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Hi friends,

You may or may not know but … the site was down for a while – the hosting company had to make some changes and it was a big mess … and I’ve also got a lot going on.

It’s mostly explained in the GFM post and updates so … I literally cringe even asking this, but if you’re able to help at all, I’d really appreciate it. “Please help Limecello.”

Or if you prefer Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/Limecello

Or buying actual items, I was advised to create a registry and I did once I found someone to collect and get things to me since I’ll be down for the count. You can find it here.

I really appreciate everyone’s generosity – Romanceland is so giving and wonderful – and the support. <3 People sharing the links to things directly for greater reach – all that helps if someone doesn’t have the budget to give money. (Which I obviously understand.)

So, thank you all for your patience.

THIS IS NOT OKAY!!! [No Internet for Lime]

My internet is just… dead. It comes and goes and is mostly going.

Even my phone’s 3G has failed me. I’m hoping the few seconds(?) it takes for me to type this it stays.

So, sorry if posts aren’t going up in a timely manner. We’ve switched the equipment twice, had technicians out, and everything.

Along with everything else going on right now? This just is too much.


SEND HELP PLEASE! [And anything else you think is reasonable and/or necessary]