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Good News from Shelli Stevens!

It’s time for Shelli Stevens’s quarterly post! (Yes, aish! Time flies!) And she’s sharing breaking news with us! Whee!!! (And I’m too lazy and sick to add a bunch of Shelli’s covers right now, so you’ll have to forgive me. They’re hot though. Feel free to go check some out.) 

What is it about a bad boy?

What is it about a bad boy that can draw a gal in? Both in a romance novel, and maybe in real life? Is it the hope that we’ll see these guys redeemed? That they’ll be turned around by one woman, when none before have managed to do it? Maybe they drink too much, smoke, swear, bed hop like it’s an Olympic sport, scowl at tiny kittens…hell, they’re just bad boys. And yet some women flock to them. Again and again. Same bad boy, different guy.

I mean in a novel they can seem all exciting and sexy, but in real life…hmm, sometimes you think you’d just slap the jerk. But then…sometimes not. Sometimes you fall for the guy you absolutely should not, could not, see yourself falling for. Even though there’s all these emotional barricades and warning signs along the way. So what IS it about these guys? Why is it a popular trope in romance novels, and why is it that women in general can’t seem to ‘step away from the bad boy’.

And on that bad boy note… I’m excited to break the news here, on Lime’s blog, about my new upcoming series! I just signed a contract for the first book in my series The McLaughlins (it follows a Scottish family who’s moved to America). Book one is called Good Girl Gone Plaid and should be due out early summer 2013.

Let me know your stance on bad boys, do you like them? Maybe you like them only in novels, or maybe in real life as well? Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a $5 gift certificate to Amazon!

Happy [Belated] Independence Day! From Shelli Stevens

Happy Fourth of July! Oh wait, it’s a day late, but I hope yours was as fabulous as mine was.


There’s something about summer that’s just so awesome. At least for us folks in the Pacific Northwest. See, we don’t get a heck of a lot of sun, but summer tends to give us a bit of a break from the grey and rain. For me, I’m happier, feel healthier, have more energy. I’m a summer/sun baby (don’t even get me started on wanting to move to California for the heat!). That love transfers over to my writing and I really enjoy setting books the summer months. Or beach type locales. I mean just check out this gorgeous view from Fort Casey on Whidbey Island. That can completely inspire a romance novel in my head!


What’s your favorite thing about summer? The sun (or maybe it’s too hot where you are!) The food? The kids being out of school? Leave a comment and we’ll draw a winner for a signed print copy of my book Seducing Allie!

Shelli’s First Ever Quarterly Post!

Hi everyone! If you checked out the updated “About” page – this is what I mentioned with Shelli’s post. So we have best selling author Shelli Stevens with us, just chatting about whatever! So… this will pretty much be my first and last “intro” for her. ;P She’s also been a guest here previously, and you can read her author interview questions and answers. So without further ado… Ms. Shelli! 

So here’s a confession: I’m not a big television watcher.  I’m just not. When I do watch, it tends to be the local and national news (honestly it’s pretty much always on in the background). Don’t get me wrong, I love a juicy series or sitcom, and maybe that’s part of the problem. I could get too addicted to watching. I’d have to watch each and every episode. My evenings are already crowded with helping the kid with homework, getting her bathed all that fun stuff, and I have yet to figure out Tivo or…what’s that other word? Where you record it? Yes, this really IS how cable challenged I am.

But some shows are just too fabulous to avoid. And really, I think watching TV can up often spark creativity if you’re a writer. So I allow myself a handful of shows a week, if I so desire. The show I absolutely love and rarely miss: Modern Family.  My second would be Pan Am, which will likely be canceled, because EVERY show I fall in love with is canceled (Ex: Pushing Daisies, which, whoever was in charge of axing that show can suck it). Shows I may or may not pay attention to if it’s on in the background: Suburgatory, Happy Endings, Once Upon a Time, The View, True Blood (the whole blood/puncture wounds squicks me out though), Dancing with the Stars (my daughter has the DWTS watching bond with grandma), and probably a handful more.

So are you a big TV watcher? What shows are on your favorite? Am I missing something awesome? Leave a comment and I’ll draw a name for one winner to receive a copy of Savage Hunger, or another e-book off my backlist.