if we hit 500 comments
  • Jeanette Murray – a PDF copy of her August 29th release, The Game of Love – and a video excerpt if we hit 450 comments!
  • Olivia Gates- Twenty winners will receive the backlist book of his or her choice from Olivia when we hit 525 comments
  • A lovely gift basket from some of your favorite St. Martin’s Press romance authors, stuffed with goodies if we hit 525 comments.
  • Nikki Duncan – one winner will receive both of the Sensory Ops books (in print or digital – the winner’s choice), and another winner will receive an ARC of Tangled in Tulle
  • Shiloh Walker – if we hit 500 comments, one person will receive all of Shiloh’s Grimm books in e-format, including her upcoming release. That’s Candy Houses, No Prince Charming, I Thought It Was You, Crazed Hearts, and Locked in Silence
  • Samhain Publishing is offering to one person a box of 15 signed print books from our RWA signing, which includes books by Maya Banks and Lauren Dane, as well as several print ARCs, and to five additional winners, the ebook of his or her choice if we hit 550 comments.
  • Larissa Ione is offering a set of trading cards and an Immortal Rider gift set of a tropical body spray and coconut lipbalm

I would like to note that since the purpose of all this is to raise awareness and ultimately money for the children in Africa who are suffering from the results of a famine, this contest will be a little different from the “fun” ones I usually hold. At the end of the month, I will draw names, or the authors will (it’s their choice). I’ll post winners a week after the fund raiser ends. You will have four days to claim your prizes. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited and not reassigned. Since the authors have graciously agreed to provide prizes simply to support a good cause and not for sales or promotional purposes, there will be no negotiation over formats or titles unless otherwise stated. Thanks in advance for understanding! 🙂

And now, as promised… the first “prize” for everyone – a super long excerpt of Shiloh Walker’s awesome upcoming Romantic Suspense book, If You Hear Her, which she has posted on her site.

So please, head over here to comment!

A Humanitarian Crisis: What We Can Do To Help

“What we are doing here can seem like a drop in the ocean but the ocean will be a drop less if we don’t do it. It’s a challenge, a really big challenge.”

Social Media for Social Good. That’s the idea, and I think we can really do something great. I’ve met some fantastic people via social media – blogs, twitter, and so on. The fact that I already have people offering donations is testament to that. My challenge to the rest of you is… join us.

In my previous post, I talked about the suffering in the Horn of Africa. Everyone loves facts, so here are some.*

  • A current [refugee] camp with the capacity for 90,000, currently has 380,000 people crammed into it
  • Some 10 million people are said to be affected by the Horn of Africa’s worst drought in 60 years.
  • The United Nations said on Wednesday [that] 3.7 million people in the anarchic Horn of Africa nation risked starvation
  • Across East Africa, more than 11.3 million people need aid, the World Food Program said.

Definition of Famine

  • More than 30% of children must be suffering from acute malnutrition
  • Two adults or four children must be dying of hunger each day for every group of 10,000 people
  • The population must have access to far below 2,100 kilocalories of food per day

[Famine] conditions include more than 30% of children being acutely malnourished, and four children out of every 10,000 dying daily. – BBC News

And from my charity of choice (as well as the same article):

Save the Children’s Sonia Zambakides told the BBC the situation in Somalia was shocking.

“I was talking to mothers with children, the children looked maybe nine months to one year old – the mothers were telling the children were three and four years old, so they are absolutely tiny.”

She said some of the mothers had walked up to six days with no food to try to find help.

A point of reference – this is the area I’m talking about, with a great break down from information gathered from various agencies such as BBC News (obviously), as well as the UNHCR, USAID, OCHA & Fews Net.
So far, we have some amazingly generous contributions already. Really, any amount is great. Remember, these amounts are tax deductible, because it’s giving to a charity. I know (truly I know) we’re in difficult economic times. I’ve been, as I say, a “victim of the economy” since ’09, really, and am currently unemployed. Anyway, Save the Children is wonderful because your donation has the potential to be quadrupled due to the grants they applied for. Some of you might also want to check with your employers, who often match donations as well. (I also like Save the Children because if I recall correctly, they don’t send you massive amounts of mail after you donate as well.)

Without further ado… the initial names (in alphabetical order) and pledge amounts.

Ali F – $100 if we reach 50 comments + and additional $10!
c² – $50
Christine Bell – $50, $75 if we reach 100 comments!
Portia da Costa – £30 if we reach 30 comments
Melissa Cutler – $20
Dana/vitch36 – $15
Limecello (yes that’s me) – $50 if we reach 50 comments
Courtney Milan -$1 per comment up to 300 comments
rissatoo – $20
Shelli Stevens – $50 if we reach 50 comments, and $150 to Doctors Without Borders
SonomaLass – $1 per comment up to $100
Shiloh Walker – if we hit 400 comments, she’ll increase her donation by $100, and also post a long excerpt of If You Hear Her

Comments matter. Trust me on this. Also, this year, to help raise awareness, we’ve got prizes! As an incentive to comment – and hopefully donate!- some generous authors are offering prizes. You can find the list here. Those will be drawn when this drive closes, which is a month from now, and posted a week after that. But that’s not the purpose.

I have to say, I hope to be updating this post with more contributions! I have no questions for you today. Just the hope that you’ll spread the word. Thank you. <3

Tiny, emaciated children with wrinkled skin hanging off their bones, rib cages jutting out, bulbous eyes gazing out forlornly, flies covering their faces – the all-too-familiar images of African hunger.

“Some of them die on the way, some die in the wards,” said Dr Christopher Karisa. “What we are doing here can seem like a drop in the ocean but the ocean will be a drop less if we don’t do it. It’s a challenge, a really big challenge.” – BBC News

And this, from the same article as the previous quote, which just breaks my heart.

One aid worker told me: “We were supposed to have an early warning system but what is the point of warning the rest of world when it doesn’t listen?”.

So what are we going to do to help alleviate the tragedy and suffering? Donate to Save the Children. Specifically, this page that can potentially quadruple your gift! HERE! Please – join us. Challenge your friends and family to donate as well. I’m keeping this post/drive open for a month.

To end on a positive note – there is of course, always hope. Take for example, this woman, who I think is one of the most incredible in the world. Read her story. You won’t regret it.

*I also got info from these sources here, here, here, here, and here.

UPDATE! This is a list of fantastic, lovely, generous people who have also decided to donate! Join them! Make me keep adding to this post! <3

Carey Baldwin – $50
Kiersten Krum – $10
Evangeline Holland – $25
SBTB Sarah – $1 per comment up to $200
Sarah Mayberry – $100
Pam Jaffee – $100 for 100 comments
Ang Phillips – $100 for 100 comments
Landra Graf – $5
Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe – $100
Tessa Dare – $100
Tamara Allen – $1 per comment up to $500
Leslie Dicken – $25
Natalie J. Damschroder – $10 for every 100 comments
HelenKay Dimon – $1 per comment up to $200
Melissa Schroeder – $1 per comment up to $250 $600 for 700 comments!!!
Miranda Neville – $100
Maya Banks – $500
Kira Brady – $100
Avery Flynn – $50, and an additional $50 if we get 50 small press authors to make a donation!
Toni Anderson – $20
Vivian Arend – $1 per comment up to $300
Kathleen Collins – $20, but she’ll donate $50 if we hit 500 comments!
Larissa Ione – $100
Pamala Knight – $25
Raine Weaver – $20
Dariel Hendy – $100
Lauren Dane – $100
Jaci Burton – $100
Cara Carnes – $50
Vanessa Kelly – $25
Holli Winters – $10
Sutton Fox – $50
Phyl – $25
Lissa Matthews – $100
Julie Leto – $100
Liz – $100 to Doctors Without Borders
Amanda Twentyfive aka Cassandra Carr – $25, and then an additional $5 for every 100 comments
Farrah Rochon – $25, and $50 more if we hit 525 comments
Jess Granger – $50
Romance Biggest Winners Participants – $235 if we reach 350 comments
Farrah Rochon’s Mom – $25, and $50 more if we hit 525 comments
Cathy MacDonald – $25
Emily – $25
Lisa – $45
Sarah Morgan
Joanna Chambers – £50
Jeanette Murray – $50 if we hit 450 comments
Jess Dee – $50
Meljean Brook – $50, and an additional $50 if we hit 450 comments!
Liz Talley – $50
Nikki Duncan – $25 for now
Melanie C Duncan – $10
Liz Kerrick – $25
Pam K – $10
Brandi Drapinski – $10
Layla Hunter – $50
Jennifer Haymore – $100
Marika Weber – $75
Mary M. – $50
Cecilia Grant – $100
Lynn Raye Harris – $100
Leigh Ellwood – $25
Robin L Rotham – $100
Liza L – $25
Shannon Stacey – $100
Laura Hunsaker – $10
Anonymous – $125
Carla Gallway – $10
Bailey Stewart – $10
Laurie London – $100
Jules Bennett – $20
Carolyn Crane – $10 for every 100 comments
Ciar Cullen – $50
Minx Malone – $25
Lori – $18
Sasha Devlin – $25
Cathie – $25
Brandy W. – $25
Joely Sue Burkhart – Small Press Author Challenge
Lorelie Brown – Small Press Author Challenge
Danielle Monsch
R.G. Alexander – $100
Karen Erickson – $25
Bella F. – $5
Moira Rogers (Bree) – $25
Crista McHugh – $25
Taryn Kincaid – $50, and $50 more if we get a total of 50 small press authors to donate (only 15 off!)
Stacey Joy Netzel – $25
Amber Kallyn – $25
Kate Davies – $10
Selena Illyria – $10
Diana – $10
JM Kelley – $5
Christy Lockhart – $50
Miranda Baker – $10
Alisha Rai – Small Press Author Challenge
KD Sarge – $10
Sami – $20
Valerie Parv – $50
Jennifer Lohmann – $50
Leslie – $20
Kathryn – $30

If you plan to donate, please remember to go here, where your gift can be matched with grants and potentially quadrupled!