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Social Media for Social Good 2015: Football Edition

Hi friends! So as you know (maybe), I’ve been largely absent the past few months. This means I also missed my annual Social Media for Social Good Charity Fundraiser. I have to say, I’m tapped out. I know people care, but not being able to see it hurts. In the past we’ve supported relief efforts – twice in fact – from famine to child refugees from Syria, clean water for people, against human trafficking, for Native Americans, and more. We’ve done great.

SMSG15 Football

This time … I’m leaving it up to you.

Here’s what I mean. I’d like you to comment with your favorite non-profit charity. If you can, leave a link to the organization etc, so others can check it out, and make it easier on me.

Why do you want to make it easy on me? Well, I think you all know I love football. Like really love. Especially college football. What I’m doing this year is, for every touchdown the Buckeyes score tonight, I’ll donate $10 to a charity. $5 for a fieldgoal. (Hey any points should be rewarded, right?) Uhhh… if there does happen to be a safety I’ll figure it out later.

I figured I’d mix it up, so we hit a variety. What do I mean? Let’s say there are six touchdowns tonight. That means $10 to comment 1’s charity, $10 to comment 2’s charity, and so on and so forth. We’ll just go in order. If there aren’t enough comments to cover all the touchdowns, I’ll probably donate to UNICEF or something. If there are more comments than scores … well that’s cool too. I might donate up to $500. We’re playing this by ear. [Please one charity per comment though, and give others a chance to add?]

Sound good? Feel free to ask questions too. Let’s make this interactive and fun!

ETA: I’m leaving SMSG open through the rest of the season … and post season, so let’s home they win the championship again, shall we? 😉

Shameless *Birthday* Plea

I have a hard time advocating for myself, but when it comes to others, it’s no holds barred. [Strangle hold being my personal favorite!] >.> Anyway, it’s my birthday on the 28th. I’m hoping to have a MASSIVE giveaway, along with the (almost) full month of giveaways that have been taking place at my blog. I explained it here.

You’ll notice every author who has contributed has very generously offered prizes. So shout out to Day Leclaire, HelenKay Dimon, Meljean Brook (if you missed this post read it, Beverley Kendall, and soon Leslie Kelly, Carolyn Jewel, Julie Ann Long, and Lauren Dane for being the super loaded Birthday Month authors. [The links won’t work for the author posts that haven’t gone up yet will be added.] You’ll get to see who the awesomely generous Birthday Bash people are on the 28th!

I’d love to have you participate! Yes, YOU!

A way to help me celebrate my birthday is to give other people presents! (… Yeah, I seem to be missing the point on how birthdays work, but I never said I was the brightest bulb in the box… well actually, sometimes I do think that. But I don’t say it. *angelface*)

So if you’re interested, please send me an email – you can use the contact form. Incidentally, it’s okay to call me “Limecello” in an email. Really. It is. I’d prefer it in fact to what I often get, which is “hi” or just… a blank. Or my personal favorites “NAME HERE” or Liz.)

And if you want to give me an actual present at no cost to you… you can enter to win every Julep nail polish color there is, and possibly a new ipad. OR join swagbucks – using my referral code because it’s nice to give me a costless birthday present – and win gift cards for yourself! Just copy and paste this link: http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/limecello – and if you do join, message me first so I can give you a code that starts you out with an additional 70 “bucks.”

Thanks for sticking with me, everyone! Xoxo