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Random Guest: Mia Marlowe!

Hello lovelies! Apparently I’m part of a blog tour! Who knew?! 😉 Today we’ve got Mia Marlowe visiting with us. Obviously she wanted to end her tour on a high note. Cuz I’m so awesome. >.> *looks around gingerly for lightning strikes* … which would be especially freaky since it was almost a blizzard out there just 30 minutes ago and now it’s all sunshine and brightness. So you know, I might actually be incinerated by the time this post goes live… :X But enough about me. Let’s go ahead and see what Ms. Marlowe has to say!

Thanks for having me here today, Limecello. You’re the last stop on my Sins of the Highlander tour. Though I love writing and I adore all my stories, there’s nothing quite so tedious as writing about them. It makes me feel as if I’m some sort of stage mother, bragging about my offspring ad nauseum. I’d much rather hear what readers have to say about my work. (If you contact me through my website  I will write you back, though it may take me a while if I’m up against a deadline.)

If reading is a conversation between an author and her readers, it may seem a little one-sided. But actually, it’s not. You see, I believe we are a product of the people with whom we surround ourselves and the books we read. When we read, we take someone else’s thoughts into our minds and try them on for size. Some of it, we decide to keep. Some of it, we toss out like last night’s fish.

When I think back on the books that have really meant something to me, I realize most of them were read when I was a child. The characters were real to me. They became my friends. To this day, I still mist up when I think about Beth’s death in Little Women. I still pull for ‘Wart’ to overcome his foes and become the shining soul that was Arthur in The Once and Future King. The obstacles my literary friends went through shaped how I saw the world. And myself.

No wonder the characters live beyond the pages of the books in my imagination.

And that’s my goal for each of my characters—that you’ll believe they are off having adventures without you even once you reach “the end.”

In Sins of the Highlander, there are as many layers of conflict between “Mad Rob” MacLaren and Elspeth Stewart as an onion, but one of the most difficult for Rob is the fact that he is fighting his growing attraction to her. He’s a widower and still achingly in love with his wife when he first abducts Elspeth from the altar. His astonishment that his heart isn’t as dead as he thought is only eclipsed by his guilt over it. As you can imagine, he has some things to work through and his vivid dreams of his dead wife Fiona help him do it.

Excerpt from Sins of the Highlander,

He hadn’t seen her in so long, it took Rob a moment to realize who it was that appeared overhead in the thatch. Fiona wavered before his eyes and then sank slowly to the floor, her long gown fluttering in a nonexistent breeze. She halted her descent before the tips of her bare feet brushed the cold flagstone.

Fiona drew near his bedside. She smiled and the room brightened around her.
“Lazing in bed when ye’re needed elsewhere.” She reached out to cup his cheek and for the first time in all his lovely dreams of her, Rob couldn’t feel her fingertips. “What are ye doing, my daftie man?”
“Daftie man,” he repeated though he realized his lips hadn’t moved. “Ye always called me so. Ye must have known I’d come to this. D’ye ken they say I’m mad in truth now? Mad or witched.”
“Aye, but ye’re no’ mad. Nor witched either,” she said. “There’s one who needs ye, Rob.”
Fiona settled a hip on his bedside, but the feather tick didn’t sink a finger-width under her weight. “Elspeth Stewart, of course.”
“Ye know of her?”
She smiled sadly. “Aye, Rob, I know she has your heart in her keeping as I used to.”
“Ye still do,” he said.
“I know that too, but there is a great divide between us. I canna hold on to ye any more. I must let ye go.” She leaned down to kiss his forehead. Her lips were light as angel’s breath on his skin. “And ye must let me go.”
He knew she was right, but his chest still constricted.
“Aye, that’s love,” she said, still naming his feelings for him. “That willna end, though all else does. Dinna feel sad, Rob. ‘Tis the way of things.”
She began to float away, and he strained against his bonds to reach for her.
“Even if ye were unbound, ye canna hold me here longer,” Fiona said. “Ye must wake, Rob. Ye must hie yourself to Drummond’s stronghold before it’s too late.”
“Too late? Elspeth isna there. She left with her father. What’s happened?”

“Wake, Rob.” Fiona hovered near the ceiling, then began to pass through the thatch as if it wasn’t there. She faded completely from his sight, but her voice whispered into his ear as though she rested her head on the pillow beside him. “Open your eyes, love, but this time, truly see.”

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