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SBHM Feature: Seressia Glass

Hi friends! So I have to say, I’m kinda super excited that I’ve got so many new awesome guests at ALBTALBS this month … I mean in general, but also for Black History Month. We’re always excited to make new friends and get different perspectives. As you see, Seressia Glass is a first timer so I hope you’ll be all chatty and friendly, yeah? 😀

I was a senior in high school when Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday became a national holiday. Atlanta had a whole series of celebrations planned, including a “Living the Dream” essay contest for students. My dreams then were simple and filled with all the naiveté of a pre-adult: a cool in-town apartment, a guitarist boyfriend, a loveable mutt, and a living as a full-time writer. I had other dreams too. Dreams of being accepted for who I was instead of what I was. Dreams of not being a statistic, not following in my mother’s footsteps. Dreams of, as my grandmother put it, “living up to my name.” Continue reading