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Guest: Michelle Willingham

Hi everyone! We’ve got lovely author Michelle Willingham with us today! She’s got a very seasonally apt post. 😀

Scary Movies and Happy Endings

“I want you to take me to Howl-o-scream, Mom,” my eldest son informed me. He has reached that age when scary things are cool, and boys want to watch movies like “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Gone are the days when he wanted to dress up like Yoda for Halloween or a Power Ranger. No, my boy wants to be a ninja, complete with a double-edged axe.

And this ninja thinks I want to take him to an amusement park, complete with scary people jumping out from the bushes with chainsaws. There’s also a haunted house and any number of terrors awaiting unsuspecting guests.

This is not my idea of a good time.

I am a self-professed wuss who was traumatized by a Disney production of “The Watcher in the Woods.” Bette Davis was terrifying, and it was only four years later that I attempted to watch one other scary movie (“The Exorcist“). After that, I was done.

I think it comes from having an overactive imagination. While a part of my brain realizes that this is not real, and my children’s heads will not spontaneously spin around, being scared is not something I enjoy. Halloween, for me, was always about the candy and not about skeletons, ghosts, or deadly things that go bump in the night.

Another reason might be that I prefer happy endings to gory ones. I want to read about and be entertained by people falling in love. The scariest direction I’ll venture is being kidnapped by a hot Viking. Because, let’s face it—given a choice between an axe murderer jumping out at me and a gorgeous guy sweeping me away, there’s no choice at all.

In just a few weeks, at the end of November, Harlequin Historical is releasing a new book connected to my MacEgan Brothers series: Warriors in Winter. I always wanted to do a Christmas anthology, and I’ve written three stories about second generation characters. It gave me a chance to revisit the brothers as they’ve aged, and see how their happy endings turned out. Their children each face different challenges with their love stories, and I wove the tales together with each of the MacEgan Brothers putting in cameo appearances.

And yes. There happens to be a really hot Viking in there. I hope you’ll enjoy curling up with him on a winter’s day with a mug of hot cocoa. Or perhaps some leftover Halloween candy, if there is such a thing.

Today, I’m giving away a copy of one of my backlist MacEgan Brothers books—your choice! Just leave a comment and tell me—do you like horror movies? Or are you like me and can’t bear to watch them? Got a favorite or one that traumatized you?

2010 RITA® Award Finalist Michelle Willingham has written over twenty historical romances, novellas, and short stories. When she’s not writing, Michelle enjoys reading, baking, and avoiding exercise at all costs. Visit her website.

So I’m really curious about your answers to Michelle’s questions too! (If you missed it…)

Just leave a comment and tell me—do you like horror movies? Or are you like me and can’t bear to watch them? Got a favorite or one that traumatized you?