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Teaser Tuesday Exclusive Excerpt: The Virgin’s Night Out by Shiloh Walker

Hi Guys! I have to admit, a little bit of me wants to cry. I’ve been having so much trouble with this site and been talking to technical support from my hosting company so much it’s just … overwhelming. In a bad way. So … bear with me. This is especially why posts are going up at all sorts of odd (and late) times, and the site is or isn’t blocked, and it’s just … well not literally, but figuratively ruining my life. It in fact took me all day to even be able to access my own damn site.

Sorry. And that’s a horrible introduction to Shiloh Walker’s excerpt, but I’m hoping she’ll forgive me. (And that she’ll get it.) Anyway, Shiloh Walker is of course an author, and I like her as an author and as person. And for people-hating me, that’s saying something, right? 😉 So here is Shiloh with an excerpt of The Virgin’s Night Out. Continue reading

Guest: Shiloh Walker discusses [a different!] Once Upon a Time

Hi friends! Today we’ve got the awesome and wonderful Shiloh Walker visiting with us! Shiloh is one of the very first authors I ever met. (I’m pretty sure. Actually she might be the very first…) and she’s here talking about her Grimm book[s]. Shiloh also has had a lot of great news to share lately, so major congratulations!

Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful young woman…and she died.  A really horrible death. But it’s okay!

I wonder if I started a story that way, would people read it?

I write books like that…my Grimm series have people dying lots of nasty, horrible deaths…and it really is okay, because they come back.

My Grimm are bastardized fairy tales…as in they have their basis in fairy tales.  The world is filled with the Grimm, guardian angels who protect unsuspecting mortals from demons we can’t recognize.  And the fairy tales we read about were created to hide the truth of what really happens… Yes, for those who watch the show, this might sound familiar, but…um… I was doing it like two years before they were. 😉  And it’s a little different.

The first story was Greta’s, from Candy Houses, yep, Hansel and Gretel, but Hansel isn’t in the book.  He was a bad, bad boy and he died a bad, bad death.  Then there is Ella, and yes, she is Cinderella, but she didn’t have two wicked stepsisters or a mean stepmother.  She did have a Prince Charming, but he was a bit of a jerk and ends up having to spend 200 years trying to win her back.

I don’t just do fairy tales.  There’s Ren–I do love Ren.  He’s lot of fun and he’s more than a little crazy, but if you want to know who he is, you’ll have to read the book.

Sometimes I twist them up a bit more, like Perci…Percinette.  If you are into fairy tales, you may know who she is.

Then there’s the latest story.  The hero’s name is Jacob.  His story won’t be as hard to guess as some, but it was still fun to write.

I had somebody ask me how I figure out who I’m doing next and there’s no particular method to my madness.

It’s just whatever idea catches my fancy at the time.  Jacob’s story actually came from the heroine, somebody who was very tormented by the mortal life, and the husband, she’d left behind when she’d died.  That life is no longer hers, but all the regrets and miseries still cling to her–she’s only been living this life a few years and the night she died was a night that would torment anybody.  She needed somebody who could help break those chains.  And nobody does chains quite the way this guy does.

But the ideas just kind of come in odd ways.  I’ve got one side character that you’ll meet in this book, Rob, and although I know why he’s the way he is, I’m not entirely sure who he is.  I think I do, but can I make it work?

I got an idea from watching one of the Shrek movies not too long ago.  That will be fun if it ever pans out.

This entire series is fun, really…which goes to show how weird I am.  Because I can sum up the basic idea for the story by saying… Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful young woman…and she died.  A really horrible death. But it’s okay!

An excerpt…

“There are no buts. You weren’t happy. The two of you barely managed to co-exist together. You wanted children. He did not. He wanted to pursue a writing career and you were terrified it wouldn’t happen. You had different dreams for your lives and somewhere along the way, you fell out of love.”

“Wrong!” She spun around and glared at Jacob. “I still love him.”

“There is love, and there is in love. Have you forgotten the difference?”

She sneered at him. “What in the hell do you know about love, you damned iceberg?”

She never even saw him move. One moment, he was three feet away. And then he was only inches away, his long body, so lean and warm, caging hers in against something cool and metal–a car? Truck? She didn’t know, didn’t care. One hand rested by her shoulder. The other cupped her chin. “More than you would think, sweet. Far more than you would think.” Then his mouth was on hers.

An iceberg.

She thought he was an iceberg.

Little fool.

Her mouth was still under his, for the briefest moment. He knew it wouldn’t last long, and he intended to make the most of it. She wanted to wither away and die, did she?

Perhaps she needed to see just how much life she still had inside her.

Oh, but she was sweet…he’d known she would be. Her mouth was soft, even though she was still frozen with shock. Soft, and she tasted like soft, warm woman, cherries and Coke… She lived on Cherry Coke, it seemed. He could live on the taste of it on her, he supposed.

Stroking his tongue along the curve of her lower lip, he teased her lips apart, delving inside the second he had an opportunity. He didn’t believe in wasting those.

Her fingers curled into the front of his coat and over the roaring of blood in his ears, he heard the soft, broken sound of her breath…and even sweeter, the erratic beat of her heart. Her body wilted against his–he felt the push of her breasts, the softness of her belly, the long lines of the body she treated so carelessly. There was wanting in her body, needing…she wanted, she needed. Him…she wanted him.

For that moment–he felt it.

And then he felt her fist.

He took that first punch, staggering back a little. Damn, she was strong. When she would have hit him again, he caught her hand, stopping the blow before it landed. “Don’t,” he warned quietly.

If you’d like to read more about them, you can check them out at my site here… and if you’re interested in trying one of them out, this story (Grimm Tidings) releases this Tuesday (April 24th).  The stories are written to stand completely on their own, so if you’ve never read one, feel free to dive in wherever…

I’m giving away a $10 GC to Samhain to one commenter…it can be used internationally, on both print and ebooks.  Any costs over the $10 will be the winner’s responsibility.

So what do you think? Have you ever read any of Shiloh’s Grimm books? Do you enjoy twisted fairy tales? Or Modern myths? Which would you most like to read about? Or… even be in/have experienced? Inquiring minds and all… 😉

Guest Post: The Ash Serial Killer

I don’t normally read romantic suspense novels. Or, I wouldn’t say it’s my “go to” genre. (Although some of my favorite authors do in fact write it.) I was extremely – insanely – lucky to be able to read the Ash trilogy by Shiloh Walker really early on. Like, 2010 early. And I’ve been pimping them out since. I try not to over sell things, so I might not have mentioned them as much recently. (Also you know, the rest of the world has picked up my slack in lauding these books. As they should.) 😉

You need to read these books. Your life very well may not be complete until you do. I can’t decide which is my favorite. I loved the first. And the second. It might be a tie between the two. Or the second wins. But then the third is where you find out everything…

There were a lot of emails with exclamation marks, and unintelligible gibberish, and me telling Shiloh Walker she’s mean and evil. If you’ve never read her before, this might give you an idea as to why….

An Interview with a Killer…

There will be no spoilers, guys. If you want to know who he is, you have to read the book… 😉
A number of people have expressed an interest in having me ask the killer from the Ash trilogy some questions.  It’s an…interesting idea.  I have him for a few minutes.  Just a few and I’m not talking to him for long.  Just the first few Qs had me a little weirded out.
Cheeky Reads offered this question:
Was there something in childhood that happened that made you this way?  Anything that motivates you to kill?

He says:
My childhood was perfectly normal.  My motivation is simple. I enjoy it.  Tell me, Cheeky…what color is your hair?

Sofia Harper  asks:
What was your first kill?  Your favorite? When was the first time you wanted to kill?

He replies:
Those are terribly intimate questions. I tell all about my first…if you have the desire to know.  You can read all about it.  But my favorite would have to be Joely.  I’m curious to learn if Nia would be like Joely. Joely fought. She fought very hard.

Danielle  wants to know:
Why are you so protective of Hope?

He tells me:
That isn’t terribly easy to answer.  I see this terribly weak creature, a mouse.  But this mouse has teeth.  I thought it might be fun to take her, and break her.  But the more I watched her, the more I realized she’d already been broken.  It was more fun for me to watch her grow.  It was a new thing for me. I do wish she hadn’t cut her hair, though.  I loved her hair…

I had some other questions, but I decided not to take them.  Call me weird, but it’s odd to get inside this guy’s head, even though I made him, meaning he pretty much lives inside my head.  I’ll close with this last little bit that he did want to say.

He’d like to add
People think there is always a reason people become like me.  There must have been abuse, neglect, something horrible or tragic.  Sometimes, maybe, that is the case.  I don’t know because I never had a fascination with learning about others.  I did what I did to please myself.  In short, I did it because it pleased, not because any thing or any person drove me to it.
Some might even think that it’s an innate hatred of women.  I don’t hate women.  I love them.  And I love to break them…I love to hear them scream…

Snippet… (Several asked about his first kill…)

For reasons he couldn’t understand then, he’d started choking her again.  And that time, he hadn’t stopped.  Not when her heels beat on the ground, not when she had torn at his hands with her nails, real fear beginning to flicker in her eyes.

His mind had remained cool, detached throughout all of it, even as his heart had raced at the thrill

His first kill.

Want to read more about the Ash Trilogy?  Check it out here.


Ms. Walker is actually traveling today, and will be out of town for the next few days, so she won’t be able to answer any questions immediately. However, that’s kind of perfect, because you can come and leave all your questions, and she’ll knock ’em out at once, if/when she’s able. (She’s also on deadline for another book… Stolen… another great book that should be out later this year!)

Swagbucks = Books for You!

Yes, I’m here to talk about Swagbucks again. They’ve got this new thing with a holiday wish list. You can see my Swagbucks Wishlist. (http://www.swagbucks.com/account/wishlist?rb=339789&cmp=123&cxid=0-twitter – WordPress won’t let me do the actual link. So sorry, you’ll have to copy and paste.) If you join Swagbucks using that link… there’s a chance of a $2,500.00 Amazon gift card. And you know what that can buy? Books. Scores and scores of books. Books galore.

Swagbucks has been pretty good to me already – I’ve (rough estimate) probably already gotten $500 in GC’s from them since joining in 09. That’s not bad for something completely free. Also? If you haven’t joined yet, I have a code for you that’s worth an additional 80 swagbucks at sign up, and it doesn’t expire until November 23. (Unlike last time when I was a moron. Sorry Liz!) So, if you want to join – click that link, but before you complete the sign up, let me know – email me, whatever, so I can give you the code to start you off right. 😀 There’s the contact form at the top – or if you leave a comment I’ll have your email.

Now – since you all are kind enough to let me babble on about this (although you know it is my blog… :P). I’m using some of those Swagbucks orders of Amazon Giftcards to offer a prize. I consider authors Dee Tenorio, and Shiloh Walker my friends. (I’d like to think it’s reciprocated as well…) Both of them have had a rough few days, weeks, and longer. It’s not much, but I want to give away a digital copy of their newest book. One each – so Deceiving the Protector by Dee Tenorio, and If You Hear Her by Shiloh Walker.

I know a lot of you (some of you) read print only so sorry but… I can’t afford to pay shipping as well, so kindle copy it is. Maybe one day I can afford Amazon Prime and I can do “dead tree” books. But for now, all the money I’ve got is from Swagbucks. 😛 So there you go.

And before you think this is all altruistic… I chose these two books specifically, because both of them mention this little green citrus fruit. ;D So you know, that’s kinda awesome.

Have I sold you on Swagbucks then? Do you want to win a book? You know what to do. Comment. Tell me something good. No really – today, I’m judging on content!

Guest Review: If You Hear Her by Shiloh Walker (+ Giveaway)

Today, Mary G once again visits us to talk about one of her favorite authors – Shiloh Walker. There’s also a review, which I “guess” is the most important part? 😉 Anyway, it’s a great post. I think Mary is fantastic, and I’m grateful she’s still willing to visit lil ‘ol me here, even though she’s a reviewer for USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog/site! So everyone please welcome Mary G!

I don’t know if it’s possible to convey the force that is Shiloh Walker. I don’t remember how I found her books. I think it was at the Chapter’s web-site – if you read this you’ll like…. Well I didn’t just like her books, I loved them. I proceeded to buy up her backlist, all in paperback, which wasn’t easy but so worth it. Shiloh writes deeply emotional, aching chest books. I found her writing so deep, thoughtful and mature that it was a shock to found out how young she is (she put up a birthday post on her blog). She’s young enough to be my umm, younger sister lol.

I have to tell you that the first time I met Shiloh was at the 2010 Lori Foster Reader/Author Event in Cincy, Ohio. It was noisy in the ballroom and this woman walked by & looked at me & asked me if I said something (which I hadn’t). I don’t know why but I asked her if she was Shiloh Walker. When she said yes, I jumped up with an “OMG, I’m Mary G” & I hugged the poor woman. I begged & pleaded & signed my life away and swore to total secrecy, to take a picture with her & my other fave Beth Kery. I stood between Beth & Shiloh and yelled “Somebody pinch me!” Not one of my coolest fan-girl moments. I got to sit at the same table as Beth & Shiloh on the Saturday night. One thing you might not know about Shiloh from her serious writing is how funny Shiloh is. When it was time to say goodbye I stood in the hallway with Shiloh & Lime. I told Shiloh how great her writing is & how it affected me. She just shrugged like she was just “regular”. Shiloh has that in common with my other faves – the best ones just don’t realize how good they are.

Mary G’s review:

If You Hear Her by Shiloh Walker
Romantic Suspense released by Ballantine Books on Oct 25, 2011


The scream Lena Riddle hears in the woods behind her house is enough to curdle her blood—she has no doubt that a woman is in real danger. Unfortunately, with no physical evidence, the local law officers in small-town Ash, Kentucky, dismiss her claim. But Lena knows what she heard—and it leaves her filled with fear and frustration.

Ezra King is on leave from the state police, but he can’t escape the guilty memories that haunt his dreams. When he sees Lena, he is immediately drawn to her. He aches to touch her—to be touched by her—but is he too burdened by his tragic past to get close? When Ezra hears her story of an unknown woman’s screams, his instincts tell him that Lena’s life is also at risk—and his desire to protect her is as fierce as his need to possess her.

If You Hear Her is the first book in Shiloh Walker’s latest romantic suspense trilogy. It starts off in the voice of a kidnap victim. This book literally grabs you from the first page & doesn’t let go until the very end. Lena Riddle is a beautiful, blind chef and Ezra King is a State policeman on injury leave. Their paths collide one night in the B & B where Lena works and where Ezra has gone for some supper. Their chemistry is there from the beginning. It is especially poignant since Lena can only go by her other senses and she feels the chemistry like an entity. They get together once more for dinner. Ezra takes Lena’s number but doesn’t call her because he feels he’s in a bad place right now with his recuperation.

One night Lena hears screams coming from the woods by her house. When she goes to the police, they don’t believe her. Ezra is there to report joyriders wrecking his garden. He believes Lena. Ezra apologizes for not calling & they decide to stay friends. They start to hang out more and more – partly because Ezra wants to keep an eye on Lena & partly because he doesn’t want to stay away. The “friends only” deal doesn’t last thankfully & the sexual tension is built up nicely. Through the twists & turns of the suspense plot and the hot chemistry between Lena & Ezra, you won’t be able to put it down. I’m really impressed that this series is a little different. Instead of different villains for each book, we probably won’t know until the last book, who the villain is. Of course, Shiloh doesn’t need this plot twist to keep me hooked.

I’m looking forward to the next one already.

Heh. I asked Mary G what her grade would be, since this is a review, and she said…

RATING: A for A-mazing

So… I’m going to venture that’s a:

Grade: A+

SHILOH IS GIVING AWAY A $10.00 GIFT CARD TO B & N OR AMAZON (WINNER”S CHOICE). To win let us know – what author, besides Shiloh of course, would you love to meet.

See? Isn’t Mary cute? So go on – tell us! 😀

Guest Author & A Giveaway: Shiloh Walker

Today, we have Shiloh Walker visiting with us! She’s got this awesome Romantic Suspense trilogy coming out that is amazing and I’ve been talking it up forever. You don’t want to miss it. And it should be telling I love it considering I don’t even really read RS. Anyway, Shiloh is a lot of fun. I got to meet her at RT10 in Columbus, Ohio. Actually, she even let me crash with her, which was super nice, because otherwise I might’ve been sleeping in my car. Or on the street. (Ok so not really but… you know. It was still amazingly kind and generous of her to offer.) I’ve read a number of her books, and I could gush more, but really what you guys want to hear is what Shiloh has to say.


Authors get asked questions for blogs all the time.

What do you like to read? (answer…a lot of stuff, mainly romance and urban fantasy, but I read some thrillers, traditional fantasy and science fiction)

How did you get started writing? (answer…I’ve always written, it seems.  The first story I remember was a murder-mystery type thing for a YOUNG AUTHORS contest in 4th grade)

What inspires you? (answer…Simple as it seems…life.  For a writer, I think maybe everything is a story.  Sitting at a stoplight, watching a storm, hearing a news clop)

Where do you get your inspiration? (answer…Life.  Just life.)

What’s your favorite color/food/music? (answer…Blue or green, or sometimes red/Strawberries and tomatoes and steak, although I love Mexican, too/hmmm, country, contemporary Christian, some 80s rock)

What’s your latest book/next project? (Hunter’s Fall and I’m working on a couple of things)

What’s your favorite book/series/characters?  (answer…that’s always a hard one and it sometimes varies, but generally, I love JD Robb/Nora Roberts, Ilona Andrews, Jeaniene Frost, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and always, always, always at the top of my list–SL Viehl/Lynn Viehl)

Yep, lots of questions. But I’ve done that.  So I’m gonna turn the tables around.  I want to ask readers the questions. 

So, pick a question, any question…

What do YOU like to read? (Paranormal romance, romantic suspense & urban fantasy for me)

What is the latest series you’ve read and just gone crazy over?  (I can tell you that one series I’m loving is the October Daye series by Seanan MacGuire)

What is YOUR favorite series/character/book? (Cherijo & Duncan from SL Viehl’s Stardoc, Eve & Roark from JD Robb’s In Death)

Shiloh Walker

Lots of questions right? It seems that I get the inquisitive guests. 😉 As you all know, the guest author & a giveaway means well… a giveaway! So comment – and remember to check back on the blog as the winner will be posted on Saturday (barring unforeseen/uncontrollable events.) And… I couldn’t resist. You’ll notice the book covers don’t have much to do with what Shiloh was saying – but they’re her upcoming trilogy. I want to keep it fresh in your minds. 😀 (The third book doesn’t have a cover yet… so just remember to look for If You Know Her. I’m sure it’ll look great too.)

*ETA: I forgot to mention – Shiloh (as she said in the comments) will be giving away swag (“stuff we all get”) that she got at the Reader & Author Giveaway – aka Lori Foster and Duffy Brown’s event. It’ll be a surprise what she throws in. 😉

Teaser Tuesday: Hunter’s Fall by Shiloh Walker

Today’s excerpt is from the upcoming book Hunter’s Fall by Shiloh Walker. It’s the newest edition to her very popular Hunters series. I’ve read a number of Shiloh’s books before, and Broken (different series) was one of my favorite books of 2010. Really, top three at the very least.  But enough of me – why you’re all here – the excerpt!)


Something strange is happening to Nessa. Ever since she survived a near-death experience she’s not exactly who she used to be—and enjoying every minute of it. Then she’s called upon to go to battle against darkness. If only she could remember why.


Dominic is having his own problems with memory, sanity, and hallucinations. Sent to Excelsior, the covert Hunter training facility, he senses a female presence that seems so hauntingly familiar. That’s because he and Nessa share a forgotten past.


As Nessa and Dominic regain their memories, their strange mission against evil becomes clearer. And all the more dangerous because whether they should trust each other is the still the greatest unknown of all.

With startling clarity, he could remember the dream. His witch, standing at the edge of a skyscraper, staring down like she longed for nothing more than to step off the edge into oblivion. And the vampire.

This vampire.

He didn’t realize he was growling.

He didn’t realize he had lunged for the vampire.

Not until a pale hand closed around his throat and he was suspended in the air. Dominic didn’t give a flying fuck—he couldn’t choke to death.

“You fucking moron, do you have a death wish?” the vampire snarled.

Lashing out with a foot, Dominic demanded, “Where in the fuck is she?”

“Who are you talking about?” Dark blue eyes stared at him. They glowed with banked power. Dominic could feel that power, battering at him, slamming into him and threatening to send him back to his knees. Except he was still dangling several feet in the air.

Half-crazed, Dominic felt the bloodlust rise in him and he tore at the other vampire’s hand, instinctively trying to break that grasp. Pain shot through him as the vamp’s hand tightened, crushing his throat.

“Where in the fuck is she?” he demanded again.

Or at least that was what he tried to say. It came out “Waaaa . . .” His throat was crushed and he could taste his own blood.


The vampire hadn’t spoken.

His blue eyes bored into Dominic, glowing. Yield.

But Dominic could still smell her. Could still feel her presence, though it was fading.

The fingers on his throat tightened. But instead of scrabbling at the hand that held him effortlessly in the air, Dominic took his fist and used it to smash at the vampire’s elbow. Distantly, he heard bone crack.

He hit the floor, but he had only about two seconds to enjoy it before he was sent flying across the room. He crashed into the wall, oblivious to anything and everything.

Isn’t Shiloh evil?! She definitely took the “tease” part to heart, no? 😉 Publishers limit the number of words you can have posted as excerpts in total, and as this is an exclusive one, Shiloh’s running close to her limit. Solution if you want more? Buy the book and then you can read all of it! So. Have you read any of Shiloh’s books before? Is there a particular sub-genre she writes that you prefer?

Personally, I’m super excited for her upcoming Romantic Suspense trilogy – and that’s saying something as it’s not even a genre I generally gravitate towards.

Review: Tempt Me by Shiloh Walker

Tempt Me by Shiloh Walker
Contemporary Romance released by Shiloh Walker Inc. Feb 15, 2011

Tempt me…
She’s a temptation he can’t resist…
Roxanne ‘Rocki’ Monroe’s life is full of secrets and hidden heartaches. Cole Stanton would love to heal her pain and chase away the ghosts of her past, but she’s just a complication he doesn’t have room for in his life.
Or so he thinks.
It doesn’t take Cole long to realize he’s more than willing to let temptation get the best of him, more than happy to deal with complications if that’s what it takes to get her.
What he has and what he needs are two different things…and what he needs is Rocki.

Rocki Monroe is a heroine many people will like. She’s smart, savvy, and strong willed, but human. Rocki also owns her own lingerie store, and designs many of the products sold. I liked that she had well developed interpersonal relationships and a core group of friends. Rocki is independent, but knows when to ask for help. She’s happy with herself, and that’s a character I think we can all enjoy reading about. Her warmth and personality come through clearly, and within the first few pages, if not chapters, you know exactly what kind of person she is – and would love to have a friend like her in your corner.

Cole Stanton seems like, and almost reads like the perfect hero… (well, other than you know, being engaged to another woman at the start of the story), but I actually don’t feel like I know him that well. We know he’s a District Attorney (and yes, cue the lawyer jokes – there’s some of that), but otherwise… not much about him. We know he’s loaded. However, I just got the feeling it wasn’t a huge city, so… I expect Cole is independently wealthy. It seemed like he had no base. It’s hard to explain, but all I knew about Cole was how he felt about Rocki, really, and that he’s generally a good guy. That’s probably enough for most people, and it was definitely sufficient for the story, but I would have liked more. I think part of it is due to his ex-fiancee Mara – I found her to be too one dimensional. I know there are straight up evil bitchy people out there, but if it/she was so bad I don’t know why Cole stuck around so long. Yes, it’s “explained” and I understand sometimes it’s hardest for us to see the people around us clearly… Still.

There is one “throwaway” line that I loved, and I think will resonate with many readers.

“That’s because you are beautiful.” Rocki lifted a brow. “Beauty doesn’t have anything to do with the size of your clothing.”

Which she says after a woman in the store admits the corset she bought makes her feel beautiful – a nice surprise as most of the other corsets she’s tried haven’t worked for her. Speaking of corsets, perhaps it’s my unfamiliarity with them, but sometimes the descriptions were a bit lost on me, which made me sad because Rocki is almost always wearing corsets in this book. (Which is a nice touch and fitting considering her occupation…)

There’s a slight blip when an “ominous voice” is heard in a crowd, and I didn’t quite believe that. Personally I think if you know someone well, even after a period of time you’ll recognize his/her voice. (Or at least, I’ve noticed that.) Anyway, there were a few such instances that took me a bit out of the story. I’ll say the “suspense” is the sub plot, and unfortunately for me it detracted from the story. I felt that there wasn’t enough focus on Cole and Rocki. The other events seemed to diverge from Cole and Rocki’s budding relationship. I don’t want to give spoilers, but I felt an effort was made to “hide” who the “villain” was, and that it was a bit too coy.

Over all, I liked the characters. Rocki and Cole are personable, as were most of the secondary characters. As an aside, I expect some of the groundwork laid for Lacey’s story will come to fruition. The characters were very human, and they had definite depth. The interaction between Rocki and Cole was fun, and I enjoyed reading it, but for me it was missing that extra something to make it click in that “perfect story” way. There were, however, some nice touches of humor and I actually laughed a few times.

What I’m trying to say is that I liked the characters, but less so the story. I think the ending has something to do with it – it’s just a smidge too… tentative for my taste. Granted the story takes place over the course of only a few days. I guess I just wanted more about and on Rocki and Cole, not the other events that took place, with stalkers and hospital trips, etc. It would’ve been nice to see them react to each other, not to circumstances.

I can see Ms. Walker writing more stories set in this town – possibly with the characters from Tempt Me making only cameo appearances – or even just being mentioned. If you’re a fan of Ms. Walker you’ll want to check it out – it’s a novella that would be a nice read when you have a free evening.

Grade: C –