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I Love You Guys…

Seriously. Every so often on twitter I just… wax mushy about you all. All the time your comments give me the warm fuzzies, and make me smile, and restore my faith in humanity.

I said this on Sunday on twitter, after I got some emails from people  – winners claiming stuff, etc. And… I went to twitter to “brag” but I thought – what if most of these people don’t follow me on twitter? They should see it! (Frankly, I bet most of you don’t – and that’s probably a good thing, other wise you wouldn’t like me, or wouldn’t stick around, because you’re too nice for me.) *heart*

Anyway… here’s your rare lovey Lime moment. It’s from Sunday specifically, which was more email driven. But to be honest? Usually it’s the comments. I’ve definitely linked to posts with awesome comments before, and I’m all like “SEE?! THEY’RE ALL SO WONDERFUL! <3 <3 <3”

So… if it’s not clear, what I’m trying to say is