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Social Media for Social Good (SMSG) 11 Winners

Hi Everyone – I know I said I’d post this on ~August 30. Sorry. I know I should have gotten that done, but we weren’t quite done with the drive yet. It went a bit longer, but we also raised more money, so I think that’s fine. Then, my computer kinda broke, car accidents, hospitalizations, illness, death of a family friend and so on and so forth so… it’s been a bit nutty.

What on earth am I talking about? Remember the charity drive? A Humanitarian Crisis: What We Can Do To Help and that there were prizes?

My apologies for the month long delay. Anyway, here are the winners! Because there were so many prizes, I’ll list the person/group giving the prize, and the winners. To make it easier and cut down on confusion, I also included the link to the comment so you can see if that’s you or not.

  • Christine Bell – Francesca and kiersten, please let me know which 5 of Christine’s books you’d like and in what e-format
  • Susanna Fraser – Brandi E. please email me which book you’d like and in what e-format
  • Nadia Lee – Rose
  • Dee Tenorio – jk – please tell me which of Dee’s series you’d like and in what e-format
  • Anne Holly – Sami
  • Courtney Milan – Her winner was chosen on her blog. Thank you so much, Courtney! xoxo
  • Jill Sorenson – Karen
  • Jeanette Murray – Nat
  • St. Martin’s Press Authors Gift Basket – Jane
  • Nikki Duncan – Janet please let me know if you’d like the Sensory Ops books in print or digital; Mary Ann you get an ARC of Tangled in Tulle
  • Shiloh Walker – aliciaeflores1 please let me know what e-format you’d like the Grimm books to be in

You can use the contact form and I’ll forward your information on. I think that’ll make it easier since it’s been awhile. Please get back to me by Saturday, October 1, 2011. Eastern time. (If you don’t get your information to me in time, sorry, but you forfeit your prize.) And in case you were wondering? All the winners were chosen randomly.

And um… if you said you’d donate but haven’t yet, please please do so? If you’re in the US, here’s the matching gift appeal link. Thanks! (If you didn’t before but decide to now, that’s fantastic too! And if you’d like to let me know the amount so I can add it to our total that’d rock too!)