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Author Spotlight: Cynthia Eden

Look who we’ve got! I managed to trick Cynthia Eden into coming back and playing with us! ;D And this time she’s talking about New Orleans, and has some questions for you!

Scream For Me

Hi, everyone! Lime, thanks for having me over for the AAD Spotlight!

I am very, VERY much looking forward to the big Authors After Dark event in New Orleans this August. I love New Orleans. Love the city to a pretty ridiculous degree, so I can’t wait to head back for some awesome reader fun.

New Orleans is the setting for my Fallen books (with Kensington Brava). As Angel of Darkness began, my hero watched the heroine flee through Pirate’s Alley. He perched on the St. Louis Cathedral…and it was there that he made the decision to spare her life. Well, spare her, save her, condemn her…I guess it’s all in how you look at it. 😉

New Orleans has always enchanted me. So much magic seems to hum in the city. And when I realized that I was going to write about Fallen Angels of Death (b/c those guys wouldn’t leave me alone), I knew their books had to take place in the Big Easy.  Come on, haven’t you ever wondered if some fallen angels walk in the crowd on Bourbon Street?

In my next book, Angel Betrayed (due out on 6/26/12), my hero isn’t a good guy—or even a good angel. He’s Sammael—Sam for short—and he’s pretty much been foretold to be the one who will bring hell to earth.  He’s, um, kind of a bad guy. But can’t bad guys be fun?

Ahem…and now this brings me to the title of this post…Scream For Me. I love writing bad guys. Love figuring out their devious layers. Or, in the case of Sam, I love to create anti-heroes that are far, far from perfect beings.  What can I say? Sometimes, the bad boys are just more fun. To celebrate those wonderful bad boys, I will be hosting an Ice Scream Party at AAD—I’ll be hosting the fun event along with fabulous authors Katie Reus, Virna DePaul, and Manda Collins. Everyone will be making cool desserts, playing wicked games, getting cool prizes, and talking about their favorite bad boys or villains. If you’re attending AAD, I hope you can make the party.

And if you’re not attending…then, hey, I’ve got a contest right here.  You can still get a cool prize—and have some villain fun.  I’ll give one commenter a $15 Amazon.com gift certificate AND an autographed copy of Angel Betrayed (as soon as my author copies arrive, I will ship one to you). Want to win? Then just tell me…which villain would you scream for? Who is your favorite bad guy?

Thanks for checking out the post!
Cynthia Eden
Angel Betrayed—Available 6/26/12
When you betray an angel, there’s hell to pay…

And if you missed it – Ms. Eden also shared an exclusive excerpt of Angel Betrayed here earlier!