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Am Sick = Slight Break

Hi everyone;

I’m realizing there were posts with comments I never responded to. I’m very very sorry. 🙁 I’m trying to do better about that.

And as I said, I’m sick. Not even the “omg I think I’m going to die” sick that I often get struck with. (Having the immune system of a baby kitten. A dead baby kitten…) But it’s knocked me low.

I’m hoping to have everything back to normal, and updated by Thursday. (Maybe even with back posted stuff.) We can always pretend, right?

I’m also planning on emailing all the old winners from *wince* August on. And – I don’t plan on that happening again.

So how are all of you? What’s new? Anything good or exciting to share? Or, you know, just what you’ve been up to?

I miss you all. <3

Sad Stone Age Bear

(The title/subject, incidentally, refers to me.)

My lovely and beloved Mac Book Pro suffered some liquid damage. I used it for as long as I could without fixing it (it’s pricy), but now it’s acting up, and nothing is covered under warranty until it’s fixed. And I did buy Apple Care… just you know. Liquid damage isn’t covered. :'( So my MBP has gone to the Apple place of tech – whatever – replacement warehouse to be fixed. I’m hoping they replace three major components – including the hard drive, because that’s a little messed up too… 🙁

So everyone, please hope that the back ups I did work… and that I get my computer back soon. Like, really soon. Anyway, I’ve got no computer as of Monday the 2nd… So yes. If you’re paying attention, you know this post was written and then scheduled in advance. 😉

If I haven’t responded to comments or updated, etc… that’s why. I’m supposed to get my computer in about 7-9 business days I think… but who knows. >.<  I’ve got my phone, but we all know that’s not the same as a computer. *sniffles*

And also… the pup had surgery this past Monday as well. (Bad day all around, yes?) I’ve posted pictures of her before. Maybe I’ll snap a few of her in the cone of shame. Maybe. :X But anyway, that’s going to be taking some of my time and attention. (Or, okay, a lot – she’s the most beloved member of our family…)